PERFUME APHRODISIAC Réjouissance for women

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Between harmony, sensuality and addiction, this aphrodisiac perfume for women bewitches the senses, invites you to dare, to celebrate the beauty of your conquests and the magic of sensuality without laws.

The bottle burns your fingers! Your intertwined bodies await the opening of the ball and it is once the cork is removed that the show can begin: 

The YESforLOV Réjouissance eau de parfum makes its debut with tangy notes of kaffir lime.

A real thunderbolt on the skin, the duo of saffron and chilli mixed with its spicy floral heart removes all hesitation and resistance from those who smell it.

Its warm, oriental trail whispers your desires and recounts your audacity, blossoming languorously in the conversation of lily and candied nuances of plum. The incandescent spirituality of amber combines with the voluptuous play of vanilla and date for a loving melody and a sensual thunderclap on the skin.

Your partner's soul capsizes and a thousand rounds of applause crackle in the blink of an eye. 

This fragrance of attraction for women is at once sensual, assertive and aphrodisiac. It accompanies all exchanges, all complicit and reciprocal relationships. 

This rare essence is an invitation to the art of loving, to voluptuousness and to seduction. 

A love potion that celebrates your most unmentionable desires. (Will you take up the challenge to wear it?)

A creation by Mathilde Bijaoui, perfumer at MANE

100ml – 3.4 fl.oz
Made in France



  • Tested under dermatological control.

Usage precautions

  • In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.

Special storage conditions:

Store away from light and at room temperature.

Olfactory pyramid

  • Top note:
    Bergamot, Chilli, Saffron, Ginger, Yellow Mandarin.
  • Heart note:
    Immortelle, Candied Plum, Date
  • Base note:
    Date, Vanilla, Tolu Balm.

A spicy and floral olfactory imprint , faithful to the oriental wake of maddening fragrance but more feminine to celebrate self-love and more characterful to assert oneself with complete impunity.

Its gourmet scents of vanilla, date and plum and its spicy floral heart invite you crescendo and with greediness to seduce, vibrate and enjoy all in elegance. 

Your skin and that of the other shudder in advance. A weapon of massive seduction to tame the indomitable.

A fragrance imagined by Mathilde Bijaoui, nose of French perfumery who is nicknamed the Spice Girl. 

The perfumer's poem

I want cheek to cheek.
I want one against the other .
I want to play at making love .
I want it to come from the heart. I want everything and now.
I want it to continue.
I want it to last forever. I want it to start again. Loving each other until rejoicing . 

A fragrance conceived as a vibrant crescendo of romantic encounters.

PERFUME APHRODISIAC Réjouissance for women

Son parfum lui ressemble. Affolant, irrésistible, éblouissant…

(Et pourtant si fragile. Si sublimement humain.)

L'actif phare de ce produit


Un parfum pour femme qui séduit et célèbre l’amour dans ce qu’il y a de plus humain ! 
Mais quelles sont les notes de parfum qui flottent autour de vous et enivrent vos convoitises ?



What makes this aphrodisiac fragrance for women unique? 

Which aphrodisiac perfume to choose to attract men? Without a doubt, the Réjouissance YESforLOV perfume, the first perfume of love that celebrates your most unmentionable desires, your wildest desires. 

This aphrodisiac fragrance is an olfactory tribute to women who like to seduce, provoke, take up challenges and reinvent the pleasures of love games.

It is an oriental type perfume, spicy and singular. It is unique, indescribable, and so addictive. Do you dare to wear it?

This perfume is dedicated to women, to all princesses, to lovers of today and those in the making, to all those young ladies who have character, to those who like to confront incredible sensations, those who love to seduce, to make vibrate the body, capsize the heart, make the skin shiver, but with refinement, madness and know-how, vertigo and elegance.

Maddening, irresistible, dazzling… and yet so fragile. So sublimely human. Its perfume celebrates love and its carnal pleasures and its name is the promise that its nature elevates: Rejoicing.

Does this perfume of attraction for women contain pheromones? 

No, this aphrodisiac perfume does not contain any pheromones! Our perfumer has chosen not to use pheromones in the composition of this perfume but to work on the olfactory pyramid of this trail to attract men and women, seduce them and mark them forever with your warm imprint. 

This perfume expresses your desire, underlines your desires and awakens sexuality. 

The quintessence of this perfume is found in its inimitable, timeless and captivating notes of vanilla love. Associated with patchouli, chilli and plum, this fragrance deploys a carnal olfactory dimension, subtle at the same time, but with a very distinct character.

Réjouissance is the most erotic duo, the sexiest fragrance for women in the world. 


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