Eau de parfum Réjouissance - YESforLOV


White and gold packaging, glamour, the finest materials, the most sophisticated presentation; modern and top of the range in one, enhancing and unifying all our products.

On the love stores' shelves, in the displays of perfume shops, in the bathroom, or next to the bed, our visual presence naturally symbolises an exclusive brand of exacting pleasure: an absolute hedonistic must.

From intimacy to sexuality, from care to eroticism, we always address our customers in the same tone of directness, sensuality and universal respect: to each of the partners individually or to both at the same time, whatever their sexual preferences or orientation.

Beyond what separates us, we aim to embody the ultimate standard in comfort and an altruistic pleasure, without compromises and determined to preserve individual freedom and choice.


Whether it is an personal wipe, a lubricant, or an arousing gel, time and again the same mucous membranes are at the heart of what we do.

This is why we take extreme care when formulating all of our products. Until now only the most high performance and elitist traditional cosmetic ranges showed such attention to detail.

In this spirit, all of our care products have been gynaecologically and dermatologically tested.

Their pH levels are rigorously adapted to their purpose, they are 100% guaranteed free of soap, alcohol, parabens and allergens, mineral oil, dye and silicone.

YESforLOV is redefining the essence of sexual and intimate care products through innovative packaging, uninhibited advice, and hitherto unattained quality standards in the field.

Rewarded for its high standards, our brand has had the honour of receiving the CRITT, Ile de France label. Because no matter how our products are used, to us, one thing is absolutely crystal clear: your skin is precious and you cannot afford to take short cuts.

But what would demanding standards be without creativity? After optimising all of our existing flagship products, we felt obliged jointly to expand the scope of intimate care and eroticism.

By responding to comfort needs hitherto ignored, with a balm, for example, specifically formulated to sooth hot mucous membranes. By proposing new romantic games, new and refined sensory experiences.