Anchored in popular culture for millennia, the Kamasutra has crossed the centuries until today it still inspires our sexual positions and our fanciful practices, to diversify the pleasures of the couple.

What is the origin of the Kamasutra? What are the favorite sexual positions of the French and Europeans? What are the benefits of Kamasutra positions for the intimacy of the couple and our health? In this blog article, discover the secrets of the Kamasutra, and some anecdotes about the origins of the famous amazon, missionary and doggy style sexual positions.

What is the Kamasutra: definition, origins and content

What is the Kamasutra: definition, origins and content

The word "Kamasutra" comes from the ancient Indian "kâma" (desire, pleasure) and "sutra" (guide, book, verse). The Kama Sutra was written in the 4th century by Vātsyāyana, an Indian philosopher. As we know it today, it is a book which lists several sexual positions , intended to vary the sexuality of couples . It will surprise you, but the Kamasutra doesn't just talk about sex. In a much deeper way, it explores the emotional and psychological dimensions of intimacy , emphasizes communication, mutual understanding , and also gives advice on hygiene, romantic relationships , but also... how cheat on your partner without getting caught. Hmm. In summary, it is a guide to enjoying the pleasures of life in various ways.

It was his arrival here in the West that earned him the reputation we know him for. In 1880, during a trip to India, the British explorer Sir Burton learned the Kama Sutra and translated it into his own version, in a Victorian imperialist style. Back in England, the Kamasutra was received as an illegally indecent book . Censored, the collection only circulates in very private groups and arouses curiosity.

In the 20th century, other translations were more faithful to it, but the common idea of ​​a collection of sexual positions had already been propagated, and the arrival of the Internet only accentuated the diffusion of famous positions like being all that the Kamasutra constitutes. Today, a century after Burton's death, the Kamasutra is widely popularized and continues to make us a little more sexually ambitious.

The favorite sexual positions of the French and Europeans

37% of men and 31% of women enjoy doggy style
19% of men and 26% of women prefer missionary
12% of women prefer the andromache

And in Europe? In our neighboring countries, the doggy style, missionary and andromache positions are at the top of the rankings, but not necessarily in the same order in which we prefer them. Norway, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium prefer doggy style . In the North of Europe, we prefer conformity with the missionary who is in first position in Germany, Sweden and Switzerland. Finally, the andromache is more appreciated among the Spanish and Austrians.
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The position of the Andromache, or the dominant woman

The position of the Andromache, or the dominant woman

The name of Andromache 's position is taken from an epigram by the Latin poet Martial, who wrote: "The Phrygian slaves masturbated behind the door, when Hector's wife rode her husband." The wife of Hector, Trojan hero of the Trojan War and brother of Paris, is none other than Andromache, model of the faithful wife par excellence.

Greek mythology tells that Andromache liked to position herself astride her husband lying on his back during their lovemaking , which did not displease the slave spectators hidden behind the door of the couple's bedroom.

In the Kamasutra, Andromache 's position is presented as one which gives the advantage to the woman , and where the man is in an inferior position. Recommended by sexologists, the Andromache position makes it easier for women to reach orgasm by stimulating their clitoris and to control ejaculation for men who concentrate here on their partner's body, and not more on the back and forth movements which are no longer controlled by him. The Andromache allows the woman to maintain control over her body, to intensify or slow down the movement according to her desires , or to take a certain angle in relation to the partner's pubis. This sexual position allows the man to have a more relaxed mind and to let go, thinking less about his ejaculation.

The Missionary, or the art of making love openly

The Missionary, or the art of making love openly

The name of the Missionary position takes its origin from the Anglo-Polish ethnologist Bronislaw Malinowski, traveling on the islands of Papua New Guinea who saw two lovers lying together on a mat in broad daylight, while holding hands. He recounts the scene to an inhabitant of the island who exclaims, mad with anger: “That’s a fashion that comes to us from the missionaries! » . On the island, the custom of lovers was to absolutely hide their affair , and not to expose themselves in this way. But the Christian priests who propagated the Christian tradition demanded that a romance must be known to all in order to prepare for marriage . Practicing the missionary position is therefore initially about experiencing your love in broad daylight. However, a bad translation gave it another meaning in 1948, when an American sexologist incorrectly quoted Malowski, and made him say that the missionary designates the sexual face-to-face imposed by Christian priests on the people of Papua. It is this second meaning which ultimately became popular.

In the collective imagination, the missionary position symbolizes the routine of sexual intercourse without spark . And yet, we would be wrong to think so. Researchers at the New H. Medical private gynecological clinic in New York have revealed that the missionary position is the best position to boost blood flow to the clitoris , and therefore maximize the pleasure felt by the woman . If we want to find other benefits for the couple, the missionary is a position which places the two lovers face to face, which establishes the gaze in all its intensity , and the proximity of the bodies in what is most respondent. A classic position certainly, but one of the most romantic!

And if you want to spice up your missionary , try these two techniques:

  • The coital alignment technique , which consists of adjusting the angle of the partners' pelvises to free their hands and facilitate access to clitoral stimulation in women . The woman can also move forward, move up slightly to have her partner's shoulders at head height and encourage the rubbing of the pubic bone on the glans of the clitoris, for even more pleasure.
  • The hook position , which invites you to lie on your back and let your partner place themselves on top of you. Once in the missionary position, the idea is to place your legs at the level of the partner's shoulders, to thus optimize penetration . You can try to squeeze your thighs together, or cross your ankles in your partner's neck, to explore new sensations.

Doggy style and doggy style, or comfort combined with pleasure

Where does the name greyhound come from? This Kamasutra position takes its name from the female greyhound , a dog which has legs shorter in front than in back and whose back is leaned forward. Our British neighbors call it “doggy style” , and our Italian friends call it “a pecorina” , which means “like sheep” .

In the Kamasutra, doggy style is presented as the position which opens the field of possibilities (and pleasures) to women ; clitoral stimulation is made easier since nothing hinders it, in this position where she is simply on all fours, back to her partner. Moreover, if you were wondering which Kamasutra position is the most comfortable , the University of Waterloo in Canada has measured the impact of different sexual positions on health and more particularly for people suffering from back pain; the doggy style position has been shown to be beneficial for women suffering from lower back pain!

If, initially, the Kamasutra was a guide which gave advice on romantic and intimate relationships, the small chapter which listed these few sexual positions has crossed the centuries to break the routine of its couple even today, and in an eternal way .

What we will remember is the curiosity and open-mindedness that the Kamasutra taught us, inviting us to explore its pleasure in various ways. Sexuality is thus presented as non-fixed, in constant change and variation, according to what suits us best. It's up to you to choose the positions that offer you the most pleasure, since nothing is impossible as long as both partners are in harmony!