Physical love with all its clashing emotions can sometimes be confronted with the stinging failure of a failure that is sometimes temporary or not, and which can hurt because it is painful to bear! Happy or unhappy, the performance of the male sex is not the top priority, far from it. So, high performance or not: "to arms" gentlemen, we don't give up and we prolong the preliminaries more, rather than the back and forth.

For this year 2023 which promises to be rich in adventures of all kinds, it is high time for men to claim loud and clear their most legitimate desires and their mad desires to prolong the pleasure together as intensely as possible. YESforLOV accompanies you efficiently and transparently in the search for the product you have targeted. Delaying for sex, anesthetic for a sometimes feverish and overly sensitive penis; what wise purchase to offer to your male partner to accompany him in his quest for supreme pleasure? Faced with the somewhat too laudatory displays of sex shops which lay bare the XXL penis with chrono in support, would there not be simpler and more available - let's say within reach and purse? - an exceptional product for men, both chic and elegant, stimulating and relaxing, which would multiply his own pleasure tenfold and thus superbly prolong the feelings of his or her partner?

How long do you have to

How long do you have to "hold" before ejaculating? A tricky and delicate question that obsesses many men

Can the quality of a sexual relationship be measured?

What is the average duration of a sexual intercourse? What is the time of a sexual intercourse that could be considered ideal, perfect, just-in-time, right on time? By the way, does the notion of time really have a place in our sexual anxieties and in our legitimate desires to have fun until the end of the night? Gentlemen, to your times, do not disband, your penis is in the starting blocks! Let's dig a little deeper into this phenomenon that puts so much pressure on male pleasure and makes male penises soften like it's not allowed.

For many of us, a good sexual relationship is a relationship that drags on pleasantly long to the delight of both partners. This adage makes sense to many human beings. The quality of a love relationship would therefore be measured by its duration? Are the two options closely related to each other? Do they come together somewhere in the shared pleasure? This is a crucial question to ask because a quickie, well done and very well done, is also very pleasant to live with. A bit like an ice cream tasted on the go facing a cake kneaded by hand for a long time. Too long, too short, not intense enough, too short... the ideal duration of a sexual relationship depends on many external factors that you cannot control; the level of desires of your partners is obviously one of the most important. There is no real scientific consensus. Desires come from everywhere and from nowhere: fantasies, erotic dreams and impulses according to the degree of form and availability of each and everyone. Never forget that a very good physical condition psychologically favors the start of these great moments of love. How emotionally available am I willing to go? Time not always being made of money, what availability and freedom am I willing to give myself personally so that I can play the game thoroughly?

You understood it, it is impossible in our eyes to establish an ideal duration in the pleasures of the sex of a report superbly accomplished: Preliminaries or not? Orgasm in sight or not?

What the studies say

Studies to measure the average duration of sexual intercourse are numerous. In 2005, an American doctor, Dr. Irwin Goldstein, got down to it, revealing that the average duration of sexual intercourse was around 7.3 minutes . Dr. Eric Corty, professor at the University of Penne State Erie, had renewed this investigation by Dr. Godstein a few years later for almost identical conclusions. The latest study was conducted by the Australian psychologist (Brendan Zietsch) with 500 couples in 5 different countries (United Kingdom, Spain, Turkey, Netherlands, United States). The average duration would be 5.4 minutes in 2017, and the difference is rather considerable between minimum and maximum intercourse: 33 seconds for the shortest sexual intercourse and 44 minutes for the longest intercourse . Regarding the studies or surveys conducted on the ideal duration of sexual intercourse, the different conclusions come together for the same observation: a sexual intercourse that lasts less than 2 minutes is rarely considered satisfactory. For the majority of study participants, 120 seconds is clearly too little, except for quick and hasty sex. For the participants, 2 minutes is far too short to fully appreciate this exceptional moment. The rise in power of pleasure takes time and time in love cannot be quantified. A report that lasts between 5 and 10 minutes is considered quite satisfactory, although for both men and women, the range that is preferred and which wins the prize is between 10 and 15 minutes . More than 20 minutes, the majority of men and women find that the report is too long and can quickly become boring. In a survey conducted on this subject on social networks, a journalist from GQ USA reported that 82% of respondents felt they had already been bored during an intimate relationship . A good part of them wishing that the report ends as soon as possible. The proof is that long sex is not always synonymous with good.

Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets. The answer you've all been waiting for is this: the ideal length of penetrative sex would be somewhere between 7 and 13 minutes . These data are a representative indication of various studies; they do not have to be taken as absolute truths that should be respected at all costs in order to have the perfect sexual relationship. It is important to mention that caresses, kisses and all the tactile exchanges which are the very essence of the quality of the romantic relationship are excluded from all these studies. Unfortunately, each time a statistical study is carried out on this subject, the same indicators are taken into account: the duration of sexual intercourse represents the time elapsed between penetration and ejaculation. How sad ! It is therefore important to temper these results and the assessments of these studies and perhaps begin to change our way of seeing things.

Our best tips to delay your ejaculation

To avoid annoying sexual setbacks that only bring annoyance, you will find our 5 best tips below.

