Christmas is above all that of the little ones, but wouldn't there be a Christmas hidden from adults?
Parents, very busy in their connection with Santa Claus so as not to disappoint their offspring, would they be so sacrificed to the point of no longer having their own personal Christmas? Nay! Ditto for our life-size singles in female or male mode, aunts and uncles of the moment overwhelmed by their agenda! At YESforLOV, it's a certainty, this loving Christmas for adults really exists, whether they are parents or not. Phew! So what is really about this Christmas of adult love? Isn't it time to plan this pretty ultra private and personalized gift so secretly hoped for by your lover(s) and that you will slip wisely and on time under the traditional Christmas tree? How can you not already imagine these tender and warm moments of exchange and love to be concocted and reinvented without restraint in front of this fireplace which will remain for life the eternal postal relay at home of Santa Claus for children and the source of all adult fantasies? In this period with more or less religious connotations depending on your affinities, in the hot as in the cold, YESforLOV puts you in great condition to live joyfully these end-of-year celebrations which must be the true symbol of a complicit love respected and shared . Find at the same time our sex tips for a torrid winter under the duvet and our original gift ideas: they can only fully satisfy those who already have everything and even better, they will surprise those who expect it the most. less !

Our best sex positions and sex tips
to reinvent love in winter!

Let's forget for a moment Santa Claus who should a priori make on this Christmas night which is fast approaching, the world tour of chimneys and the happiness of the little ones!

On one side, there is, it's true, the fir tree, green with hope, with slightly imprudent promises but so traditional in its longevity and which sparkles with all its bulbs, garlands and lanterns. Not far away, there is the fetish fireplace which crackles happily. Hasn't the time come to take a fresh look at these two essential Christmas symbols. Sorry dear Santa Claus, it's goodbye to you, the essential friend of always! And let's come back to earth very quickly. Don't worry, the magic of Christmas hasn't gone away, it's just changed gears!

To better ring the bells in front of your nativity scene and your large adult clogs, it is indeed high time to launch your own festivities and draw the right cartridges. Here is our proposal for your sexy Christmas, for your very intimate New Year's Eve under the duvet... and of course elsewhere! Total confidence in this respect on our part!

  • Give her an ultra private intimate gift:

This year, by way of thanks and as a sign of a new year that we all want to be more joyful and richer, YESforLOV invites you a little before the hour, at midnight as well as after the hour, whatever! to take down from the tree the pretty gift that you will have taken care to prepare with love! It will be a superb opportunity to also slip under the duvet or elsewhere for your partner the ultra private and personalized intimate gift that will certainly set the tempo of this evening.

For those who are out of ideas, we suggest you surf the yesforlov.com site, on our collections of gift ideas to make solo, to share as a couple or to exchange with friends in good company.

There are gifts for all tastes and all budgets! Attention, emotional shock in sight: once the gift is opened, it is at your own risk! On the carpet, the packaging of our pretty case is in great danger and its survival is probably at stake! And for a touch of romance and personalized timing, add a very private, if not naughty, intimate message that you will be keen to imagine. Pauline, our graphic designer, is in charge. Believe us, she will remain your greatest confidante behind the scenes!

  • Opt for a hellish entrance, smooth and full of effervescence: raise the climax!

Why not start with a little treat that is both very simple and made in complete complicity by the fireside or at the foot of the Christmas tree? These increasingly innovative soft kisses which dance brazenly everywhere with their privileged target in the viewfinder then become, in the most natural way possible, the first sparks of an erupting volcano of love!

For the well-being of the body, make the wise choice of our apple-raspberry brush to better highlight our gourmet massage oil which is erased with the flick of your tongue. In the tender disorder of feelings and reciprocal desires, this superb masturbation for two and this 69 off the map of geography will give way without danger to games much more surprising in their creativity!

If you are ready to unlearn mechanical and fixed love, to discover new internal and external caressing techniques to stimulate your female partner, we invite you to discover the CLIMAX educational series. Exceptionally, from December 01 to 31, 2021, we offer you a free extract from the series containing eight very specific techniques that will take you straight to seventh heaven. Word of Christmas in celebration! For the longest, windiest but also the most thundering and exciting duo slalom, you can also discover the entirety of CLIMAX seasons I or II for 55.30 euros (instead of 79 euros).

  • Test the “Christmas special” sexual positions:

With this rather icy winter that seems to be setting in without warning, we all want to stay warm under the duvet: preference is therefore automatically given, and it's a shame, by instinct for comfort and survival in the routine in pilou-pilou mode. The routine and the monotony of daily life set in and continue with many regrets while waiting for the first days of spring, which are still far away.

Stop there! There is no question of letting all these very bad habits harm our desires to live so much, of letting this pernicious and silent routine impose itself in our lives to better shoot our libido. It's neat! In terms of sex, YESforLOV has unearthed the best positions for you to turn your “super hot” winter into a padlocked refuge of love.

