In life, sometimes all it takes is a naughty little thing to brighten up a very repetitive and routine daily life. Like a little salt on the daily menu: playfulness, laughter to play down the drama, humor through joys and sorrows, understanding and kindness in all those moments that are too heavy to bear.

At the heart of the couple's intimacy put to the test in the face of the vagaries of life, does not the game come, and rightly so it seems, to impose all in subtlety and sweetness its touch of detonating carnal love? explosiveness, sensuality and efficiency?

Perfectly integrated into the intimacy of the two partners without shaking it up, the game is the talkative mirror of the most secret feelings, not hesitating to shake up the most padlocked lives with a certain nerve. Complicated love through play is the key to life together.

If love is a game, here are the rules of the art

If love is a game, here are the rules of the art

For a happy sexuality, it goes without saying that everyone does their part to provide the duo with the stability and harmony they need in their intimacy as a couple. The game in all its subtlety, its creativity and its power of imagination then becomes the natural leader for breaking a daily routine that has become tiresome.

Authentic love cannot be invented; the human being must seek it deep within himself so that he can express himself in broad daylight. No wonder then that he relies sooner or later on the game - on the beautiful game without violence that goes without saying! - to breathe an incredible breath of fresh air and freedom into the couple's intimacy, and also of frankness , a frankness that tends to get lost between resignations and submissions. It is a love that wants to be without borders, however, without limits in feelings and desires but just as much without violence and slippages of all kinds. This love is precious because it is unique. He leaves no room for appearances, pretenses. Through its sincerity in the pleasures of sex, its freedom of action and imagination, it quickly becomes a privileged playground for the couple in search of new emotions and sensations. The path to take is superb, it is still necessary to make the effort to fully commit to it.

Love life is quite simply the happiness of a couple built patiently and over time with its ups and downs, its joys and its sorrows, its victories and its defeats, its bets on the future. So, in the couple, there are not 36 golden rules to be happy without too many temporary conflicts: it needs a solid and complicit base and a few rules never to be neglected so as not to leave the field open to this inner and secret fear, to this persistent anguish of "unloving and being unloved" which too often paralyzes and terrorizes so many candidates for authentic love over the long term.

Here is a reminder in the recommendations that seems basic but yet essential for the fullness of the couple in their journey towards this much desired happiness.

  • Excellent communication between partners , one that does not know the invisible and dangerous void of day-to-day existence: it must be permanent, omnipresent without being obsessive.
  • Compromises to be found in all the difficult or crucial moments of daily life. Stop the arguments, the routine, the submission of “not seeing anything”, of “letting things go”, of “closing your eyes”!
  • Respect in the difference of the other . Each has its own particularities.
  • A bond of mutual trust and unwavering benevolence.
The benefits of intimate games for the couple: eroticism, novelty, endless laughter

The benefits of intimate games for the couple: eroticism, novelty, endless laughter

The game that wants to be erotic or even a bit lustful and carnal without being bestial, is the driver of physical love that positively advances the couple . The game is the spark, the more or less spicy pepper that takes in its wake and in a single dash the two members of a close-knit and complicit crew into another dimension of pleasure. It's really good to let go on the sex side, to let off steam outside this sacrosanct bed of marital duty. The game in intimacy invites you to do so.

Have this superb audacity and this gluttony to tease each other, together, separately… There is nothing contradictory in the choice that will be made. At the start of the trail for love, whatever happens, it will be an unprecedented destination if not unknown and unscheduled in the daily agenda. Will this rendezvous of love with the other take place under the restorative shower? Or rather on that corner of the kitchen or living room table that has so often witnessed a lot of emotions and jostling, the essential mirror of all those authentic, sincere, spontaneous feelings that overflow with the craziest desires? What does it matter! And there is probably in all these very healthy delusions even better to do by bringing out here and there from their hole these little intimate and secret love nests that come from nowhere. Proximity trips to unknown land in a way. Playing at making love in complete complicity is really revealing yourself to the other in broad daylight without cheating with laughter, jokes, riddles all the way.

In the love of sex, whether it is the love of one's own sex as in the love of the sex of the other, we play it cool so as not to upset everyone's personal feelings too much . The game in the intimacy of love demands and asks again in priority the uncompromising respect of the human being . He wants audacity, a lot of audacity and imagination to dare to assume without restraint all the desires of one and the other. From laughs to laughs for two with this human challenge to live so as not to have to suffer, from naughty questions to even more salacious answers, tell your most spicy and so well-crafted fantasies in these little corners so secret of the heads and hearts.

In the intimate relationships that the united accomplice couple, happy to live and love, is so keen to protect and preserve, the game therefore proves to be the keystone of a bet, of a challenge to be won collectively. It is ultimately in fun, through play and the sensual pleasure of living that the couple is fully realized , that the two partners get to know each other, assimilating over time the essential rules of the good balance of their sexuality which demands that the red lines of excess are never crossed.

Play and laughter are essential in romantic relationships. To relax, seduce, recharge, play down the most difficult times . So, no more time to waste! Through play, you will say words without saying anything, you will instinctively guess a lot of things, you will learn, you will evolve, you will discover. With play, there is no gloom in love, no coldness or passivity which have for too long been insurmountable obstacles to the harmony of senses, bodies and hearts.

"And if you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it's deadly!" " (Paulo Coelho)

So invite YESforLOV accessories to your love games! Some suggestions from us:

The art of loving through play

The art of loving through play

In the intimacy of the couple who want to be united and complicit, would it not finally be time to give back to the game the leading role in love ? The game, all in subtlety, spontaneity and complicity which automatically excludes what may seem excessive - is the red thread but just as much blue and white which will gently pilot for both of you all your feelings, all your desires, all your fantasies that knock so strong at the door of intimate pleasure. Not easy to hear but a word of advice however: not too many exits from the road when this uncontrollable and magnificent grain of madness that overwhelms you makes you momentarily forget the environment which imposes its laws and constraints on us.

The game has a thousand virtues and it's up to us to bring them to light. Reinventing in its own way, in a beautiful harmony and complicity of couple, this famous art of loving which wants to be greedy while relying with a lot of audacity and success on a mutual and reciprocal pleasure. It can only be strong in the feelings of one and the other, of one for the other and much stronger still in the dreams, the fantasies, the secret and too mute desires of the "anti- routine” which wants to be united, welded, happy to live and to love, turned without obsession but with a lot of curiosity and creativity towards still unknown shores of our lives of earthlings and earthlings.

Making love by putting the game at the center of intimacy in complete complicity is perfectly naughty and taking on the laughter and tears of happiness together. It is to open in exchange, sharing and complicity, with a lot of courage, will, curiosity too, a very beautiful window of love towards new horizons of the pleasures of sex without having to undergo anything it would be.

To conclude, a quote full of Amélie Northomb on life, love and sex:

“Life is what you see: membrane, guts, a bottomless hole that demands to be filled. Life is this pipe that swallows and remains empty. »

To meditate. In this pipe of life which asks only to be filled in order to be better emptied, the pleasure of making love with its intimate follies through play, doesn't this anti-routine miracle remedy have the best places, that of the unique and marvelous leader!