Ah, 2020. We thought you were so sweet and so promising with your new dozen! We must say, you surprised us, even under the duvet!

While 27% of singles admit to having been in need of sex during th lockdown (Meetic study), the others are wondering how to reinvent from home their sex life as a couple or solo ! YESforLOV gives you few naughty tips to please your desires!

Confinement & pandemic: a new "look" sexuality

Our sex life has been hit hard and completely turned upside down in these times of pandemic. The usual and demanded contacts for the most demanding among us have become less frequent, the hugs have become rare, caresses and cuddles have been misplaced. It's the cataclysm under the duvet in full confinement over and over again. Theoretically, this period should have been, for those confined together, synonymous with sexual panacea. Yes, theoretically. 

So much frustration for all those who love harder and without detours. Cramped flats, living with a family, a gloomy atmosphere, persistent fatigue, we believe reality is a little too brutal... many are the reasons to leave our frolics under the duvet. For separated lovers or abandoned singles, the ordeal is all the harder!  

YESforLOV has concocted 5 "sex, love and self-care" tips for a fulfilling sex life during the lockdown.

Our YESforLOV tips for a reinvented sex-life in confinement:  


How to reinvent our sexuality and bring sensuality during the covid ? Intelligent preliminaries, naughty novelties, listening to others, sexting in abundance, naughty videos or small sensual gifts...what are the good practices to nourish our confined sexuality?  


1.    Reintegrate the dialogue into your relationship and spice up your sexual routine.


Daily life sometimes invades us so much that we lose even the basic communication reflexes, which are the cement of the couple. The first thing to put in place is to re-establish a dialogue with your partner. Whether you are in the mood for a good massage, a sweet delicacies, a bubble bath or even a little happy hour between two "Zoom" calls, please don't be afraid to express your desires. Don't wait for the other person to imagine what's on your mind and be forceful in making suggestions (It's like teleworking!).

Just as you develop good habits for cooking homemade food, going back to sports and getting a better quality of sleep, you also have think about reinventing your sexual routine. And yes, the sexual act is not just about penetration: seduce yourself, reintegrate the game into your seduction (psssst, try our naughty YESforLOV dices for wild love games), enhance the value of foreplay in both of you, try a new position or a new sex play ... 


2.    Aim for mindfulness masturbation and foreplays. 


As Jon Kabat-Zinn, a physician and founder of the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine at the Massachusetts Medical University, explains, mindfulness results "from focusing intentionally on the present moment, without judging oneself". When we relate mindfulness to masturbation, the idea is, again, to know how to take time, one thing at a time, to realize your body, your breathing, your movements, your touch, while focusing your full attention on the moment you are living. Try to reate an atmosphere where you feel calm and confident. You can light a candle, breathe deeply and then touch yourself gently. Seduce yourself, take off your clothes like a lover would.


3.    Bet on erotic podcast to diversify your sources of pleasure.


Let your senses guide you to a sex life in motion. For once, put aside your sight and titillate your hearing with intensely sensual erotic lullabies. In couple or alone, let yourself be seduced by a torrid reading that will send shivers down your spine. The eroticism of words is the number one aphrodisiac to raise the temperature. Have a look on Verrou an erotic podcast platform that selects the best of classic literature. You can also give porn another chance by choosing VOXXX. It's sensational.


4.    Collect and try new sextoys to spice up your sex life.


Sextoys vibrate and send glitter down your belly, erotic toys are "must-haves" to spice up and reinvent your sex life. Funny and colourful, erogenous stimulators are naughty as you like and so for it will make you discover new sensations alone or as a couple!

At YESforLOV, we love the LOV FINGER, clitoral stimulator in the shape of a vibrating ring, ideal for solo masturbation sessions and the LOV TOUCH, our massage pebble for thrilling caresses!


5.    Think about your well-being, lower your stress level and take it easy.


This pandemic have many effects on our mind, starting with a very high level of stress! But is it normal that sex is the last thing on your list of concerns ? Some tips can help you to take a few minutes for yourself, to relieve your anxieties and reconnect with yourself and your partner. The first step will be to disconnect from information that is going around such as social media. Take a break! The information will reach you one way or another, believe us. Give yourself five minutes to breathe while testing your heart coherence or meditation in order to realign yourself with your thoughts. Suggest to your partner to take a shower together, to watch a movie together or give yourself a massage.

The objective: a little #selfcare to tame you again.  


Psssst.Psssst. Did you think about trying our massage candles? It's a sensual way to reconnect you to each other.


However, spicing up your sex-life does not mean taking ill-considered risks by braving the forbidden to join your partner!

We all have to be patient so let's use our imagination to seduce each other from a distance: fiery letters, erotic podcasts to listen to together and from a distance, sextos and other digital flirts, sensual visions, toys of all kinds, flowers, suggestive photos... we have a panoply of resources to have fun without risk!

Also, you can decide to simply recreate intimacy for two (or more) by reconnecting with each other from a distance: watching a film together on the phone, experiencing your first "date" face to face with a camera, cooking together...all the things you could do with your partner to feel connected.

And you, what are your tips for a better sex life during the cover lockdown ?