YESforLOV has worked for 10 years to ensure its customers' sex lives are holistic and uncomplicated, demanding and protective.

We spent time studying love-making habits and had to accept that lubricants are not widely used in France. But if people only knew!

Lubricants bring a new level of pleasure to love-making! Whatever your age. The sensations both during foreplay and intercourse could be multiplied tenfold.

Allow us to give you a little more technical information :

When a woman is sexually aroused, oestrogen (a natural hormone in women) induces natural lubrication secreted through the vaginal walls. So what's the point of intimate lubricant ?

I have to admit that it is not obligatory. But the fact remains that using a gel for extra lubrication enhances comfort for both parties, particularly during foreplay, prolonged intercourse or if you feel pain caused by friction heat on the mucous membranes.

There are also physiological factors to consider. During menopause the ovaries become inactive and no longer produce enough oestrogen. This leads to a hormone imbalance that, in turn, is the cause of vaginal dryness. In such cases, intimate lubricant is essential.

The same is true during breastfeeding when oestrogen would inhibit milk production. But because our bodies are little miracles, another hormone, prolactin, takes over and considerably reduces oestrogen levels. Finally, let's not forget anal intercourse (unlike vaginal fluid which significantly reduces friction during sex, rectal mucus is insufficient for anal sex) or the use of sex toys: lubricants are essential for pleasure and comfort.


As we've seen, adding an intimate lubricant to your love life will make sex more comfortable and harmonious. But you have to choose the right intimate gel!

Our water-based, moisturising intimate lubricant has been specifically designed to hydrate and regenerate intimate mucous membranes while maintaining a dense moisturised film during sex.

It is a next-generation and long-lasting hyaluronic acid-based lubricant that reactivates your own natural lubrication.

But that's not all. We also designed this high-tech lubricant to tackle friction heat in your mucous membranes during sex and provide a soothing and softening effect (thanks in particular to allantoin and aloe vera).

Gynaecologically and hypoallergenically tested, our intimate gel is non-sticky and does not stain. This product is compatible with sex toys and condoms.

Our allover lubricating massage gel is a two-in-one, silicone based product that is great for massage games, petting and also as a lubricant. The main advantage of silicone is that it is not absorbed by the skin, making it long-lasting. And of course, it can compensate for low levels of natural secretion by lubricating the vagina walls.

It's lightly perfumed and will take you to the limits of pleasure, from foreplay to love-making, in just one dose. Compatible with condoms but not with sex toys. Doing so may damage your toy and leave it unusable.

Over to you to celebrate the wonders of love!