SUNDAZE Vibrator and pulsator

139,90 €

The first female stimulator that pulsates and vibrates.

The SUNDAZE is a new toy for female pleasures made by the German brand Fun FACTORY, created to explore a range of countless sensations.

Light and invigorating vibrations.
Deep and powerful pulsations.
Rhythmic tapping and terribly exciting.

As effective internally as externally , the SUNDAZE immerses you in slow sex with a soft and soft silicone texture in contact with the glans of the clitoris. Once the external area is vascularized, the slightly curved shape of the SUNDAZE will naturally stimulate the G-spot area. 

It pulsates, it taps, it vibrates, it shakes, we've literally never felt anything like this before, that's for sure.

Waterproof, rechargeable, made in Europe , the SUNDAZE sex toy with its new 3 technology in 1 patented, offers you all a lot of combinations to vary your pleasures and your orgasms.

Relax, let go and let your sexual anxieties waltz away: the SUNDAZE takes care of the rest gently, slowly and with a lot of sensuality! 

Innovative, efficient and the result of complex German engineering, this reference is offered to you in a limited edition "pistachio colour" and personalized in the colors of YESforLOV.



    • Made in Germany, in an ecological and ethical factory in accordance with European standards for safety, health and environmental impact.
    • French medical grade silicone, safe for the body, non-porous and hypoallergenic.


        • 4 speeds, 11 programs (vibrating, tapping, pulsating, and pushing movements.)
        • Waterproof for underwater fun and easy cleaning.
        • Rechargeable sex toy. Comes with its charging cable.
        • Personalized collection limited to only 20 copies.
        • Charging time: 5 hours.
        • Autonomy: Between 60 and 180 minutes.
        • Dimensions: total length: 17.5 cm, internal diameter: 3.5 cm.

          Usage precautions

            • Thoroughly clean your intimate toy before and after each use with clear soapy water.
            • Always lubricate your toy deliciously with a water-based lubricant such as Moisturizing Mixed Lubricant.
            • Keep out of the reach of children.

          A word from the product manager

          For those looking for power and efficiency , for those who praise slowsex, and for all others who are looking for pleasure beyond, the SUNDAZE sex toy invites itself to the heart of female pleasure to offer you quality clitoral and vaginal stimulation in all respects!

          Nothing is left to chance: it's neither a classic vibrator nor a conventional pulsator, it's a 3-in-1 sex toy that vibrates, pulses and taps . All nerve endings are stimulated with this new technology vibrator for women.

          An adult toy made in Germany that naturally invites itself into the bedroom for new, high-intensity and never-ending orgasms.

          SUNDAZE Vibrator and pulsator

          Un sentiment de détente, d'ouverture et de plénitude.

          (Explorez toutes les façons possibles de vous faire plaisir.)



          What makes this intimate toy so special?

          Absolutely ! The SUNDAZE is an intimate toy dedicated to women but which remains particularly interesting for someone who wants to stimulate themselves as well in solo as in duo or trio.

          The SUNDAZE is not only a vibrator for women: it is also a pulsator which reproduces back and forth movements .

          This combination of technologies is ideal for sensitive and curious people.

          It is dedicated to all orgasm lovers, all pleasure explorers, and all women who want to discover new ways to enjoy! 

          You have probably understood that this sex toy allows you to vary the pleasures , to discover new sensations , to become fully aware of your body but also to adopt slower movements to control the rise of orgasm and increase your pleasure.

          With the SUNDAZE sex toy, your goal is to slowly and gradually reach orgasm by stimulating all the erogenous zones: the labia, the glans of the clitoris, but also the vaginal nerve endings and the G-spot. 

          The SUNDAZE is a small sex toy, very representative of an erect penis. Its shape is reduced in length with a flat head to vascularize the G-spot and stimulate the glans of the clitoris very gently. 

          The little extra: you can save your favorite setting for next time by holding the button down until the toy buzzes twice. To reset it, just hold the button down until the toy buzzes five times. 


          How to properly use a SUNDAZE sex toy?

          To turn it on, press the FUN button for half a second.
          To turn it off, press the FUN button for several seconds. 

          The toy has 11 static settings and 4 rhythmic settings. 
          For higher settings, press +. 

          For lower settings or to return to the previous one, press -. 

          • Mode 1-3 offers smooth and deep vibrations.

          • Mode 4-6 delivers high intensity tapping that awakens nerve endings.

          • The 7-11 mode offers slow, stimulating pulsations that resemble back and forth movements.

          • The 12-13 mode offers even more dynamic pulsations.

          • Mode 14 is an excitement booster. We won't tell you more, you should try it to understand its unique effects.

          • Mode 15 is dedicated to edging. Will you be able to push the limits of pleasure and hold back until your orgasm reaches its climax? 

          Share your opinion with us by giving us your feedback.
          The YESforLOV team tried it, the girls are won over!

          What areas are stimulated with this toy and why is this sex toy so effective? 

          Most sex toys available in sex shops only stimulate one nerve ending. The SUNDAZE has the advantage of offering you three types of stimulation and reaching erogenous zones that are difficult to access and rarely stimulated during lovemaking.

          The SUNDAZE is not just a classic vibrator, it's a sex toy that prepares your body for deep orgasms and allows you to alternate sensations for new and different orgasms with each use: 

          • The vibrations will increase the sensitivity of the glans of the clitoris and the nerve endings sensitive to high frequency vibrations.

          • The tapping will increase the sensitivity of the Merkels discs and nerve endings sensitive to pressure and low frequency vibrations.

          • The pulsations will increase the sensitivity of Ruffini's corpuscles , terribly erogenous sensory organs that are particularly sensitive to heat and tactile caresses.

          Combining these three types of stimulation during one and the same sexual experience gives you the right to discover new, unprecedented orgasms to experience at will without ever getting tired of them. 

          And for immediate and multiplied effects, opt for our arousal gel for the clitoris or our orgasmic gel for the G-spot : pleasure gels dedicated to female enjoyment and the sexual well-being of women.

          Can I use the SUNDAZE sex toy for two, with my partner?

          Absolutely ! The SUNDAZE is an intimate toy dedicated to women but which can be handled by the partner of their choice.

          This sex toy is used without hands and can therefore be used during romantic relationships as a couple. It is easy to use and operate. There is no doubt that your male or female partner will find the keys and the movements to bring you thrill after thrill to the peak of pleasure.

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