From intimate gel to a massage oil, from wipes to arousing gel, including elixir for couples, hide-and-seek kits, massage candles... our products are designed to stimulate new habits, a new way of consumption.

They are a way of breaking with the huge gap of a life that should be intimate or erotic.

Today's consumers still have limited choices for their sex lives :

- cold pharmaceuticals that turn them into patients,
- performance-enhancing potions that claim to make them heroes,
- erotic gadgets, most often trivial, that turn them into mere objects.

This segmentation, dating from the sixties, is in striking contradiction to love in the modern world.

We conceived YESforLOV as a reaction to this.
For a holistic sex life, practical and uncomplicated, demanding and playful, in phase with evolving morals and mentalities.

Point de vente - YESforLOV