For several years, vibrators as well as YESforLOV sensory cosmetics have been inviting themselves into your bedroom. Whether you are a duo, or solo, these erotic objects are powerful tools capable of many wonders in your sexuality. Between pulsations, suctions or vibrations, the intimate toys we have selected for you have been designed with medical silicone and specially conceptualized to stimulate your senses, intensify your love experience, strengthen your sexual health or sharpen your desires.

If you are still hesitating to take the step, know that sex toys are highly recommended in sexual therapy. They are particularly recommended and used to reconnect with your body and learn to eroticize it. These objects of desire are even prescribed to cure certain sexual dysfunctions. The sex toy is not a comforter, nor the enemy of the partner. Our sex toys sublimate love in its preparation, help you break with the routine and have only one mission: to accompany you in the quest for powerful, orgasmic eroticism and according to your sometimes shared will.


Are you ready to take the leap? It's already been the case for a long time or you've just acquired the intimate toy you've always dreamed of trying, here are some tips for maintaining your sex toys and getting maximum pleasure from them .

If it is important to choose your playmate carefully, once you have the intimate toy of your dreams in your possession, it will be up to you to pamper it and maintain it to avoid any degradation or potential infections caused by fungi. Whether your intimate toy is made of silicone, plastic, wood, aluminum or even gold, here are some recommendations to follow regarding the maintenance of your toy :

  • Always clean your vibrator before and after each use.
  • Take an ultra-soft, lint-free cloth, preferably, as well as a toy cleaner , a sex toy cleaning spray created especially by certain manufacturers for the maintenance of intimate toys.
  • If you don't have a suitable cleanser, use soap and water , but definitely not antibacterial gel .
  • Check that your intimate toy is waterproof , otherwise take care not to let water get into the motor .
  • The washing machine and the dishwasher, do not even think about it, they are not solutions.
  • Store your toy away from dust and out of sight of children in a dry place .
  • Always use a water-based lubricant with your sex toys. We explain why just below.

If you follow these few precautions for the maintenance of your intimate toy, nothing should hinder the quality of your favorite toy.


Intimate lubricating gels with sex toys are first and foremost a matter of pleasure and comfort. The role of an intimate lubricant is to reproduce natural lubrication in order to facilitate the introduction of the intimate toy . The lubricant is highly recommended and considered by our customers to be more pleasant. Whether or not you suffer from vaginal or vulvar dryness, it will be a considerable asset.

Our advice: it is always more comfortable to lubricate your toy before use. In the same way, the lubricant will offer a much more fluid, pleasant sensation of the sex toy in contact with the intimate mucous membrane. Run your finger over one part of your toy's silicone, then over another, but this time coated with lubricant. Check for yourself; it's soft, it slides, it increases our perception to the touch.

If you want to know a little more about female lubrication , we invite you to read our dedicated article. And for those who missed them, also find the FAQ to find out all about YESforLOV lubricants or our sex article How to choose your lubricant? .


All without exception if your intimate toy is made of wood, glass or steel like anal plugs. For non-porous sex toys, we advise you to avoid oils both for comfort of use and for the health of your mucous membranes. If you like oil-based lubricants, however, make sure that the oils have been obtained by cold extraction and do not contain any perfumes, dyes or mineral oils .

On the other hand, concerning silicone sex toys (vibrators, rabbit, geisha ball or the famous womanizer) that is to say the most common, it is a completely different matter. Most sex toy manufacturers recommend that silicone lubricants not be used with silicone toys as they may damage them . What a pity, given the intrinsic qualities of this material, offering a long-lasting glide of unparalleled sensuality. Do not panic if you have just done so as long as you have cleaned it right after , your toy will not melt and decompose immediately but it can however, in the medium and long term, degrade.

The best rule to remember is: no silicone with silicone. It's safer and easier to stick to this rule than risk throwing your favorite sex toy in the trash. So prefer a water-based lubricant that reproduces female lubrication without altering the sliding sensations and above all without damaging your toy .

Selling sex toys is already classified as a "high risk" activity, so it's understandable that many retailers, manufacturers, and educators want to reduce the risk of complaints and chargebacks as much as possible. On this subject, there are no particular regulations on the sale of intimate objects. Some are classified as media devices and other everyday products. No need to look at the components as the indications are misleading. Consequently, it is difficult to determine with certainty the reaction of the silicone of your vibrating duck with a silicone-based lubricant.


Chez YESforLOV, aucune dégradation du jouet ne doit être perceptible entre un sextoy testé avec ou sans lubrifiant. En pratique, un lubrifiant intime est considéré comme compatible si aucune dégradation est visible à l'œil nu ou par le sens du toucher. Le principe de ce test est d’évaluer sur 5 jours si le gel érotique est susceptible de dégrader des jouets intimes en silicone. L’aspect général de la silicone du sextoy sera le critère retenu pour mettre en évidence une dégradation éventuelle des caractéristiques physiques et mécaniques du produit.

  • Le premier essai est effectué par comparaison sur des sextoys enduits de lubrifiant aqueux, siliconés ou simplement d’eau pendant un temps de contact de 90 minutes pendant 5 jours. L’application du lubrifiant sur les sextoys est faite sur toute la longueur du jouet, uniquement sur une seule face. Elle est réalisée avec un pinceau souple.
  • Le second essai est effectué par comparaison sur des sextoys enduits de ces lubrifiants aqueux, siliconés ou simplement d’eau pendant un temps de contact pendant 5 jours. L’application de lubrifiant intime est effectuée sur tout le jouet. Elle est réalisée dans un récipient.

LE VERDICT : En tenant compte des moyens d’essais, des incertitudes associées, et compte tenu des photos ci dessous on peut en conclure que les lubrifiants en silicone peuvent sur le long terme endommager la silicone de votre jouet contrairement à un lubrifiant à base d’eau.

Continue to enjoy the products that best support your sex life. If you like the feel of silicone lube, test it out on your toys and clean them as soon as you're done using them. And if all of that sounds like a never-ending headache, just use our water-based moisturizing intimate lubricant (it's our favorite) or our aloe vera lubricating gel (It's the more natural). In the end, the most important thing is that you use a suitable intimate lubricant because it is thanks to this extraordinary hygiene product that you will protect your intimate mucous membranes, and get the best profile of the sensations caused by the vibration that calls you every evening to always more pleasure.