Valentine's Day: Its Unusual Story and Our Guide to Finding the Perfect Gift

At YESforLOV, the meaning of Valentine's Day is important; it’s a unique opportunity to reveal our feelings, reaffirm our commitments, express our desires, and to declare our love. It's an intimate and privileged moment that you offer to each other, or just to yourself. The question arises: am I going to celebrate Valentine's Day, and if so, how and with whom? Should you give a gift for Valentine's Day, and if so, which one? Together, let’s analyse Valentine's Day and find the perfect gift, from its origin to its traditions around the world, so that these moments of love last for an eternity. 

Valentine's Day yesterday and today; the origin of February 14

Valentine's Day yesterday and today; the origin of February 14

Did you know that in ancient Rome, the festival celebrating Lupercus Faunus, the god of nature and fertility, was held between February 13 and 15. This very popular festival, called "the Lupercalia Festival", lasted 3 days. It included tons of unconventional distractions: sacrifices, races, and a grand final banquet. A sort of great lottery was also organised: each girl wrote her name on a piece of parchment paper and placed it in a large jar, and then each boy drew a name, indicating the girl who was to stay with him for the duration of the banquet. Sometimes young people fell in love, the lucky ones got married.
The Lupercalia were very extravagant evenings, totally uninhibited and dedicated to sexuality, love, and reproduction. Debauchery reigns supreme during these 3 days of festivities. These evenings were swiftly put to an end around the year 464! It was Pope Gelasius I who put an end to the feast and decided that February 14 would be the day of 3 holy martyrs. The feast of Lupercalia was much criticized by the high dignitaries of the Christian religion, because at the origin of the Valentines feast is a celebration that is a little too risqué.   
So, who is Valentine? As is often the case, history is subject to controversy and sometimes disappointment; it is impossible to know with 100% certainty who exactly is the Valentine we celebrate on February 14th.  Some accounts claim that one of the three holy martyrs answered to the name of Valentine. He was recognized as the "Priest of Lovers", and secretly celebrated the unions of Christian soldiers despite the Roman Emperor's prohibition. Valentine of Terni was executed on 14 February 270. Over the years, the Christian Church has gradually tempered amorous customs, transforming the February festivities into a more courtly celebration.  In 1496, Pope Alexander VI made Valentine the "patron saint of lovers", marking a real change in the perception and celebration of love.  

With the emergence of Romanticism in the eighteenth century, the expression of love now came through poems, declarations, and sweet messages called "Valentines." These messages were frequently coded to prevent the postman or family from deciphering them. A practice that was banned during the First World War, for fear of German spies... On the other side of the Atlantic, this holiday spread to the United States in 1840, and romantic cards were an instant success. America is going to give a commercial dimension to this holiday, which it does all too well. 

In 2024, the romantic postcards used during wartime are overtaken in favour of gifts, bouquets of flowers, restaurants, and sexting filled with emojis. While the holiday itself has changed profusely throughout the years, the same objective remains since ancient Rome: to find Love, declare it, pay homage to it, and to celebrate it in a way that’s as lustful as it is sensual. So, it's up to us to reinvent Valentine's Day and to take control of our love lives.

What kind of celebration should you organize and what gift should you give your lover on Valentine's Day?

Straight out of our Valentine's Day toolbox, here are the top 5 of our best Valentine's Day game and party ideas:


Many other delicious ways to celebrate erotic passion. Adopt a new couple's ritual to start a new tradition. This will be your Valentine's Day: romantic, classic, original, naughty, sexy, surprising, innovative, or exciting.

Valentine's Day traditions around the world

Valentine's Day traditions around the world

Ready for a Valentine's Day world tour? Prepare to be surprised, because while the French version of Valentine's Day is classic and romantic with a pretty bouquet, a ring, or a nice romantic dinner, our neighbours have much crazier ideas to make Valentine's Day a party to remember. Here are the 5 most unusual traditions to celebrate love.
 In Japan, celebrating love with white, the color of love
On February 14 in Japan, women buy chocolates for the men in their lives:
· The "honmei choco" are often homemade, are intended for their lover.

· The "giri choco", obligatory chocolates, are given to their colleagues and their boss. 

Today, they give white chocolates, white sweets, and white lingerie to their partner. For singles, postpone your vacation a little, on April 14th, we celebrate the "black day", the day of singles, with a plate of black beans. Hello social pressure.

In Scotland, go out, but be careful who you cross paths with
In Scotland, there is a strange tradition that the first person of the opposite sex you meet on Valentine's Day becomes your Valentine for the whole day. Rest assured, you don't have to invite them to dinner or give them a gift, it's a purely symbolic tradition.

In Thailand, gentlemen, count your roses
On Valentine's Day in Thailand, men give a bouquet of roses. So far, it's pretty classic. But be careful, the number of roses has a great significance. We give:

· Only 1 rose for the love of his life.
· 11 roses for his girlfriend.
· 99 roses for everlasting love.
· 108 roses for a marriage proposal.


In Finland, a very sporty Valentine's Day 
It is customary for Finns to organise a sports championship: men are invited to take part in a race carrying their partner on their back or in their arms. At the finish, the winner takes home his wife's weight in liters of beer!

In Singapore: dare to use message mandarins
These are the fruits that symbolize romantic encounters. On Valentine's Day, single women write sweet notes (and their phone numbers!) on tangerines that they throw into rivers. Transported by the current, the fruit is collected by merchants to be resold… and maybe reach the one they love.

It's up to you to book your ticket for next year and experience an unusual Valentine's Day abroad.

The YESforLOV Valentine's Day Gift Set, the perfect way to spice up this evening

The YESforLOV Valentine's Day Gift Set, the perfect way to spice up this evening

Do you want to please your partner with a very personal gift that symbolizes your love? What if this precious gift happened to be on

On the occasion of Valentine's Day, YESforLOV thinks big (like our love for you) and offers you a sensual and  complete Valentine's Day Box that contains:
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· And some more goodies

With a real value of €195, the YESforLOV Valentine's Day Set is available for €120. And yes, for this unique occasion, we decided to create this sexy box to give you a love-filled boost.

Through our exploration of the origins and traditions of Valentine's Day, we discovered an unbridled past in ancient Rome, evolving into more refined expressions over the centuries, but still maintaining the mission to celebrate love in all its forms. The world tour of Valentine's Day traditions took us from Japan, where white symbolizes love, to Scotland, where a chance encounter determines your Valentine of the day. Each country has its unique customs, offering astonishing diversity in the celebration of love. Whether it's through romantic gestures, symbolic gifts, or simply spending time together, why not use this precious and intimate celebration as an opportunity to express your love. Ready, set, go!