For light years, the perineum has been considered the muscle of pleasure. For those who don't know, the perineum has the shape of a diamond: it extends from the pubis to the coccyx and has the function of supporting the genitals a bit like a hammock. This area of ​​the body is still very little known, still taboo and rarely identified.

In Japan, in older times, women sought to acquire top perineal dexterity to make their partners lose all control, even the most ambitious! Long used as a rehabilitation and bodybuilding accessory, geisha balls were originally worn by the geisha to feel in a state of ecstasy and to be always ready to receive.

Because the perineum is a source of intimate well-being and pleasure, YESforLOV has concocted smartballs for you, a training plan inspired by Dr Arnold Kegel. Our goal is to help you become aware of your anatomy, draw your internal geography and permanently tone your pelvic floor.

The perineum, the muscle of the loving embrace

The perineum, the muscle of the loving embrace

The perineum, also called the pelvic floor, surrounds the urethra, vagina and anus. However, it is not the exclusive property of the fairer sex: welcome to the gentlemen's club! The essential role of the perineum is to support all these organs of the female pelvis but also to guarantee the proper functioning of the urinary and rectal organs. To date, more than 3 million women suffer from urinary incontinence. The main responsible cause seems to be tissue aging and loss of pelvic floor tone.

With regard to sexual life, the perineum will cushion the pressures and allow to intensify the orgasms. During the excitement phase, it is the superficial plane of the perineal muscles that will cause the clitoris to swell, inducing increased sensitivity of the contacts . By tightening, the pelvic muscles increase the angulation , penetration becomes easier, more voluptuous and more harmonious. In the most intense moments, the perineum contracts in women to the rhythm of orgasms and men love it. By toning his perineum you will increase and control as you wish and as you see fit the pressure exerted on the erectile body of the penis. Believe us, your partner will thank you for it when he discovers through your pressure that you are able to ensure a good maintenance of his erection. Enjoyment and pleasures will only be better. Be careful, if a toned perineum is a source of increased quality and pleasure for both partners, it must be in the right tone to ensure fulfilling sexuality.

We generally become aware of our perineum much too late in the postpartum or menopause period and often against our will following incontinence, heaviness and heaviness in the pelvis, vaginal gas or loss of sensation, worse during pregnancy. onset of prolapse during lovemaking. If the use of geisha balls is not directly linked to this notion of immediate pleasure, this perineal rehabilitation accessory undoubtedly contributes to its development. This training plan was concocted by a sexologist from FUN FACTORY , an expert in pelvic floor development. It is recommended for all women, those who wish to become aware of this area (and there are still many women who do not know it), those who want to build muscle from the inside and increase their libido, women in menopause, the youngest, pregnant women and new mothers since the perineum weakens greatly and reduces the control of its vaginal contractions. Rehabilitation of the perineum is therefore strongly recommended within 6 months of birth to avoid signs of weakening which can become very uncomfortable in the short and long term. Do not forget, to be complete, that the toning of the perineum also goes through the breathing that we find in yoga , a complete breathing which irrigates and relaxes the entire lower abdomen and which muscles the perineum by mobilizing it in its depth. .



Before you start training and play the geisha, remember that relaxing the muscles is an exercise in its own right and that the relaxation time is 3 to 5 times longer than the contraction time . With each exercise you choose, think about it!

The exercises can be done in all positions: lying down, standing, sitting, but lying on your back remains the ideal position if you have difficulty keeping the balls inside your vagina. Do not hesitate to do the exercises by varying the pressure , strong or soft and the speed of pressure , fast and slow. A short visit to the toilet to empty your bladder is highly recommended. The session should not exceed 25 minutes , especially during the first training sessions. And for visible results, you will need rigor, ladies! And follow the program for at least 3 weeks.

To begin the exercise, insert the love balls (with the help of a water-based intimate lubricant) inside your vagina and use your muscles to hold them inside. Inside each ball is a small metal ball. With each movement, the ball hits the walls of the geisha ball, causing a vibration that will tone your pelvic floor.

You may be wondering how to get these balls? YESforLOV recommends the FUN FACTORY brand duo smartballs with a ball rotation system specially designed to effectively tone your perineum in contact with the vaginal walls. Their little extra: they are made in Germany with French medical silicone.

From then on, you can start doing clenching and releasing exercises or just go about your business! Ava, our perineum coach has also concocted 4 exercises for you to do at home.

Exercise 1: Maracas

Insert the balls and move, put on some music, wiggle while remaining focused on the sensations, then release. In this exercise, the smartballs will tap the walls and massage the vagina . They will come to tone and vascularize the walls to sharpen your stimuli .

Exercise 2: Total Embrace

Insert the balls, squeeze them both at the same time and release, the objective being to identify your weaknesses to strengthen your perineum where you are least comfortable. You can also have fun pressing only the lower ball, then conversely the upper ball. To go further in the exercise, enclose the balls and try to go up towards the bottom of the vagina, then to make them go down again. In the direction of the navel or the sacrum.

Exercise 3: Resistance

The balls are squeezed and pushed up to the bottom of the vagina. While contracting the vagina for just a few seconds, pull the cord and hold the balls to prevent them from coming down. Stop pulling, relax your muscles and start again. As the days go by, pull harder and harder on the cord to increase your resistance but make sure you always keep the same force throughout the duration of the session.

Exercise 4: Special Man

Gentlemen, know that in the tao, you will find perineal exercises but also breathing sessions to take control of your erection and also to slow you down, to make the pleasure last for you, as for your partner. You can also hang jade eggs from the erect penis but do not exceed 400g.



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Good perineum, good sexuality. Become truly aware of this extraordinary muscle that is an integral part of your nature. Respecting it and caring for it like many other parts of your body is a wonderful path that opens up to more pleasure without forgetting more well-being and far fewer problems.