Christian Palix - YESforLOV


Christian PALIX, the creator behind the YESforLOV brand, is a crystal clear credo. He wants to offer the best to all couples and reawaken the taste for beauty, quality and true emotion in everyone's romantic relationships. He is a perfectionist and aims for excellence, expertise, mastery and refinement in everything he undertakes.


After successively founding 3 innovative companies in the world of sports, tourism and distribution, Christian discovered the perfume and cosmetics industry more by chance than design.

It all started with an observation: faced with the specific needs of his private life, the only choices available on the market were slightly cold pharmaceutical products or unscrupulous, supposedly performance-enhancing potions that claimed they could turn him into a sexual hero.

But for Christian, that's not what love is about. It should be provocative, sensitive, resolutely devoted to refined pleasures, to erotic love. And more generally, whatever form love takes, whoever the lovers are, the unique feeling of love, which should be treasured above all else, must be magnified, brought to its zenith.

His audacity and intuition immediately made him the visionary creator ready to launch the first ever cosmetics brand entirely devoted to the pleasures of love, supported in his approach by his closest associates and friends in the perfume industry.

This is how YESforLOV was born, a typically "chic and glamorous" brand, utterly "made in France". It combines an unparalleled demand for quality, rich and natural ingredients, and innovative, refined packaging.

A brand that sublimates love in its feverish preparation, its shared games, its secret and fleeting moments. A brand that evokes the bacchanal rounds, Pan's dance, the erotic feasts of the summer solstices, a long-forgotten memory of a nursery rhyme that ends with "Kiss whoever you want".

A wordsmith and creator, Christian likes to share his passions and emotions. He likes to tell the story behind a product's conception, to answer everyone's questions directly, be challenged on formulas while freeing his imagination when creating new products. And he continues to learn, listening to his sensitivity, to become the best possible ambassador in the service of imagination and love.