We go straight to the practice:

A small or large “homemade” doggy style? Civilized homo sapiens, we adore both the male and female side this position without prejudice since without frontal gaze from one to the other! Only contacts, shivers and afterward, tender words at all costs! Physical love claimed and freely accepted without submission and even less humiliation! This amorous position makes it possible not to say goodbye to the cover while enjoying the pleasure of the latter. Lie on your stomach and have your partner cover you both with the blanket. It's simple, it's intense and it's the fabulous underground start of the journey to perhaps meet Andromaque!

Andromaque is a Greek heroine but it is also a Kamasutra position : your partner places himself above you before any penetration. This erotic position excites both partners to the fullest and makes it easier to reach orgasm. Be careful though! Andromache's position is the cause of 50% of penile fractures : so we're going slowly to avoid a far too long period of abstinence!

Why not continue our torrid rodeo with the position of a first spoon which would in no way tarnish an already very honorable balance sheet!

Warm this position of the spoon which bears the number 99. This sexual position is really ideal for curling up body against body! For those who always want more, anal sex is within reach of reciprocal envy if you feel like it? That's good: the position of the spoons allows you to learn about sodomy and prostate pleasures with great tenderness... For more comfort and pleasure, don't forget to use our relaxing anal lubricant .

In this winter season, which calls for so much warmth and bringing bodies together, opt for positions that promote skin-to-skin contact. Have a good trip to both of you, in a cart* or with the slightly enigmatic square!

The love of sex in cart mode is not very complicated. Surprising, innovative, off the beaten track, this position of the cart is easy to set up: the woman lies on her back and raises her legs vertically. The man kneels in front of her, opens his thighs slightly, places his head between her legs and uses his hands to hold his partner's hips.

With all these positions to customize according to everyone's desires, it's not surprising that the crazy desires of our lovers and their well-hidden fantasies end up taking over this winter! And that's good because the afternoons, the evenings, the nights of Christmas like the nights preludes to New Year's Eve and New Year's Day cannot be lived intensely without a surprise test and accomplice of erotic experiences to reinvent!

  • Pamper yourself, let go and fulfill your fantasies

To get off the beaten and hackneyed paths, it's an enthusiastic and tender go that reaches out to you: take the time you need for yourself, for the other too. Gently awaken your senses and your feelings numbed by the cold, prepare and coax your encounters. These are all wonderful keys to reopening and stimulating your dormant libido during this winter period.

We invite you to take advantage of the slightest ray of sunshine to boost your melatonin levels, to warm up in a good scented bath, to rediscover the body of the other with a hot wax massage . The general idea to keep in mind is really to fight to the maximum against the ambient depression which only asks to settle with, as an unstoppable rampart, a subtle cocktail of hormones to be sipped together with complete impunity.

Do you have fantasies? Realize them… you can have sex in the snow, by the fire, take on the role of the ski instructor or the super sexy instructor. In short, there is no shortage of all-out scenarios. It's also the perfect time to test a little surprise quickie. The cold gives you a very good reason to keep your clothes on and only take down the essentials. It's up to you to see, feel, feel… and act!

The real magic of Christmas is there and not elsewhere! You will immediately take your partner to heights that neither of you suspects! The reverse holds true just as well, doesn't it?

Small but not insignificant precision: in the pleasures of making love, the ballads of the sexes are journeys, unique adventures which are prepared, built, invented and reinvented all the time in a world most often of them. This world that we defend, it is made of self-esteem and of the other, of mutual respect, of a lot of tenderness and gentleness.

What more could you ask for for the well-being and happiness of all of us, What better could you hope for if not to see YESforLOV cosmetics by your side in all these moments of love shared and so beautifully transcended by this eternal Christmas magic!

Be careful, there is no overbidding to be made or overdose to be encouraged concerning the pleasures of loving in intimacy! The latter will remain whatever happens the freedom of each of us in a reciprocal complicity not to disappoint. It seems perfectly obvious to us that the best, the best way to make love is to do it when you really want to! Constraint, the obligation to give in at all costs, the duty to fall by the wayside are all forms of bullying to be expelled automatically from our own amorous dictionary. This observation being made, what does it matter if for the somersault, it is rather Saturday evening than Sunday morning, in the shower rather than under the duvet! Same topo for our desires which would be according to learned or mediocre studies according to convictions, a bit seasonal with an autumn peak for men and the spring period of April and May for women's libido! Hum!

Christmas and New Year, the locomotives of sex for a winter full of love:

Winter has all the look of a favorable season for loving each other as best as possible, creating the most favorable conditions for desires to be there. Love in winter is full of fantasies, the setting and the atmosphere are favorable don't you think? Isn't this ultimately the keys to a physical and psychological happiness that is the most accessible because it is the easiest to share?

