October 1994 is the birth month of the very first awareness campaign in France against breast cancer. This formidable momentum, wanting to mobilize, clearly claimed its fight against silences and taboos in the face of the disease: “breast cancer, let’s talk about it!”. Her pink ribbon is today the universal symbol of the fight against breast cancer. Like many other partners and supporters, our brand of intimate cosmetics is proud to support October Rose in its very diversified information and prevention actions against breast cancer.

In this mission to break taboos and in this major and vital objective of saving lives, YESforLOV accompanies the association "Des Elles pour Vous" created by Véronique on the theme of living well with one's sexuality after cancer and is fully committed to pay him €1 for each order placed on the website. This month, let's take care of ourselves, let's stay united and united for the same color: pink!

Breast cancer, a merciless fight for more than 30 years

Breast cancer, a merciless fight for more than 30 years

Pink October is an extremely strong, endearing time, extended over a few weeks, to highlight all those who have the benevolence, the courage and the will to fight on a daily basis and very often in the adversity against this sneaky and relentless female breast cancer disease. This battle of titans against breast cancer began in the early 90s in the United States with a pink ribbon as the common thread . This pink ribbon is today the universal symbol of the fight against breast cancer. The first awareness campaign started for the very first time in the United States in 1985 with the support of the "American Cancer Society" . extent it now knows.

In 1992, Evelyn H. Lauder, vice-president of Estée Lauder Companies validated the Pink Ribbon imagined by her friend Alexandra Penney, then editor at Self magazine. This bright idea of ​​the pink ribbon was born on a certain afternoon in the year 92 at the 21 Club in Manhattan , New York. This ribbon, which had become a symbol, was first to inspire the idea of ​​being able to anticipate the ravages of a sneaky illness, to prevent the risks incurred, and to raise awareness among women likely to be affected . An immense hope then gradually dawned across the world with the passing of the baton, this mythical Pink Ribbon. The following year, the Estée Lauder Companies icon still created the "Breast Cancer Research Foundation" in the USA to support innovation in clinical and genetic research. In 14 years of fighting against evil, the objective that Evelyn H. Lauder and the BCRF (Breast Cancer Research Foundation) had set themselves was largely achieved: the funds raised since the creation of the foundation approaching 100 million dollars.

Evelyn H. Lauder waged a merciless fight against female breast cancer with incredible strength and self-sacrifice, instilling her great determination in the four corners of the world to continue the fight no matter what until the eradication of this relentless and deadly evil if not spotted in time. A great respect and a fond memory vis-à-vis Evelyn Lauder, great figure of beauty and great lady of cosmetics who passed away on November 12, 2011 following ovarian cancer.

In France, since October 1994, the awareness campaign entitled “Le cancer du sein, Parlons-en!” (And renamed Ruban Rose since 2020) has always aimed to mobilize as many women and their families as possible by alerting them to the risk factors for breast cancer . It assumes this fully through information and dialogue and relentlessly reminds of the importance of early detection . In 1994, the Estée Lauder France & Marie-Claire partnership very quickly resulted in an information, communication and exchange platform that is highly effective in the fight against breast cancer .

Throughout the successive campaigns which had the merit of always renewing themselves with the aim of innovating for lives to be saved, various partners and supporters from all walks of life regularly engage with the “Ruban Rose” association . The latter decided in 2003 to create the " Pink Ribbon Prizes " intended to support the efforts of clinical or biological research but also the most remarkable innovations in terms of screening techniques, reconstructive surgery, psychology or even improvement. very clear quality of life for women with breast cancer.

In France, more than 3 million euros have been donated since 2004 to the Ruban Rose association for research into breast cancer. Superb result but we are not at the end of the straight line which will see the crab definitively defeated.

In our country today, 1 in 8 women is at risk of developing breast cancer during her adult life. General mobilization required in this month of October 2022. The illuminations of our most beautiful monuments or our most prestigious sites can only be the signal of an even more fraternal collective spirit. It's a story rich in lessons that awaits us all with Pink October: actions of all kinds, half-marathon races, marathons or challenges of all kinds that are more modest but just as exciting. Health professionals will be at your service: so this month take full advantage of their availability.


Donations for breast cancer can be made online or sent by check to the Ruban Rose association or to our partner association “Des Elles pour Vous” .

You can also participate by ordering our erotic cosmetics on our online store.

YESforLOV will donate €1 to the “Des Elles pour Vous” association for each order placed between October 01 and October 31.

The dangers of breast cancer in women: prevention and key figures

The dangers of breast cancer in women: prevention and key figures

Did you know ? Breast cancer is the leading cause of death in women. Since 1990, the number of breast cancer cases has nearly doubled, from 30,000 cases per year to more than 60,000 today . In this hecatomb, more than 12,000 deaths were recorded during the year 2018.

The observation is clear: it is up to all of us to get involved, to inform and mobilize those around us . The attacking trio is uncompromising in the face of this scourge of women of such magnitude: information, prevention, screening and quality treatment follow-up. Listen, hear, speak and speak even louder about this problem and its seriousness if it is not taken in time, to alert our loved ones of course, but also to meet all the women likely to be concerned. It is not enough to say it from time to time through the media; it is much more effective and happy in our life trajectory to go and say it again and again where the danger can be felt.

What are the main causes of breast cancer, a multifactorial disease?

