WHISK Maze Black

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Ready to start BDSM software with YESforLOV? Discover the beautiful super sexy black whip made with vegan leather to inflict sweet punishments on your partner who still wants more!

The Maze whip is the most provocative of the sensual accessories in our collection. This whip invites you to whip or caress your partner according to your desires but always for his pleasure and with his consent.

Whip his buttocks with body and cry caresses demanded because it is his full desire. Take the lead and lend yourself, since it is your will and your freedom, to the maddening game of totally accepted submission and domination! This erotic accessory brings a refined dimension to the sexual games you love so much.

Its soft and resistant straps that caress the body of the other on the skin not only annoy, they trigger very surprising feelings of well-being and letting go! Because it is so good to surrender to the other!

Its grip is easy, thanks to its flexible handle.
Soft and strong, it's the perfect whip.

Ideal for beginners and designed for the most demanding and passionate about SM.

It's up to you to play along and taste one of the 50 Shades of Grey.


Approved by animal rights organization PETA
Made in China
The Maze whip has been made from 100% VEGAN, 0% ANIMAL material for characteristics similar to leather in terms of durability, quality or style. It is delivered in a pretty box that allows you to protect it and store it to have it better at hand when the time comes.

Usage precautions

Thoroughly clean the whisk with a damp cloth and a small amount of mild soap. Rub lightly to avoid damaging the material.

Did you have fun during this ritual? Don't forget to offer your gaming partner after BDSM.

Yes, a BDSM session is physically and emotionally demanding and it can leave your partner drained, shaken, shaking, vulnerable, exposed. After the session, do not hesitate to express your gratitude to the person(s) with whom you have just shared this experience, which is quite trying but so surprising in the sensations it provides.

WHISK Maze Black

Un fouetté douloureusement exquis pour un érotisme complice et consenti

(De la caresse à la punition, pimentez vos jeux avec puissance ou soumission.)



Which erotic whip to choose ?

Are you ready to get started in BDSM? All you have to do is choose the ideal whip . Make the right choice of a whip that appeals aesthetically to you and your partner. This whip must also be solid and effective to make you live without excess and in a pain sought and claimed all these desires and all these pleasures shared on sex and life.

We also advise you to use a whip with straps or fringes to start your BDSM experience. The whips will be for later, because with these, the whipping is prolonged and the physical resistance is tougher for even more maddening sensations.

Why learn about amorous flagellation?

Soft bondage doesn't have to be painful. The goal of this practice is to grant each other mutual trust and to begin an initiation at one's own pace and with one's own limits.

Receiving a claimed boost promotes good blood circulation and amazingly firms the skin. Nothing better for the buttocks… it seems! It's no longer a rumor, it's obvious. The use of the whip in love games is also a common practice in the world of BDSM.

Between acceptance, punishment and submission, the whip is the best tool to enjoy or to subject before enjoying: it is still necessary to have the right products and know the best practices.

Do you want to learn this practice? Discover our blog article to introduce you to BDSM , written by our expert, master in the field.

6 tips for using a whip properly in a BDSM ritual?

1. Never whip your partner in the face and neck, these are strictly prohibited and dangerous areas.

2. Be extremely careful with the breasts, thorax or genitals because they are the seat of extremely sensitive organs (pay particular attention to the area which includes the liver).

3.Favor the upper back, thighs and buttocks. Don't forget to start slowly with the straps, moving them around with subtle touches on your partner's skin in order to accustom his body to contact with the whip.

4. It is essential that you keep full control of your power and without doing violence to yourself, discreetly space out the blows to give him time to catch his breath. Pay attention to your sub's reactions.

5. Prefer lashes by performing figure -eight movements.

6. Be careful, even if it is “again and again” from your partner, it will be the end of the session if the reddening of your partner's skin becomes too intense; it is then time to stop and move on to after care with our Cuddle Cream for the buttocks.


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