Deliciously minty with aromas of wild strawberries, the YESforLOV Couple Elixir is the first orgasmic gel for men and women, adapted to the pleasures of lovers. The exquisite sensation of hot-cold invites itself to the heart of your intimacy by intensifying the excitability of the clitoris and prolonging the pleasure of the penis. The Elixir is told, are you following us?

An orgasmic gel for couples between sensations and prowess

A terribly orgasmic intimate gel combining hot and cold.

“I am pretty, so pretty.

Very elegant, in black & white with a touch of gold for the pleasure of the eyes.

Inside, I am very pure… I have never been touched. For you, I have preserved my most intimate secret. I have reserved thirty nights of mad love for you.

To find me, you had to wait. Sculpt me, cherish me, rock me...

My design took two years. Two years of attention and research for me to come into the world. For me to be perfect.

I was born in March 2017. Early spring, like a wild flower. Like a secret perfume, like an ode to love. Like the rain in full sun, like the wind on the embers, I blow hot and cold.

I slip on the skin, I venture... Where you least expect me. Where you wanted me the most.

Deep within your being. »

This unique, unexpected love cream, we dedicate it to all couples, legitimate or improvised, permanent or temporary, exclusive or sharing... to all the sacred duos who love each other in complete confidence, with passion, who know each other well, even on fingertips, who have given a lot, received a lot, and who are still looking for pleasure beyond.

Hypoallergenic and highly concentrated, our intimate gel "The couple's elixir" is an ode to prolonged pleasure. Its formula has been tested under gynecological control, it is hypoallergenic, its pH is physiological, it is guaranteed free of parabens, allergens, mineral oil and silicone. With notes of fresh woods, this orgasmic gel for couples (or trios) is edible and consumable, for delicious nights that never end.

The YESforLOV Elixir: Our skin viagra for your wild nights

"Like a downpour in the sun, like ice on embers, I deliver, from the hottest to the coldest, exquisite sensations, incredible pleasures...

I also let Mr.'s enjoyment wait… like an unexpected accomplice between your linked bodies, at the heart of your embrace.

Thanks to me, you will share ineffable pleasures, unprecedented orgasms. It is my only reason for being”.

“I am the Sensations & Prowess Elixir for couples, the elixir for lovers. And my motto is, Yes! Yes to love…”

What you call orgasm, I make a symphony of it...

This unique complex present in the YESforLOV Couple Elixir functions as a biological amplifier of sensory pleasure . Acting like a "skin Viagra", it optimizes the skin and nervous system interconnections to increase pleasure tenfold by stimulating vasodilation. For an ever deeper, more intense relationship, offering both performance and orgasms.

One drop is enough to activate the pleasure!

What else ? Our Couple Elixir is an intimate gel that is perfectly compatible with condoms and sex toys .

According to a usage test
led by YESforLOV
with 24 couples.

  • 74% of couples agree that the product significantly increases sensations.

  • 76% of couples agree that the product facilitates simultaneous orgasms between both partners.

  • 88% of couples agree that the product provides a pleasant and surprising hot/cold effect on the intimate area.

  • 100% of couples would like to continue using it and reuse the product.

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