  • Age : almost 80% of breast cancers develop after the age of 50.
  • Lifestyle : excessive consumption of alcohol and tobacco, overweight, lack of or insufficient physical activity promote the development of breast cancer.
  • Personal and family medical history with the viewfinder, certain hormonal treatments of menopause.
  • Genetics : a particular risk factor linked to genetic predispositions.

Moderation therefore recommended for alcohol and cigarettes. Diversify and balance your diet, practice regular physical activity. Unseen stress chaser so you don't let go and give as much space as possible for life's simple pleasures.

99% of breast cancers affect women*.

*It is important that men know that they too can be affected by this cancer.

What are the warning signs in your chest that might worry you?

  • A hard mass (a ball) fixed or mobile, with often irregular contours.
  • Swollen and hard nodes , not painful in the armpit.
  • Spontaneous discharge from the nipples.
  • A noticeable change in a nipple or the appearance of the skin of a breast.

And... emergency! If you feel unusual and prolonged warmth in one of your breasts, redness and abnormal swelling (serious symptoms of progressive inflammatory carcinoma), consult very quickly.

What to do when in doubt? A single address: your most competent health professional and in most cases it is your attending physician. He is your confidant and will be able to advise you in the face of your doubts. If you are not reassured, a screening examination for breast cancer is necessary. It will take you between 20 and 30 minutes and it is free every two years for women between the ages of 50 and 74 (mammogram).

Vital prognosis and evolution of breast cancer

Today in France, the 5-year survival after a diagnosis of breast cancer is 85% , which makes it one of the cancers with the best survival rate . A reminder, however: spotted too late, breast cancer becomes invasive. The cancerous cells, free of any movement for lack of treatment, migrate in the blood circulation and attack in force the liver, the lungs, the bones, the brain or many other organs.

The leitmotif is very simple: permanent surveillance, screening, large-scale action if the danger persists and appropriate and quality treatment (care protocol to be clearly defined with the oncologist).

Fake news or simple rumours, the National Cancer Institute tells you about it

Fake news or simple rumours, the National Cancer Institute tells you about it

False information is devastating and has dramatic consequences when it concerns our health. The field of breast cancer is unfortunately not immune to this scourge. It's up to you to understand and decipher the messages from the National Cancer Institute. If you have any doubts about any information, the easiest way is to consult the lighting site.

The doubts, the fears, the disarray of the women who feel concerned really do not deserve such a conspiratorial development or intox of all kinds, very often more eccentric than the others. Some of these rumors are well entrenched. The best example we can find for you is that wearing a bra would cause breast cancer. It is completely false.

Each of you has the right to ask questions, but it is despicable and criminal to disseminate or have published through the media, websites and social networks false information, whether on vaccination, diet or cancer of the breast. Last example in title: the early detection of useless or even harmful breast cancer. The benefits of breast cancer screening by mammography are undeniable and far outweigh the risks involved .

Do not let yourself be diverted from the screening examination, your survival depends on it. Some reminders :

  • Automatic screening recommended for women over 50
  • Screening advised by regular breast self-examination from the end of adolescence.

New highly targeted treatments with improved protocols are now the promising response to adversary No. 1: the HER 2 protein . This certainty can only take away your last hesitations to commit yourself alongside Ruban Rose and its partners.

YESforLOV's commitment against breast cancer: Les Elles pour Vous

Side by side in this world of a Covid-19 on the way to being controlled if it is still not defeated, it is up to all of us to show solidarity in this fight against this sneaky disease of breast cancer in wife. We must no longer hesitate to bring all the taboos out of the shadows and highlight all these risk factors for breast cancer.

YESforLOV is fully committed and mobilizes to ensure that prevention and women's health remain one of our main concerns with as much force as ever and that research can continue to progress by leaps and bounds. Unacceptable to see too many women still dying today for lack of screening when breast cancer detected at an early stage can be cured in nine out of ten cases.

YESforLOV will never fall into the trap of a so-called “pinkwashing” which the association Pink October and its benefactors in France and in the world would be a priori by certain suspected evil-thinkers. We too have lost loved ones in the YESforLOV team and this month we pay tribute to them, with heavy hearts and many tears.

Sexist, pink? It is high time to overcome divisions and marketing desires that have no place in this fight. Each of these months of October, which comes back to us once a year, is crucial and proves to be more and more decisive for the future of our daughters, sisters, mothers and women . Let's not let it down and let's not let go. Let's all be behind the legendary Pink Ribbon, a true rallying sign for the same cause.

What about other cancers, are we talking about them? The association "Des Elles pour Vous" aims to be generalist and inclusive, open to all women, whether you have breast or ovarian cancer. For men affected by prostate, bladder or other cancer : no one is left behind with the CER HOM association.

Pink October is once again ringing at our door at the start of autumn. United as ever, let's open our arms wide to this Pink October. Once a year, this magnificent information campaign and actions rich in their diversity, is there to raise awareness for a few weeks, to the early detection in women of a possible and possible breast cancer. Let's walk together, run together, listen even more and take flight anywhere and anyhow to participate in this fight! Let's really have the desire for mutual aid, love and hope to better fight evil where it hides. Encourage donations to raise funds that medical research rightly demands. Let's animate the dialogue to help these women too often in difficulties if not in distress. For an exceptional event, an exceptional and very strong symbol that this pink ribbon which calls itself “pink ribbon” in the American style. Enormous and promising progress is being made day after day for the care of patients: immunotherapy for metastatic breast cancer is no longer utopian but is a reality today! Solidarity and fraternity at all levels and for all without exception.