The fight is tough and we have to momentarily accept this unexciting framework (the mask) that protects us. The couple in all its physical and cultural aura stands out today as the emblematic bulwark against the scourge that is undermining us. No pandemic cataclysm in sight but vigilance options to remember and intelligent choices to make for our common well-being. To each his credo.


Intimacy in the middle of covid..

Pandemic and intimate pleasures have never gone well together. No or few languorous kisses in these very complicated winter times. The intruder, however, wavers in his destructive run, the first victorious march towards reconquest. On this ambitious path of our intimate happiness undermined, it is vital to boost a love life that is quite upside down. Individualists frenzied, we will probably do it in scattered order. Whatever, the main thing is to "self-isolate", with wearing a mask subject to mutual consent, kisses to be temporarily put away or warm depending on your mood and as a bonus, a full of certainties and convictions, including one of the most exemplary lifestyles. Making the winds blow too contrary would be unfortunate, the game is really not worth the candle.

Our intimate life has its alcove secrets but it will never join the Italian " Commedia dell'arte" . There is no comedy, no tragedy, no masquerade in love debates. Without the ardor of the kisses currently absent subscribers, the gaze and the intelligent " skin to skin" touch remain the only mirrors of mutual exchange. Caresses will be the queens of an unusual season this winter.

Isn't this a golden opportunity for our lifelong lovers to play under carnivalesque looks and as many times as they want, all these characters from the masked art of yesteryear that they loved so much in their youth?

Hello atmosphere! " Atmosphere" ... " Atmosphere" ... grumbled Arletty in the Hotel du Nord. In the alcove of our lovers, only murmurs and whispers, cries of love or even more if affinities. Hidden if it's your choice for two, don't be afraid and go for it! Even if the smiles have disappeared, there will remain bursts of more stifled laughter, a gaze too tender to be ignored and as many complicit caresses which will magically become an inexhaustible source of sharing. So, masks of devils and she-devils to the rescue? Wolf masks or feathered masks? The panoply of the game is great for your overflowing imagination No matter the bottle as long as you get drunk! Famous saying without a priori. In the secret of our craziest desires and our craziest fantasies, the unusual and the unpredictable are the new masters of the game.

Love in the midst of a pandemic: a different and protean intimacy

A daring but winning bet for all these games of masks, each more mysterious than the next. Superbly developed role-playing games for games of love in search of new sensations. Greedy lips are missing. Accepted… no more. This alternative to full love can't be an abandonment but quite the opposite: a must “new look” for our intimacy, a parade that is amusing in its staging but so exciting to experience on a daily basis.

To love differently for our well-being and for the well-being of the other is to believe somewhere in the virtue of the imponderables. So, audacity dear readers, always audacity and a lot of playful imagination for new erotic adventures! A masked ball backstage but not only…? Great !

"You have to give
imaginative rigor"

said Paul Valery.