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EAU DE PARFUM Réjouissance for men

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A refined masterpiece with character and warm oriental notes to stir up the encounter

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EAU DE PARFUM Réjouissance for men
EAU DE PARFUM Réjouissance for men
EAU DE PARFUM Réjouissance for men
EAU DE PARFUM Réjouissance for men
EAU DE PARFUM Réjouissance for men

An aphrodisiac eau de parfum for men signed YESforLOV! This heavenly scent strengthens attraction with its flowery notes while being sensual, delicious, and modern at the same time.

This spicy aroma is dedicated to all men who like to experience incredible sensations. For those who like to seduce, vibrate, and throb in total refinement, with elegance and prestige.

It produces irresistible notes of bergamot, saffron, and cumin to awaken the erotic passion in order to make love sensual. Its fragrance gradually evolves into a masculine melody which dances around amber wood and intense spices, which are softened by notes of dried fruit, date, vanilla, and patchouli. 

Explore new ways to enjoy your sexual sensuality; spray your neck, shirt, and wrists with the Rejouissance Fragrance for men so that you can ignite the seductive tease and let this aphrodisiac perfume work its magic. 

This rare essence is an invitation to the art of loving through its voluptuousness and erotic beauty. Let this eau de cologne for men, sealed in its matte black bottle, provoke sexual sensuality through every gentle touch and romantic kiss

In intertwined letters it radiates in Gold: Rejouissance for men.  

A creation by Mathilde Bijaoui, perfumer at MANE

100ml - 3.4 fl.oz
Made in France.


Our mission is to awaken your senses and inspire you on a daily basis…
but what is that enticing smell that’s causing my imagination to run wild?



  • Tested under dermatological control


In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.

Special storage conditions:
Store away from light and at room temperature.



  • Top note:

    Bergamot, Saffron, Pepper, Cumin

  • Heart note:

    Immortelle, Candied plum, Date

  • Base note:

    Amber Wood, Vanilla, Patchouli, Tonka Bean 

A spicy and floral olfactory pyramid, Similar to the Titillating fragrance, but more masculine, to celebrate an inner strength that’s built on self-love and confidence. 

Its beautiful cologne is enchanted with delicious notes of vanilla and date while its spicy floral heart invites you to seduce, inspire, and indulge in elegance.  

Their skin will quiver in advance. A massive weapon of seduction to tame the wildest spirits.

A fragrance imagined by Mathilde Bijaoui, a French perfumery nose nicknamed the spice girl by her colleagues.

A fragrance imagined by renowned perfumer Mathilde Bijaoui, otherwise known as the Spice Girl.


I want to play cheek to cheek.
I want one against the other.
I want to make love a game.
I want it to come from the heart. I want it all and I want it now.
I want it to continue.
I want it to last forever. I want it to start again. To love each other until we rejoice.

A fragrance imagined by renowned perfumer Mathilde Bijaoui, otherwise known as the Spice Girl.



Does this cologne tell a story?

Rejouissance is a tribute to men who are up for new challenges, enjoy a seductive tease, and are constantly inventing and imagining new ways to experience pleasure.

The Réjouissance man likes to come face to face with these wonderful and thrilling sensations. He relishes in the erotic passion and desperate throbbing that comes with total extasy, but without fear or shame.  

By combining madness and intelligence with elegance and desire, all achievable through his own free-will and the tips of his fingers.

He prefers the complicity that’s straight forward and subtle. It is he who holds the magical keys to a sexual sensuality that's everlasting. His time is not counted. His script is never written in advance. It is he that encompasses an aura that fills the air with the most intimate, stunning, and erotic beauty.  

In his heart and on his skin, each partner is unique. All he wants is pleasure. For himself, for the other, and for the world.

He leads with his heart and does as he pleases, but within reach and with every ounce of his soul. His perfume looks like him. Charming, irresistible, and dazzling... yet so beautifully imperfect. So sublimely human. 

His name is the promise that his scent exalts his character: Rejouissance.

Why is Rejouissance for men considered a perfume for attraction?

The YESforLOV fragrance Réjouissance for men is a French aphrodisiac perfume for men, designed by the greatest noses in French perfumery. Its divinely sensual spicy aroma is a real call to seduction.

It is designed to ignite your erotic beauty

The top note: (Bergamot, Saffron, Pepper, and Cumin) will have you experiencing love at first spice. 

The fragrance removes any hesitation and resistance with its sensual duo of saffron and pepper.  

Then comes the heart note: (Date, Immortelle, and candied plum), the dialogue is engaged. The encounter blossoms languorously through the conversation between the date and the candied plum.  

And finally, the base note to achieve the reciprocity of desire. The strength of amber wood combines with the voluptuous games of vanilla and Patchouli for a very sensual dance: Amber wood, Vanilla, Patchouli, and Tonka bean.

It is the beautiful perfume that will spark all your games of desire.

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