How can you be more confident in your intimate and romantic relationships, even if your secret dream is to make love as naturally and spontaneously as possible? There is only one certainty: there is a solution to every problem, but erectile dysfunction must be considered as a very real problem. Without speaking of exceptional sexual performance to achieve at all costs, to move enough on the male side to fully satisfy your partner, it is first of all to satisfy yourself and reassure yourself about your own abilities. The love of performance seen from this angle is a notion to forget. Anti-erectile disorder solutions really exist and, as much to tell you, they all fall mainly within the psychological domain.

Have you experienced a sexual breakdown? However, do not hesitate to confront it and fully face your doubts and fears: take the problem head on and act as quickly as possible, for your own well-being in the first place but also for that of your partner and the balance of your couple.

In this sex article devoted to men and people with penises, YESforLOV suggests some recommendations and gives you advice on how to better regain the fullness of your original abilities.



First of all, a little reminder before diving into the maze of this phenomenon: always keep in mind that everything is as much a matter of psychology as of physics . Erectile dysfunction is therefore not a cataclysm and it is perfectly repairable .

There are several types of erection that we have classified into 3 categories: voluntary erections , reflex erections (those in the morning and which reveal no sexual stimulation) and nocturnal erections . In fact, men experience between 4 and 6 each night . If morning and/or nighttime erections are preserved but you suffer from erectile dysfunction, the most likely cause is psychological . Otherwise, the causes would rather be mechanical or organic .

Well and to put it simply: how does an erection actually happen? Everything starts from the brain which, like a philharmonic orchestra at least in theory, triggers this phenomenon of erection that we have considered for too long as essentially mechanical. In the gradual arrival of pleasure, in the very real practice of “chamber sport”, the reality can turn out to be very different, even painful. The mechanism of erection is not as well oiled as one might imagine. Let's discover together the different phases of the phenomenon of male erection.

The different phases of erection

1. The rest phase. It's routine, the penis is at rest and in a state called flaccid. Your weapon of pleasure and love is, however, well and truly ready to draw at the first alert. Unemployed when it is not in demand, the penis is always under permanent control of the brain via the sympathetic nervous system.

2. The excitement phase. Touch your penis a bit, move it a little more and you will immediately know who you are dealing with. As a preview of a life-size erection, simple physical or visually erotic stimulation sets in motion his work. This touch beforehand is much more than a gesture of tenderness made in intimacy, it is a very strong message sent immediately to the brain via the spinal cord, it is a real round trip ticket penis-brain and vice versa , the beginnings of a more intense physical and psychic pleasure. The excitement then causes a relaxation of the muscle fibers surrounding the cavities of the erectile cavernous bodies.

3. The tumescent phase. From this relaxation due to excitement, the penile arteries open and the corpora cavernosa fill with blood. The volume of the penis will then increase and it is the release of nitric oxide which is one of the main mediators at the origin of the erection: we are there in the pure chemistry of the body with this accumulation of cyclic guanosine monosphate ( cGMP) in both corpora cavernosa of the penis. It is the latter which triggers the relaxation of the smooth musculature of the penile arteries and of the intra-cavernous tissue with a result that lives up to expectations: the penis fills up with blood and takes on an astonishing rigidity. The order given upstream by the brain to the excitatory nerves of the penis becomes reality.

4. The stiffness phase. In these so promising moments of intense excitement and erection, all that is erectile in the man's body is set in motion: alone at the controls, the penis suddenly becomes the pilot. of the five senses. Rigidity to the max of its capacities, it's a party for the penis. The blood pressure intensifies in the erectile bodies and it becomes trapped inside and hardens the penis until it sometimes doubles in size and volume. In this phase, it naturally fills with blood. This interaction between endocrine, psychological, neurological and vascular factors is incredibly complex and erection is only the first step in the pleasures of sex. The erection can last, on average, about thirty minutes. However, this varies from person to person. The rigidity, on the other hand, must be greater than 500g to guarantee penetration.

The sexual reaction of the penis so well stimulated is not long in coming: it is the immediate physical response to the excitatory signals in direct connection with the nervous system. Throughout this long moment of excitement and erection, in an internal and external environment that is more or less favorable depending on the circumstances, the rise in power of the penis in its progressive erection as well as its relatively slow release which follows ejaculation are unfortunately subject to contradictory influences which also all come from the brain; these are interactions that turn out to be uncontrollable or, let's say, difficult to master in their entirety. The erection is therefore in itself a whole history of sex and it is as much physical as psychic . Simple in theory, the mechanism of erection is much more complex in its execution and its 4 essential phases are far from being the gentle waves of a long river that would like to be calm.

