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An erotic and sensual accessory to discover the pleasures of BDSM

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Who is ready to discover soft BDSM with YESforLOV? If your partner is begging for punishment, our black sex whip made with vegan leather is the perfect tool to have them quivering with pleasure!

The Black Maze Whip is the most provocative and sensual accessory in our collection.

This delightful BDSM toy allows you to flog or caress your partner according to their secret desires and with their consent and pleasure being the top priority . Go ahead and take the lead as you embark on the journey of submission and dominance in the bedroom.

The soft yet durable material is effective on the skin and the flexible handle allows for a comfortable grip. Both soft and solid, this is the accessory you need! This whip is ideal for beginners and has been designed for the most demanding and passionate SM enthusiasts.  

Surrender yourself to the game of desire and become the protagonist from 50 Shades of Grey.

PETA Approved
Made in China
The Maze whip is 100% VEGAN, 0% ANIMAL material for leather-like durability, quality, and style. It comes in an attractive case that allows you to protect and store it so that it is always at hand when you need it.

Clean the whisk thoroughly with a damp cloth and a small amount of mild soap. Scrub lightly to avoid damaging the material.

You had a lot of fun using this toy, so don’t forget to offer your partner some comfort and care once you have finished your soft BDSM ritual. Yes, a soft BDSM session is both physically and emotionally demanding, and can leave your partner tired, shaken, vulnerable, and exposed. After the session, do not forget to express gratitude to the person(s) who you have shared this experience with.



Which erotic whip to choose ?

Are you ready to explore the world of soft BDSM? To get started, it’s essential that you choose the right whip. We advise you to choose a whip that will be aesthetically pleasing to both you and your partner. The whip must also be solid and effective so that you can enjoy the painfully erotic passion that it allows you to experience.

We also recommend that you choose a fringe whip to start your soft BDSM experiences; the horse whips are for those who are more advanced because the feeling is harsher than flogging.

Why learn about flogging?

Soft bondage is not necessarily painful; the purpose is to trust yourself and your partner so that you can learn each other’s desires, as well as your limits.

Despite what you might think, flogging is excellent for your health; it helps to circulate the blood and firm the skin. It seems that there is nothing better for the bare bum.

The use of the whip during intimacy is a common practice in the world of soft BDSM. Through acceptance, punishment, and submission, the sex whip is the best tool to enjoy both pain and pleasure as long as you have the right products and practice safely.

Would you like to learn how to practice soft BDSM? Check out our blog post to help you get started with BDSM toys! It was written by a master and BDSM expert.


6 tips for properly using a whip during a BDSM ritual?

1. Never whip your partner on the face and neck, these are strictly forbidden and dangerous areas.

2. Be extremely careful with the breasts, chest, and genitals as they are the site of extremely sensitive organs (be particularly careful in the area that includes the liver).

Focus on the upper back, thighs, and buttocks. Don't forget to start off gently with the straps, using subtle touches on your partner's skin to get her/his body used to the whip.

4. It is essential that you keep full control of your power and, without using violence, space out the strokes discreetly to give her/him time to catch her/his breath. Stay alert to your submissive's reactions.

5. Lash them in a figure eight pattern.

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