Christian Palix, a convinced hedonist who is passionate about and specialised in innovative concepts (in particular he was responsible for the creation of, voted 2000 start-up of the year) presents the first "cosmetics for pleasure" brand : YESforLOV.

How did the idea come about ?

"During a conversation among friends, I was struck by couples' lack of imagination to spice up their love life.

This observation made me want to get the French out of their torpor in love, to help them set their imagination free, to create a brand that would be a source of ideas and inspiration.

To become a modern-day cupid, to make pleasure part of people's daily well-being by rediscovering a taste for your other half and a certain complicity, playfulness and creativity in relationships...", Christian explains.

This leaves space for love to flourish in pleasure... An invisible ink pen to write on the body, a delicious iridescent powder, a cream for the buttocks, a couple elixir...

Innovative and frivolous, each YESforLOV product is designed for before, during and after love. For men or women, gay or straight, alone or with someone. To cater to love in the modern world.

Christian Palix - YESforLOV