The penis at rest obviously gives no worries, pleasantly solicited, it grows and grows, and it swells to play the matadors of love. After the effort, the comfort, after the pleasure of ejaculation and orgasm, gives way to the rest of the warrior: this is the phase of detumescence , the last stage of the mechanism of erection. Here are words a bit learned and complicated to understand to define what is scientifically the erection of the penis: tumescence and turgidity (swelling of the tissues) in opposition to detumescence (decrease in volume of the tissues). In our eyes, these technical notions are a little too barbaric in their definition for such a natural phenomenon of a penis coming out of its shell to play fireworks.

Our sex advice for a top erection

1. Play it down and try not to worry as much as possible. Anxiety can attack your self-confidence and self-confidence already undermined. Stress is destructive and the lawsuit you unconsciously or frontally bring to your penis is too devastating. Conversely, always trust him in the medium and long term, he is not deaf, help him instead of despising him. Don't let him withdraw into himself, he will know one day or another to be grateful to you a hundredfold.

2. Opt for a few lifestyle and dietary measures . Implement as soon as possible some measures that you know perfectly well but which have not motivated you until now: a less hectic pace of life, a balanced and quality diet, exercises and sport to maintain good physical shape . Be reasonable in your alcohol consumption and cut to the quick when it comes to tobacco. We no longer smoke and we automatically start breathing exercises. Some efforts please, in other words, do yoga and sports . All of this will be beneficial when you return to the duvet.

3. Communicate with your partner about this problem.   Have the courage to talk about it, don't let your partner imagine the worst, open up to him or her with an open heart and he or she will very quickly become your first support, your first aid to tackle your most serious problems head-on. intimate. You can also call a sex therapist and consider individual or couples therapy.

4. Test our selection of erotic cosmetics and sexual stimulants to improve libido, erection and sexual relations. Take an interest in our erotic cosmetics and our sexual stimulants which act on the vascularization of the penis. For each problem encountered, what can be done most naturally is the remedy you need! In our unique range of orgasmic stimulating gels, you will find our sexual stimulant based on CBD which will act naturally against stress and anxiety to promote complete letting go. CBD will keep the body and mind relaxed, it will support you with real efficiency in the most critical moments of your sexuality.

5. Do not rush penetration , enjoy non-penetrative sex or slow sex .   You can also opt for erotic cosmetics such as massage oils, accessories full of sensuality that promote erotic games and foreplay and help to develop thoughts and images of desire so positive that all this little world of sex will increase tenfold like you. can't imagine the whole panoply of your sexual energy. We also invite you to test our orgasmic gels based on L-Arginine as the couple's elixir that blows hot and cold to best promote good blood circulation. If you haven't already done so, we invite you from the outset to get our pleasure extender, a masculine spray made in France that holds your erection so well and amplifies your sensations to the maximum throughout your antics. lover. This erotic stimulant for men brings a sensation of hot and cold to the heart of excitement while preserving the extreme sensitivity of the penis. Its terribly exciting natural formula enriched with plant extracts provides a relaxing effect for penetrations in full consciousness and in total confidence.

And for the 80% of men (according to RTL magazine) who have already had an erection breakdown when they put on a condom , all you have to do is use our intimate lubricating gel . It's easier, it's faster to put on and it's so much more pleasant to support.

Erectile problems: pathological disorders or simple more or less punctual concerns?

Erectile problems: pathological disorders or simple more or less punctual concerns?

Do you have temporary or repeated difficulties when getting a hard-on? No taboo here, we talk about it freely at YESforLOV! The maximum rigidity of the penis in the key moments of sexual pleasure alone but more pleasantly for two is a major issue for both partners. No need to panic but it is indeed difficult to keep your cool in the face of this disappointment. So, take your courage in both hands and do, without getting upset but also without cheating, your own health check on the sex side. It's quite a challenge that you impose on yourself there but it will at least have the merit and the clarity of later being the locomotive that will take you to much better days. Any problem begins to be solved by dialogue with oneself . Always keep in mind that erection in men in all their erotic episode is under the shared control of two systems: on the one hand the purely neurological and hormonal system and on the other hand, the psyche of the human being .

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to get a good erection . We will not mention here the serious problems raised by sexual impotence and not more alphanisis which is a total absence of sexual desire. These are two dysfunctions that are too important to tackle straight away and which only concern the multidisciplinary medical field. Let's deal more modestly with the penis and try to understand all its vicissitudes when its rigidity is called into question.

Did you know ? According to some studies conducted in France, 39% of men aged 25 to 40 have already had a sexual breakdown and among seniors over 40, 30% of them suffer from a real problem of erectile dysfunction . We really talk about erectile problems when the man is unable to maintain an erection to allow satisfactory sexuality and this sexual disorder has lasted for several months. The causes of erectile dysfunction can be individual and simple to eliminate, they can just as well be multiple, much more complex to identify and, in turn, much more difficult to treat.
Among young people, it is their confidence in their erections that seems to be the heart of the problem, but the danger can therefore come from all sides: from illnesses that last longer or shorter and their treatments that are often very heavy to bear, from behaviors to particularly negative or inappropriate risks . The list is impressive: well known are the risk factors such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems, multiple sclerosis, atherosclerosis ... Easier to solve are the problems directly related to neglected obesity, poorly controlled overweight, excessive smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol or a limitless addiction to narcotics .

