MANTA Masturbator for men

99,90 €

The MANTA is a male masturbator made by the German brand FUN FACTORY.

Powerful and elegant , its shape has been specifically designed to fit the penis perfectly and gently massage the erectile areas with intense rhythms and exciting caresses. 

This vibrating and rechargeable male masturbator for men gives you full versatility in the way you use it .

Several modes of speed , intensity and rhythm are offered to you for your own pleasure.

Solo or in pairs, the MANTA allows easy and diffuse handling with easy apprehension of deep vibrations for vibrant and explosive orgasms. 

This reference is personalized in the colors of YESforLOV. It is offered to you in a limited edition.


    • Made in Germany, in an ecological and ethical factory in accordance with European standards for safety, health and environmental impact.
    • French medical grade silicone, safe for the body, non-porous and hypoallergenic.


      • 6 speeds, 6 vibration programs.
      • Waterproof for underwater fun and easy cleaning.
      • Rechargeable masturbator. Comes with its charging cable.
      • Personalized collection limited to only 20 copies.
      • Charging time: Between 6 and 8 hours.
      • Autonomy: Between 40 and 120 minutes.
      • Dimensions: total length: 18 cm, internal diameter: 3 cm.


      Usage precautions

        • Thoroughly clean your intimate toy before and after each use with clear soapy water.
        • Always lubricate your toy deliciously with a water-based lubricant such as the moisturizing mixed lubricant.
        • Keep out of the reach of children.

        Word from the product manager

        The MANTA sex toy for men enhances the pleasures of solitary male masturbation and will satisfy all your desires for penetration.

        Remedy celibacy: treat yourself to new pleasures or come and spice up your romantic relationships by inviting this ultra-sophisticated masturbator into your sexual games. 

        This life-size adult toy for men offers you a silky touch and formidable efficiency on the penis. Tireless, it will perfectly replace your wrist for effortless pleasure. 

        New horizons of pleasure are deliciously available to you with this new generation male masturbator .

        The little trick that makes everyone cum: dare to use the MANTA in combo during a blowjob. 

        MANTA Masturbator for men

        Des vibrations puissantes, inédites et exquises sur le gland du pénis.

        (Laissez vous faire en solo en duo...)



        Why the MANTA is the best masturbation for men?

        Discreet and effective, this masturbator for men knows how to be forgotten.

        The MANTA has everything of a great sex toy!

        Elegant, silent and rechargeable, its design has been planned and imagined to please all penises!

        Its loop-shaped handle makes it easy to hold your MANTA in any position, even when you have intimate lubricant on your hands.

        Raised intuitive controls make it easy to scroll through programs and turn it on or off without interrupting the action.

        Easy to handle, the MANTA male toy is designed to be used alone or with your partner while perfectly fitting the shape of the penis. 

        The little extra are its fins at the ends designed to evenly distribute the lubricant and offer you optimal glide. 

        As for its grooves molded in silicone, they offer a different and unusual feeling.  to vary male pleasure. 

        The MANTA masturbator is 100% waterproof for use in the bath or shower.

        With its German motor and vibration modes, there is no doubt that this male masturbator will be the perfect ally for your solitary pleasures and the favorite intimate accessory for your sexual relations.

        Is the MANTA suitable for use as a couple?

        Yes, the Factory MANTA fun sex toy can be used as a couple!

        All you have to do is choose a sexual position that will allow this masturbator to make you vibrate together. Slip it over the penis and transform your penis into a vibrating sex toy. 

        However, this masturbator for men is much more effective in selfishly pleasing your male partner. 

        Take his pleasure in hand! Squeeze, knead, perform back and forth, rotation movements and combine its use with a vibrating fellatio that is intended to be explosive.


        Are you looking for sex techniques and tips to learn how to masturbate your partner? Looking to increase your enjoyment during your male masturbation sessions? 

        Discover here, our blog article dedicated to male masturbation and combine all our precious advice with this latest generation male masturbator.

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