In shape of peach or an apple, naughty and divine, our buttocks, it's all a story! YESforLOV has developed a cuddle cream for the buttocks that is completely irresistible, soft, moisturising and helps to reduces imperfections. Zoom on this well-being care product dedicated to the buttocks...

Buttocks Cream: the new divine care for your buttocks!

 « — Do you like my buttocks? »

Pulpy and seductive, those of Brigitte Bardot in Le Mépris de Godard . Joe Dallesandro, in Flesh, would almost cast a shadow over her with his two indecent apples swinging totally naked. As for Catherine Deneuve's apples in Buñuel's Belle de jour, they play with a delicious transparency, appearing and disappearing according to the lighting of the shots. Divine, our buttocks! So for all types of buttocks, small, big, pulpy, small, to those who are the star of the show, YESforLOV dedicates a devilishly cuddly soft buttocks cream, a delicate beauty treatment, a pretext for the most torrid scenarios.  


YESforLOV Buttocks Cream: say goodbye to little pimples

Made in France, the YESforLOV Caress cream for buttocks  has been formulated like a body lotion, delicate and silky with a powdery finish for a "baby skin" effect. 

Thanks to its moisturising and exfoliating active ingredients, this buttocks Cream regenerates and smoothes the skin texture, eliminates roughness and small imperfections that may occur due to rubbing. Bye Bye little red pimples, Welcome buttocks to fall! 


This Cuddle Cream for your bottom is a clever blend of salicylic acid with a purifying and exfoliating action, allantoin for a soothing and healing action, shea butter and sweet almond, perfect antioxidant and moisturising active ingredients and, finally, tapioca, a real natural talc with a blurring effect! 

100% of women have noticed a clear keratolytic activity after 4 days of use.


Hypoallergenic and tested under dermatological control, this care cream for your buttocks is suitable for all skin types. And that's good news!


After a waxing or for a naughty massage session, our Cuddly Buttock Cream is ready for your sensual games, alone or with friends. You can even pair it with our divinely erotic caress feather to spice up your bedtime.  


Ready, go, spank!