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An accessory for couples full of sensuality that requires no preparation: A dice to designate the parts of the body, a dice to determine the actions.

Lacking imagination to spice up your foreplay and your naughty evenings? Get caught up in the game, roll the love dice and let chance decide. Our naughty dice are translated into French and English. They are part of the essential sensual accessories to have in your bedside table.

The idea is so simple that you can have fun with next to nothing and never tire of it! This sensual box contains two black acrylic dice and an organza bag so you never lose them and always have them close at hand.


Two naughty acrylic dice and their organza pouch (FR/EN)
Made in PRC


Pour jouer avec nos désirs...

(En laissant le hasard décider.)



Why choose YESforLOV erotic dice?

Naughty dice are among the most famous erotic accessories. Shock-resistant, multi-language and very nicely polished , the YESforLOV erotic dice are just waiting to be thrown to reveal the delicious pledge that awaits you!

Discover all our erotic accessories to brighten up your routine and spice up your love games.

Are virtual naughty dice on the rise? Maybe, but at YESforLOV, we think the phone has no place under the duvet: we prefer a thousand and one times the intensity of a connection of uninterrupted love, the sensuality of a roll of the dice and the suspense in full reality.

This mischievous duo with unexpected but always well-thought-out combinations will surprise you, just as you will be able to surprise the other by the audacity you take to achieve them.

How to play naughty dice as a couple?

Ready for a dice game to match your most unmentionable desires? Like an accomplice wave in a shared tempo, roll the two dice simultaneously . 

The luck of the game will do things well. He will assign you an intimate two-part mission that you will fulfill with more or less conviction and success: a first die which will go from a simple embrace to the most burning kisses and caresses, and the second which will take you to the destination of your journey, from the one you know by heart to the one that still needs to be explored.

Do you want to spice up your love life , your erotic evenings and let fate choose for you?

So, let chance decide for you, choose for you the delicious combination of the moment and take you where your body and your head ask to travel to offer you, one and the other, the most exquisite of pleasures.


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