For more than 15 years, Beyond Beauty has rewarded the most innovative cosmetics and perfumery products, culminating in the coveted Beauty Challenger Awards ceremony.

The jury of this competition, composed of eminent personalities from the world of beauty and cosmetics, had five long months to test our products in order to evaluate their potential for success. Their attention eventually settled on our white and gold packs. One by one, they considered them, irresistibly, they put themselves in the world our range embodies, with its fantasies, and, eventually, they selected us.
Beauty Challenger Awards - YESforLOV

Yes. Us. And we were victorious. And not just any victory, but the Grand Prix, rewarding the most promising and innovative cosmetic brand.

Victoires de la beauté - YESforLOV


A perfect illustration of participatory consumption, "Victoires de la Beauté" are the only cosmetic awards given by consumers who test products in real situations, without knowing the brand.

They form their opinion and evaluate the intrinsic performance of each product (product promise, cosmetic qualities, well-being in use, attractiveness of packaging) over four weeks of testing.

In the end, each satisfaction test gets a mark and the total of all the marks is used to form a ranking.

We decided to put our Affolante Massage Oil forward to test YESforLOV in the most beautiful way possible: in the eyes of our consumers.

This Victoire de la Beauté is dedicated to all the women who wish to make pleasure part of their daily well-being.


What would demanding standards be without creativity? After optimising all of our existing flagship products, we felt obliged jointly to expand the scope of intimate care and eroticism. By responding to comfort needs hitherto ignored, with a lubricant, for example, specifically formulated to sooth hot mucous membranes.

By proposing new romantic games, new and refined sensory experiences. We do everything we can to combine all the benefits that nature offers under the enlightened leadership of advanced technology.

Rewarded for its high standards and innovation, our brand was awarded the CRITT (Centre Régional d'innovation et de transfert des technologies en chimie et en environnement) label.