Not only amorous fooling around but also and above all envy, drunkenness, the enthusiasm to love are so many opportunities that bring enchantment, loosen the most impatient tongues, make you laugh out loud after having brought together in an aside , and well before time, friends and family around a good meal and a good drink.

The nights of Christmas and New Year's Eve have always belonged to the magic of our world, bringing with great joy the intoxication of love into hearts and bodies, releasing among us all the most hard to tame. Christmas, like New Year's Day, are not just holidays, they are much more than that: they are the singers, the minstrels of love, the true symbols of the joy of living together or more broadly the joy of living together.

No wonder then to have so much cuddles and naughtiness on the sex side in these days of the end of the year celebrations!
Small unusual anecdote and it is not a legend: an erection is almost improbable below -15 ° C.

In winter, it's ecstasy, we caress, we kiss, we touch. Everything is exploding on all sides as if our dear planet, too often abused, were also starting in unison to do somersaults that do not concern it! The spirit of Christmas, the chills of winter, it's beautiful, it's sublime, it's reassuring and it's even more refreshing to see our minds and our hearts lighten up in a very beautiful way from the routine and daily burdens without setting themselves up as sex marathon runners!

The good or bad mood remains however a formidable and double-edged sword: Christmas and its magic, New Year's Eve with the colorful and colorful evening of its New Year's Eve which celebrates the New Year with dignity, are there and there to make this sometimes capricious mood a mad desire to live one's life to the full, to love intensely, at one's convenience and at the convenience of the other. The key to rocking with great happiness and success in the new year is not elsewhere, it is in the present moment.

The long winter that is coming without warning and a little more complicated than expected, will only be warmer and milder in the alcove of lovers of life… and sex!

Photos by @arthurbrognili

Your Christmas star: the YESforLOV “Celebrations” box

For her, for him, for you, for them, for these Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrations, the special YESforLOV Celebrations box invites you to taste the pleasures of love in all its forms. This box contains:

- A massage candle with a terribly maddening scent:
Sensual and bewitching, this YESforLOV candle! Based on vegetable oils with softening properties, this aphrodisiac massage candle will fully perfume your intimate love corner before transforming into a warm and creamy body oil.
As a bonus, for more chills, it is scented with warm and spicy notes!

- A warm effect intimate lubricant :
Designed without silicone, enriched with cosmetic active ingredients that are sources of intense heat, our unisex lubricant is an intimate water-based lubricating gel that does not stick. Based on hyaluronic acid, it retains its lubricating and moisturizing effect for a long time.

- An orgasmic gel, the couple's elixir :
Ah! So many sensations and prowess in this orgasmic gel! This arousal gel offers an exquisite sensation of hot and cold which invites itself to the heart of your intimacy to intensify the excitability of the clitoris and prolong the pleasure of the penis!

- A satin black headband:
An ultra-soft satin headband for your eyes that play for a moment not to see. This sensual accessory is in a way your first ally for your most erotic sensations! It's up to you to play as you wish!

- A velvet case.
In the shape of a mouth to store your favorite YESforLOV cosmetics or your naughty sex toys and accessories.

Packed in a beautiful case, this cheeky and cuddly YESforLOV box set specially designed for winter

will skilfully accompany you in the discovery or exploration of your partner's body in all its facets.

For this box, delivery is free in mainland France until December 31, 2021.

Dear readers, Christmas is much more than the celebration of children and their darling Santa Claus! This is a magnificent and warm opportunity to bring the light of love into your intimate and family universe. In this period of end-of-year celebrations, which is more promising than the previous ones, reclaim de facto your living space which would unfortunately tend to close down given this tenacious virus, which is still too much of a traveler for our health and which always keep a close eye!

This Christmas 2021 is special because it is this year much more conducive to respect for self-esteem and for others, to love for one another, to the most efficient well-being in a framework of intimacy which it is appropriate for each and everyone to define. This Christmas is going to be exceptional in its renewal and in its new birth, refusing any feeling of abandonment or discouragement! Give us all the immense pleasure of sweeping away your fears and your doubts for a monumental letting go in these more difficult times of life than announced: priority to pleasure and complicity, to the rapprochement of beings who appreciate each other , and the simple joys of life. Despite too often gloomy headwinds, the coming Christmas aims to remain in our collective memories, a great vintage for love at its truest and in the deep and sincere feelings that must convey. Fed up with fights of all kinds! Fed up with the fatigue of an ambient pessimism to be fought immediately! Finally, basta open or underground wars! Let us rather reach out with confidence and enthusiasm towards this Christmas of renewal, of rebirth, of faith in the future of women and men to which we all aspire. Follow your star dear friends, believe more and more strongly in the freedom to love, in this carefree need that you will have to protect in the most intimate setting of your life.

This year, say "YES" even louder to a magical and tender Christmas for a joy of living without restraint... In addition, it's good for your immunity. A very Merry Christmas to all!