Search for a fulfilling sexuality, return to elegant eroticism, discovery of the paths that lead to the pleasure of the other... Freed from taboos and prejudices, erotic behavior has changed. A societal phenomenon, a new sexual revolution is underway... YESforLOV is its privileged partner.

The beginnings of YESforLOV: Honor roll of eroticism at the BEYOND BEAUTY show.

Beyond Beauty showcases niche cosmetics brands. And, indeed, how can we imagine a more cozy niche, a more desirable layer than that of our intimate range.

It was during the gala evening organized aboard the Paquebot sur la Seine by Beyond Beauty Paris that the Beauty Challenger Awards 2007 were awarded to YESforLOV.

A jury of 35 international experts from the world of beauty and cosmetics had five long months to test our products, in order to assess their potential for success according to criteria of innovation, consistency of concept, quality of texture and of fragrance, aesthetics and practicality. Languidly, their eyes fell on our products, one by one, they seized on them, irresistibly, they projected themselves into the universe of our range and its fantasies, to the point of electing us. With its very sensual logo and its glamorous white and gold packaging, the brand remains accessible in every sense of the word!

It will soon be, first in France at the end of April, thanks to a very selective distribution in perfumeries. And later, towards autumn, in Europe, before conquering the world. Pleasure and its subtleties have no borders.

The launch of YESforLOV: Put into orbit on the Champs Élysées!

The launch of YESforLOV took place on April 22, 2008 from Etoile, a must-see station for Parisian nightlife. A shuttle in the shape of a limousine conveyed the spatiolov' there to the Sephora des Champs, customized, column after column, in the colors of YESforLOV. The champagne flowed freely for several hundred guests who had a massage between two glasses, writing invisible messages directly on their skin, only revealing themselves in the frenzy of the black light on the dance floor.

We celebrated there until very late. You weren't warned? Couldn't come? We promise, we'll reserve a seat for you on our next flight. Weightlessness guaranteed.

SEPHORA says YES to love...

See you on the Champs Elysées, if you pass by the Sephora box, hold your breath… This is the very first board I had made.

No sooner had Philippe DI Méo of Resodesign put his finishing touches to my logo than I wanted it there. On the fields. And full pot! We were still at the very beginning of the adventure, so, of course, it was a little… how to say?… Presumptuous.

At the time, no one called me crazy, but finally, I felt a slight irony dawning in the agency.

Except that it was signed! YESforLOV will be the star of the Sephora des Champs, where it will be launched in preview (as well as in the various Sephora points of sale) from April 22 to May 12.

If you pass by, I will be happy to play you the YESforLOV scale on all keys.

Legitimacy and recognition for our beauty victories rewarded massage oil.

Its light and non-greasy texture, its moisturizing and aphrodisiac virtues, its warm and sensual flagrance, without so many advantages that have earned our oil a Victory for Beauty.

True recognition from a jury of consumers for the maddening YESforLOV oil , the one and only massage oil winner of the 2009-2010 edition.


This summer, we invite you to come and meet us for uninhibited advice and discover our complete collection on the YESforLOV stand at Galerie Lafayette or at BHV.

You don't know the Passage of Desire ?

This concept store is nestled in a charming pedestrian area which, tenderly, wets the pipes of Beaubourg. A first love store which has been brilliantly illustrated, since its opening, by the requirement of its selection of high-end rascality and by the sophistication of the libertines who flock there.

A single ""YES"" password and we will be happy to give you a YESforLOV discovery box which will, we hope, give you a lot of pleasure.

YESforLOV in the spotlight at the Cannes Film Festival.

Luscious and smooth are the buttocks of BB in Le Mépris de Godard. In Flesh by Morrissey and Warhol, Joe Dallesandro always walks around naked and his buttocks dangle in the frame like two indecent apples. Veiled in black, those of Catherine Deneuve in Belle de jour by Buñuel turn out to be deliciously visible through transparency, appearing and disappearing according to the lighting of the shots. Who hasn't already rented a DVD shuddering in advance to see the hidden face of Kate Winslet or Asia Argento, that of Monica Bellucci or Vincent Cassel, that of Leonardo Di Caprio revealed?

In the credits of the most awaited film, YESforLOV, this year, claims the position of the sexiest prop man. Its cuddly cream for star buttocks, in fact, will be offered to the countless VIPs of the Majestic beach.

So let's pray that the skirts fly off on the Croisette and that, when climbing the stairs, all the pants fall on the red carpet!

To the buttocks of the cutest stars, to those who only hold the limelight in intimacy, YESforLOV dedicates a devilishly cuddly, divinely naughty cream , a delicate beauty treatment, a pretext for the most torrid off-screens.

To learn more, read our article on this divine product dedicated to your butt.

The CANAL+ group uses YESforLOV.

On the occasion of the launch of the Maison Close series, Canal + chose YESforLOV to imagine an exclusive box offered to its subscribers.

Show me your room: the YESforLOV concept store.

YES! Our showroom opened its doors at 20 rue Ambroise Croizat in Annecy.

Black, White, Gold, in the colors of YESforLOV, it is polished, intimate, spacious and refined. Elegant, very inspiring. Space of exchanges and complicity. With blatant desires, it holds out its arms to you, its designer seats quiver with impatience.

And if you came to make the one there?

YESforLOV is launching in Europe.

From Parma to Milan, from Trieste to Verona, Latin lovers have a new reason to ride machines since YESforLOV finally landed on the Italian peninsula. Have you ever heard ""YESforLOV"" whispered by the warm voice of a Roman? Cascading Vespa hitching, laundry unhooking, incidents in the Vatican...

The famous Botte, herself, suddenly took on the air of a dominating vamp. And for the little Frenchies, you no longer need to stock up before crossing the front.

The dances started in Paris, city of love, continue their rounds throughout Europe and mainly in Belgium, Austria, Germany and Norway...

YESforLOV is launching in Asia.

YESforLOV store in Tokyo, present at DAIMARU and HANKYU, YESforLOV pleasure cosmetics have won over the Japanese, Chinese and South Koreans. By offering new love games, new sensory experiences, original and refined, by meeting needs for comfort hitherto ignored.

YESforLOV goes beyond the framework of Europe and confirms its international vocation.

YESforLOV is launching in New York.

Some Central Park lovers had their first kiss in the Jardin de Luxembourg – the garden of loves in the heart of Paris. And there they fed pigeons instead of squirrels.

For lovers, it's just a Foxtrot from the fifth arrondissement to Fifth Avenue. YESforLOV is purely French, native of the city of light and synonymous with love, so madly Manhattan, the city that never sleeps...

Quickly find sensual cosmetics (lubricant, massage oil, massage candle, gourmet oil) and other products from the YESforLOV range at the Museum of Sex.

YESforLOV, the surprise guest of Cosmetic Executive Women.

The French association bringing together all women exercising responsibilities in the beauty and cosmetics professions, has chosen to devote its December workshop to YESforLOV. A great honor to speak in front of all these brands that are the pride of French cosmetics.

It was therefore at the CHANEL Auditorium and in front of his peers that Christian PALIX shared his incomparable pleasure in loving dance by recounting YESforLOV's journey from the genesis of the project to its current influence in Europe and Asia.

All the participants were seduced by its motto “Beauty that says YES to Love” , by YESforLOV's luxury, chic and hedonistic positioning, diametrically opposed to vulgarity, but also by its discourse of a contemporary cupid.

Christian , continue to make us dream and take us too into the magic of love rounds!! When will YESforLOV be in all perfumeries? When is the party of love?