We've just changed to winter time! For some of you it might go with Netflix while for others it means more time under the quilt !

In fact, we're happy to present to you the newest YESforLOV product: a lubricating massage gel, deliciously flavoured and, yes, edible, too. You can apply the YESforLOV gel anywhere on your partner's body, even the most intimate places, offering total freedom of interaction.

Inspired by the naughty desires of the YESforLOV aficionados, the peach/apricot flavoured lubricating massage gel is a must-have from our new, erotic and loving product range.


In its 50ml pump bottle, the delicious lubricating massage gel is easy to use and gives just the right amount : a plus that immediatly avoids spoiling your clean sheets.

The sophisticated white and gold packaging is just like the rest of the YESforLOV products : where all the attention is in the details.

This multi-function sensual gel melts on contact with the heat of your skin, while also easily safely penetrating the epidermis, for a soft and silky skin. Its cooling sensation immediatly gives way to a real frisson. The sensual touch of your partner's fingers as they sensually massage you is accentuated by the velvety texture of the gel as it starts to work its magic.

Allover delicious massage gel - YESforLOV

This new creation embraces the whole body since it has been designed to be used all over, including even your most intimate recesses.

Better than a simple massage, stronger than foreplay, the moment your bodies meet the delicious lubricating massage gel will quite simply melt away any remaining inhibitions.

The delicious lubricating massage gel works also as a dermatologically by gynaecology tested lubricant for women.

If you like fruity fragrances, unlike many gels you might have tried previously, the delicious lubricating massage gel actually smells just like peach and apricot and will certainly seduce you. With this new release, we've gone for an acidulous tone rather than a spicy one, like our titillating massage oil.

The delicious lubricating massage gel defining feature lies in the fact that it is edible, inviting you to lick, to nibble, and to kiss anywhere and everywhere your heart desires, yes, even there !

YESforLOV recommends that the gel should be rubbed in fully, to appreciate its smooth and sweet taste. For the more greedy amongst you, you can choose the YESforLOV DÉLICE DELUXE MASSAGE.

The final secret of the delicious massage gel : it doesn't stick on hair, long or short, and most importantly, your bed won't turn into a jar of honey (so you won't need to spoil the mood by immediatly changing your sheets!)


The delicious lubricating massage gel is an essential product that every couple, (whether heterosexual/straight, homosexual/gay or bisexual) should have on their nightstand!

This three-in-one for both men & women lubricant gel will have your pleasures diversified before, during and after love... We've all been there : it's the moment of truth and you just can't lay hands on your favourite lube. Well you will never feel embarrassed with this handy gel.

Another strength of this product : it opens up the scope of possibilities, being multifunctional.

If you're not in the mood to taste the forbidden fruit today, you can also enjoy sharing a simple and cosy massage with your beloved.

Nevertheless, if you feel naughty, the delicious lubricating massage gel will get the party started, from caresses to rapture, through the lubrication function.

Allover delicious massage gel - YESforLOV

With its purified water and active cosmetics-based formula, the delicious lubricating massage gel facilitates intercourse while you won't even have to think about it.

In other words, you know how it starts but you don't know what happens next... Enough to have fun and increasing desire.

As most of our intimate lubricants, the delicious lubricating massage gel is compatible with sex toys and condoms, so you can play solo or duo with your favorite accessories !