Our bodies are full of erogenous zones just waiting to be explored. With so many different forms of pleasure to be experienced, why settle for penetration alone? A sensual and timeless way to experience intimacy, non-penetrative sex is a practice worth implementing into your intimate life. How and why to practice it? We take stock today about this practice in our blog dedicated to the art of loving.


How to make love without penetration?


Take the time

Enjoy the other, there is no need to rush. Think of non-penetrative sex as a moment of exchange, sharing, and connection. Non-penetrative sex is a delicious excuse to make the pleasure last over and over again. Make your partner shiver with impatience by increasing the pleasure little by little with caresses and massages. Inflict them with irresistible torture until you have them begging you for more...



A good practice of non-penetrative sex also involves words, because when you use them well, they can be terribly exciting. Tell them what you’d like them to do by whispering in their ear ... Don't underestimate the power of words when it comes to sexual arousal. If speaking out loud is a bit too daring, use our intimate hide-and-seek kit and write your fantasies on their skin.



The practice of non-penetrative sex is the perfect excuse to kiss every curve of your partners body. Whether sweet, romantic, or passionate, kisses can convey a message and intention in no time. Neck, ears, and private parts... Cover your partner's entire body with our edible massage oil to make the desire rise again and again.

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Rely on non-penetrative practices.


Oral sex

Oral sex is an art that would be a shame to skip during a session of non-penetrative sex. Cunnilingus, fellatio, anilingus... Think of your partner's private parts as a treat to be enjoyed without moderation. Whether you have a small appetite or are always hungry for more, it’s a great way to connect with your partner. Regardless of what your favourite oral practice is, remember to have a glass of water available in order to salivate and make your intimate kisses exceptional. If you want to give a special taste to this little sweetness, try our flavoured lubes, which come in the flavours peach-apricot and pineapple-green tea. This will wrap your partners intimate parts in a delicious veil that will urge you to devour them again and again.



What would a non-penetrative sex session be without a few hand games? As we all know, masturbation is a wonderful way to reach extasy without much effort. Whether you hold the reins of your pleasure or control that of your partner, masturbation in pairs is an intoxicating experience. You can masturbate yourself, offering your partner a beautiful and intimate show, coupled with a private lesson on how they can take care of you, just how you like it. If you want to bring a little novelty to this practice, why not use an orgasmic gel or the couple’s elixir? Apply a few drops to the clitoris and penis to feel its hot cold effect, and share a deliciously exciting experience.


Slips and friction

One might mistakenly believe that non-penetrative sex is limited to the practices of oral sex and masturbation, but this is not the case. The playing field offered by non-penetrative sex is vast and varied. Hand-to-body massages are a wonderful example of what non-penetrative sex allows. To indulge in this extremely sensual and wildly exciting practice, you will need a full lubricant or a lubricating massage oil. Coat yourself with intimate oils and massage your partner with your whole body. Your torso, your buttocks, your thighs, and your intimate parts...


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Why practice non-penetrative sex?

Non-penetrative sex can offer many benefits if you want to explore your sexuality in a complicit way.


Say goodbye to routine:

The practice of non-penetrative sex makes it possible to vary the ways in which you can connect with your partner, and vary the classic routine that is "penetration, ejaculation, end of intercourse". By practicing non-penetrative sex, your moments of love will be adventurous, fun, and different each time.


Take and give more pleasure:

Did you know that only 5% of women reach orgasm through penetration, without clitoral stimulation? Non-penetrative sex is therefore a formidable and effective practice when it comes to female orgasm.


Feel less pressure:

This love practice frees you from sex and the pressure of performance. Here, the size and duration of the erection does not matter, so you can experience love without any pressure.


Enjoy longer intercourse:

Non-penetrative sex allows you to feel good without any time limit. Kisses, massages, masturbation... The different possibilities allow you to share hours of pleasure with your significant other.


Explore your sensuality:

To practice sex without penetration is to make love in a sensual, but also an intimate way. Stepping out of the routine, you lay yourself bare and explore your sensuality with your partner. This not only allows you to explore your own body, but your partners body as well, and strengthen your erotic connection.


Because love is not only an art, but a sensual journey as well, YESforLOV invites you to deviate from the path and escape the routine with its intimate cosmetics. Ready for adventure?