Christmas is above all that of the little ones, but wouldn't there be a Christmas hidden from adults? Parents, very busy in their connection with Santa Claus so as not to disappoint their children, would they have sacrificed themselves to the point of no longer having their own personal Christmas?

At YESforLOV, it's a certainty, this loving Christmas for adults really exists, whether they are parents or not. So what is really about this Christmas of adult love? Isn't it time to plan this pretty ultra private and personalized gift so secretly hoped for by your lover(s) and that you will slip wisely and on time under the traditional Christmas tree? How can you not already imagine these tender and warm moments of exchange and love to be concocted and reinvented without restraint in front of this fireplace which will remain the source of all fantasies among adults?

In this period with more or less religious connotations depending on your affinities, YESforLOV puts you in great condition to live joyfully these end-of-year celebrations which must be the true symbol of a respected and shared complicit love. Find at the same time our sex tips for a torrid winter under the duvet and our original gift ideas: they can only fully satisfy those who already have everything and even better, they will surprise those who expect it the most. less.

For an intimate Christmas, an ultra private gift

For an intimate Christmas, an ultra private gift

This year, by way of thanks and as a sign of a new year that we all want to be more joyful and richer, YESforLOV invites you a little before the time, to pick up from the tree the pretty gift that you will have taken care of. to prepare with love. It will be a superb opportunity to also slip under the duvet or elsewhere for your partner the ultra private and personalized intimate gift that will certainly set the tempo of this evening.

For those who are out of ideas, we suggest our collections of gift ideas to make solo, to share as a couple or to exchange with friends in good company. And in addition, our GIFT FINDER is there to help you make the right choice and find the perfect gift in just three questions .

There are gifts for all tastes and all budgets. Attention, emotional shock in sight: once the gift is opened, it is at your own risk... On the carpet, the packaging of our pretty case is in great danger and its survival is probably at stake. And for a a touch of romanticism and personalized timing, add a very private, if not naughty, intimate message that you will be keen to imagine, which we will take care to write on a pretty card to slip into your little package. Believe us, we will remain your greatest confidants behind the scenes!

Your Christmas star: the YESforLOV Christmas Box

Your Christmas star: the YESforLOV Christmas Box

For her, for him, for you, for them, for these Christmas and New Year's Day celebrations, YESforLOV's special Christmas box invites you to taste the pleasures of love in all its forms. This box contains:

- A massage candle with a terribly maddening scent

Sensual and bewitching, this YESforLOV candle based on vegetable oils with softening properties will fully perfume your intimate corner of love before transforming into a warm and creamy body oil. For more thrills, it is scented with warm and spicy notes.

- A hot effect intimate lubricant

Designed without silicone, enriched with cosmetic active ingredients that are sources of intense heat, our unisex lubricant is an intimate water-based lubricating gel that does not stick. Based on hyaluronic acid, it retains its lubricating and moisturizing effect for a long time.

- An orgasmic gel, the couple's elixir

So many sensations and prowess in this orgasmic gel! This arousal gel offers an exquisite sensation of hot and cold that invites itself to the heart of your intimacy to intensify the excitability of the clitoris and prolong the pleasure of the penis.

- A black satin headband

An ultra-soft satin headband for your eyes that play for a moment not to see. This sensual accessory is in a way your first ally for your most erotic sensations. It's up to you to play as you wish.

- A velvet case

In the shape of a mouth to store your favorite YESforLOV cosmetics or your naughty sex toys and accessories.

Christmas is much more than a children's party, it is a magnificent and warm occasion to bring the light of love into your intimate and family universe.

Follow your star and believe more and more strongly in the freedom to love, in this carefree need that you will have to protect in the most intimate setting of your life.

This year, say "YES" even louder to a magical and tender Christmas for a joy of living without restraint... plus it's good for your immunity. A very Merry Christmas to all!