ELIXIR DE COUPLE sensations & prowess

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YESforLOV has created the first orgasmic gel for mixed couples : An extremely stimulating, terribly aphrodisiac pleasure cream formulated with natural ingredients and specifically developed to intensify the excitability of the clitoris and prolong the pleasure of the penis.

Performances and pleasures are multiplied. 

Our couple's elixir invites itself to the heart of your intimacy to offer you simultaneous orgasms to share as a couple.

The exquisite hot-cold sensation produced by our sensory active ingredients will amplify your pleasure and our cosmetic active ingredients will vascularize the erectile bodies and optimize the skin and nervous system interconnections for excitement at its peak and an ever-increasing love relationship. deep and intense. 

And for even more pleasure, our couple's elixir is delicious in the mouth with its aroma of wild strawberries. 

What you call orgasm, I make a symphony of it.

Tube 30ml - 1 fl. oz.
Compatible with sex toys and condoms.
Made in France.



  • Tested under gynecological control and on reconstituted mucous membranes.
  • Suitable for all types of skin or mucous membranes, even the most fragile.
  • VEGAN formula.
  • Airless bottle.
  • Respect of the physiological pH.
  • 89.98% ingredient of natural origin according to ISO 16128 Standard
  • Cosmetovigilance: No adverse effects have been reported to date.

Usage precautions

  • The YESforLOV Couple Elixir is not a contraceptive.
  • Should not be used in case of skin lesion.
  • In the event of a skin reaction, it is recommended to interrupt the treatment and consult a doctor.
  • Should not be applied in combination with other products on the same area without medical advice.
  • In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.

Special storage conditions:

Store away from light and at room temperature.
Use-by date: 12 months after opening.

ELIXIR DE COUPLE sensations & prowess

Une partition extraordinaire, mariant la glace au feu. L’excitation à son point d’orgue.

(Performance et jouissance pour lui comme pour elle.)

L'actif phare de ce produit


La peau et les muqueuses sont un trésor sur lequel on ne peut pas tricher…
Découvrez nos partis pris et explorons les bienfaits de cet ingrédient sur votre intimité.



Where do you make the Couple's Elixir?

YESforLOV is a French brand and all our arousal gels and lubricants are made in France . We want to design products of very good quality and healthy for the body.

Our erotic cosmetics are tested under gynecological control and formulated according to very strict specifications on good manufacturing practices.  This orgasmic gel for women and men is compatible with condoms and sex toys.

What is the best orgasmic gel for couples? Why try the YESforLOV Couple Elixir?

The couple's elixir allows extreme letting go and functions as a biological amplifier of sensory pleasure. It acts like a “skin viagra” to intensify your tactile sensitivity, prolong pleasure and offer you enjoyment that meets your expectations. 

This sexual stimulant for the couple will allow you to feel more intense sensations while keeping control of your emotions. The hot-cold sensation is a real pleasure for both partners.

The feeling of warmth and freshness stimulates the clitoris both externally and internally for orgasms that are easier to achieve but above all more intense. For the penis , the oscillation between hot and cold sensations will allow you to intensify the embrace while maintaining control over your erection.

What you call orgasm, this stimulating cream turns it into a symphony. It's now up to you to practice edging and confront yourself with these orgasmic sensations!

Who is YESforLOV orgasmic sensations and prowess gel for? 

The Sensations & Prowess Couple Elixir can be used by people of the same sex, solo or as a duo , and in all love practices regardless of your sexual orientation.

This new, unexpected love cream, we dedicate it to all couples , legitimate or improvised, permanent or temporary, exclusive or sharing... to all the sacred duos who love each other in complete confidence, with passion, who know each other well, even on fingertips, who have given a lot, received a lot, and who are still looking for pleasure beyond.

How to use the YESforLOV arousal gel for couples? 

The YESforLOV Sensations & Prowess Couple Elixir invites itself deliciously to the heart of your relationship. 

  • Apply a pea-sized amount to the glans, front and back of the penis.
  • Gently massage between thumb and forefinger for about thirty seconds, to make the product penetrate while letting it appear slightly on the surface: thus, the partner will in turn benefit from its exciting action.
  • Then rub the penis against the clitoris and the labia of your partner before penetrating him or her.

An impression of heat followed by an exquisite alternation of sensations of hot and cold will then be generated, having the effect of exciting the clitoris and inflating the female G-spot.  In men, this sensation will accentuate the excitability as well as the control of their sexual abilities.

Its capacity represents how many successive uses?

The formula of the Couple Elixir is highly concentrated.

A hazelnut is enough during each use, the product is therefore intended for approximately 30 intimate reports.

Loyal customers and lovers of this product buy about 2 per year.
For an even more pleasant intimate relationship, we recommend always using a moisturizing intimate lubricant.

Is the couple's elixir certified Vegan? Has it been tested on animals?

We confirm that this product is vegan and has not been tested on animals. Consumer health, environment and safety have always been an absolute priority for YESforLOV. The defense of the animal cause is just as important.

Since the birth of our brand, no animal testing has been carried out by YESforLOV . Furthermore, in order to analyze the safety and harmlessness of our intimate products, we favor clinical tests on reconstituted human vaginal epithelium.


Is this product safe to use during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

Young mothers or future mothers, your intimate and sexual well-being routine must evolve to cope with the joys of motherhood.

Be vigilant about everything you apply to your skin and mucous membranes and avoid using cosmetics as much as possible without creating unnecessary frustration and discomfort. Find more advice in our blog post 'Motherhood and sexuality'.

No scientific study has demonstrated any particular risk for pregnant women and their fetus in the use of cosmetic products. Moreover, the international cosmetic regulations in force do not define specific measures, different from those applicable to all consumers. 

When used as indicated, the YESforLOV Couple Elixir does not present any danger or risk for pregnant or breastfeeding women, but we always advise our consumers who have specific questions relating to the use of our products during their pregnancy. , to consult their doctor or gynecologist who can guide them.


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