  1. The first step to take is surprisingly effective: you simply abandon the tempting genital areas to focus only on the erogenous zones . No worries, no stampede, the excitement won't let go in its rise to power but it will reach its climax much more slowly without breaking the camel's back.
  2. The second initiative to take is clear: everyone knows that a sexual relationship is not limited to a penetrating relationship. So, we focus more on the connection of the bodies . Give free rein to your imagination and your audacity in increasingly daring caresses . We masturbate alone or in pairs, we do oral sex according to the convenience of one and the other and we invent love games. To each and everyone his fantasies. This step is an essential step that will slowly but surely take the lovebirds on the royal path to orgasm.
  3. The third resolution is training in “ edging ” or the art of delaying your orgasm to stay as long as possible in a state of maximum excitement . In this philosophy, the more you hold back, the more the pleasure climbs and the more the excitement intensifies. Peaking, surfing, orgasm training, whatever the name, dare to masturbate slowly , very slowly to get started and then complicate things a little with your partner. On the agenda: breathing, concentration and management of excitement! Super program to follow to the letter, without deviating an inch and without cheating. In edging, it is important to listen to your body, to know how it reacts to better tame it. The best and easiest way to practice is to masturbate until you think you're going to cum, then stop and quickly restart the process.
  4. Another avenue to dig if it suits you: the “ squeeze ”, a technique which consists of masturbating until you reach orgasm and then squeezing the glans to stop ejaculation . Relaunch the process to the limit of your possibilities.
  5. In the process, you can also test sexual retardants, but not just any; we highly recommend our YESforLOV CBD Concentrate , to be used in duo with the YESforLOV Special Penis Pleasure Extender .
What products to buy to improve your own sexual performance?

What products to buy to improve your own sexual performance?

The majority of sexual retardants on the market come in the form of gels or sprays. They are very effective in anesthetizing the penis. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has issued a warning regarding the misuse of these products, which are used to desensitize the nerve endings in your penis. Misused, it can cause necrosis in the glans and it is very dangerous.

Many products sold in self-service are prohibited. Some contain traces of lidocaine, tetracaine, benzocaine and prilocaine, substances banned in cosmetics and only available with a medical prescription. These drugs against ejaculation and numbing creams of this type are available only in pharmaceutical establishments. A nod to the Emla® cream from the Aspen laboratory, which seems to be very effective in temporarily anesthetizing the surface of the penis and the genital mucous membranes. If you do not have a prescription, be careful about the composition of the products you are about to use and prefer more natural herbal products. For those who have never tried this kind of product, last minute advice: take it easy on the doses called to numb your nerve endings. It is important to retain the pleasure of the rise of ejaculation.

For the serenity of your sex, for its vitality, to help it cope with its temporary shortcomings, we suggest you test the YESforLOV Pleasure Extender for men . You will not find a miracle product here, but a healthy product of excellent quality, which causes stimulating effects of hot and cold at the heart of male arousal while preserving the hypersensitivity of the glans penis. Thanks to its formula enriched with plant extracts , this pleasure extender accompanies you in increasing your power , controlling and prolonging your excitement . At the same time, discreet chic, sober and refined, it can be a major ally in the happiest moments as well as in other times that are more difficult to overcome. Spray or gel? With sprays, unlike the cream, no manual handling, it's direct! You therefore avoid clumsily anesthetizing your partner. Many retardants are resold in our partner shops such as Passage du Désir or Espace Plaisir. For anesthetic creams, they are rather dedicated to anal penetrations and have the advantage of being terribly lubricating.

In the end, it's up to you to find these secret boots that will pleasantly surprise your partners. Do not hesitate to double your chances withCBD Concentrate as an additive to your sexual retardants. You now know which products and which objective to turn to.

Want to read more about premature ejaculation , find out more information in our blog post that deals with male sexual disorders.

Maximum enjoyment in all these somersaults is not very complicated a priori, as long as you want to put the right ingredients. The real issue at the heart of everyone's sexuality has nothing to do with performance; what matters is not the duration of the intimate relationship, the impressive number of kamasutra positions that you will follow. It's not the length of your penis or its width either, but rather the pleasure you're going to give and receive! The pleasures of sex, the joys of a fully accomplished orgasm depend primarily on personal tastes and preferences specific to each and every one of us.

Take the time to really know yourself, to understand your possibilities but also your limits, to guess your desires, in short, take the time to expose yourself because physical love in all its dimension is pure magic! Learn to tame your own sex and of course that of your partner. That initiatives in this area come as a bonus simultaneously from one and the other is a royal gift that cannot be refused. Together, mingle and intertwine your wild desires. Pop the cork holding back your wildest fantasies. Together, set with a lot of mischief and complicity the borders not to be exceeded. Finally find, in twos or threes and more, the rhythm that should be followed to make this intimate relationship an exceptional moment of love. This is the key to success and incomparable happiness imagined, built together and to be repeated as often as possible!

Our golden rule at YESforLOV is that you really have fun making love anywhere and at any time. This desire cannot be timed, cannot be programmed, even if it is sometimes part of a very well-developed plan. It's up to each and everyone to imagine the good plans as well as their duration!