The phallus is disconcerting: solicited by multiple stimulations, each more erotic than the other, the penis, under the influence of the excitatory nervous circuits, immediately gives its full agreement to climb all the passes of sexual pleasure presented to it. Without having an abyssal void in front of you, but it looks very much like it, things unfortunately often get complicated: other orders coming from these same higher spheres of the brain and transmitted by the spinal cord come to spoil the sex party to better contradict what has previously requested. And yes, the psyche of the human being sometimes takes over his physique.

We also know that 70% of cases of erectile dysfunction are purely psychological, as indicated by Doctor Sylvain Iceta, psychiatrist at the University Hospital of Lyon. Stress is the main cause of erectile problems . Moreover, 33% of stressed men are victims of regular erectile dysfunction . Erection problems are commonplace and happen very often when you are stressed or anxious. Stress and erection are incompatible because the adrenal glands secrete adrenaline, a vasoconstrictor which will harm the principle of vasodilation by preventing the penis from filling with blood. Clearly, the more you are stressed the less you can get hard. So, take good care of your sex on a purely bodily level, but try as best as possible to be as fully as possible in harmony with your neurons from above.

How to fight and deal with sexual breakdown and erectile dysfunction?

How to fight and deal with sexual breakdown and erectile dysfunction?

Gently, intelligently stimulated, the man's penis is delighted with the windfall and he has the excellent reflex to lengthen, to double in size, to show himself in his best light. The erection that follows excitement is indeed a physiological phenomenon whose perfectly natural mechanism releases physically by touch, mentally by sight or erotic vision, all the emotions coming from the body, the heart and the mind, everything what a man can feel in his virility. In the event of engine failure and a penis at half mast, what should be done? At the time, it must be admitted that it is the guaranteed disaster but not always assumed. No way to capitulate and give up. Here are some solutions to effectively treat erectile dysfunction :

1. Common drug treatments. In the event of really serious sexual disorders, the return to a more serene sexual life is a primary objective. The market for drugs for erectile disorders offers more or less effective treatments , sometimes very difficult to bear and subject to caution for their undesirable effects that should not be overlooked. And be careful, do not put yourself in danger: consult your doctor beforehand before taking this very specific type of medication.
2. The vacuum or penis pump. The use of a penis pump (vacuum) can also be considered for erectile dysfunction. In this approach, we also recommend the models of bathmade which offers you the best penis pumps on the market at affordable prices. The penis pump will act on this influx of blood by pumping the air where the penis is placed . The pressure difference will increase blood circulation in the corpora cavernosa and allow an erection. Penis pumps are effective and are offered as a second-line treatment when medical treatment is ineffective, or for men unable or unwilling to undergo drug treatment or undergo surgery.
3. Intracavernous injection. Initiated for the first time in 1980, this method consists of self-injecting a product into the penis to cause an erection by a local blood flow mechanism in the cavernous bodies. In these injections, prostaglandin E1 is used to create this famous artificial erection.

4. Penile surgery and prostheses. It is an operation which consists of surgically introducing rigid or inflatable cylinders into the corpora cavernosa in order to give the patient suffering from impotence the possibility of having sexual intercourse. Even if this operation is covered by Social Security, it is intended for patients suffering from serious erectile dysfunction , after total failure or complete intolerance of the treatments previously started.
Apart from drug treatments, the management of erectile dysfunction that has a psychogenic origin falls under individual or couple psychotherapy . Finally, new protocols are emerging in some avant-garde urology practices with studies and trials, injections of PRP (it is plasma rich in platelets, recovered from the patient's own blood) . Effective and safe over time? It's up to our rheumatologists to confirm it, or not.

In life, there is nothing definitive. Erectile disorders are difficulties in living and loving among others and they are not insurmountable, far from it. Never fall into the negative and defeatist spiral of disgust or self-abandonment. It's up to you to be strong and proactive enough to take the compass and find the right course. The pleasure of sex is the fullness of life on earth and it greatly contributes to our social happiness.

YESforLOV will always be by your side to accompany you and help you solve your small and big intimate problems. Do not hide in your loneliness with your doubts and your fears, even if you are personally terribly disappointed and hurt. It's up to you to modestly admit that your penis is not easy: you knew it was naughty, you were far from suspecting that it could fail. There are still too many of you to this day not to make this observation, to deny any anomaly yet likely to come one day or another to affect your sexuality with full force, to reject the evidence of your insufficiencies on the sex side completely repairable in their great majority. This is a gross error that can be understood but which turns out to have serious consequences over time when you persist in denial for too long. Drive the cruel nail of a reality that is momentarily difficult to live with and look instead for the right keys that will once again open the beautiful doors of your happiness in danger.