The trip is a unique opportunity to make new memories, to get out of your comfort zone and to discover or rediscover your partner in a new environment. It's also certainly the perfect time to create a bubble of love for two, to find yourself out of time and off the beaten track. For long-time couples, leaving their daily life for a romantic getaway is also a way to rekindle the flame, to get away from those around them and to come together lovingly together, far from worries. For couples in the making, you know what they say: to make sure you know someone well, nothing like a long trip! At YESforLOV, we see in the romantic getaway a gold mine to spice up your intimate relationships. This is why, on the eve of the big holidays, we have decided to give you some ideas to eroticize your holiday journey a little.

Imminent takeoff! darling, tonight we're taking the plane.

We are not going to teach you much by telling you about the fantasy of having sex on an airplane. Just type "fantasy" and "airplane" on Google to find plenty of polls on the countless number of people who dream of getting laid in an airplane cabin or who claim to have already done so (at check!). We also found it interesting to go back to the origin of this fantasy and to the best-known anecdotes that feed it: the oldest of them is that of a bet between two English lords who would have mistrusted having had sex in a hot air balloon some time after it was invented and started. As aviation grew more and more, another anecdote brought some warmth and love to the “Great War”:

Oswald Boelck, an ace of the German aviation would have, it seems, invited a nurse in his combat plane for a ballad of the most romantic!

These kinds of stories gave birth to the famous Mile High Club , a club which, if we refer to its official website, brings together all the people who have had a sexual adventure at no less than 1600 meters. altitude. The democratization of autopilot in commercial aviation has of course greatly helped to make this club totally popular and much more accessible to the general public.

Well, general knowledge is good, but let's get down to business with a bit of practice and “on the sly” advice to get laid and reach 7th heaven! We don't want to disappoint you, but know that unless you have your own jet, the spaces in a plane are quite limited. The toilet remains a fairly effective option for a quicky in the air that does not offer twenty thousand possibilities of sexual position: one sitting on the toilet and the other sitting astride or standing leaning against the sink seems in the air preferred options.

Don't forget that the toilets are often coveted, so don't get into edging exercises, time is running out and foreplay must be done quickly and well! There is a pleasant side to being able to be surprised, the excitement must be there but remain free to gently start warming up from your respective seats with naughty words slipped into your ear and a few risky hands and not bad walkers. If ever your female partner suffers from vaginal dryness, remember to take a small sample of intimate lubricant (to slip into the back of your pocket), it's discreet and it will help to gently fluidify your movements already reduced by the lack of space. . The more adventurous among you will discreetly put small toys in their travel bags, not so trivial as that with their remote control or not, but beware all the same of X-rays when going through customs!

What do you risk if you get caught? To be accused of exhibitionism? At your peril !

As a naughty parade, YESforLOV has some little techniques to suggest: Go to the toilet in turn and not at the same time. Otherwise, pretend to join your "sick" partner in the bathroom with your little plastic bag. On a simple misunderstanding, you will pass with relief for a very caring spouse...

Roadtrip on the road, how to eroticize the car journey?

For the most adventurous among us, the temptation is great to be able to go for a walk and go on an adventure by car like during a road trip.

What could be better than traveling the road, taking your time to discover in all its guises and all its forms, the paths and paths of a country. The advantage, what am I saying, the foot to take, is to smell and love at the sole rhythm of yourself and your desires! If you like a place a little more than another, linger in the place! Take a break to refresh yourself a little, to relax your legs and the rest a little more, and it is moreover the government who recommends it to you! Rest to respect: at least, 15 minutes of break every two hours, which leaves you enough time to appreciate the landscape … and the company.

For you, some escape ideas while the driver's batteries regenerate: Stop on a long straight road in the middle of nowhere, admire the sunset, try to get lost and get lost. Sniff, breathe very deeply this surge of freedom that nature gives you and take advantage of it to take even more naughty initiatives with your partner. He will appreciate!

Sex "in the car" is perhaps less fantasizing than the plane, we grant you that. However, there are at least, if not more, some good tips and techniques to carry it out. The acceptable positions are once again quite limited given the potential space existing in your mobile cabin. And yet, this closed and so secret space will make your antics all the more intimate and intense! Several options are available to you: the most classic are the "doggy style" or "the missionary" on the back seat, the "sidesaddle" on the front seats. It's up to you to love as you wish! It's certainly classic, but YESforLOV has dug up some nuggets for you to encourage before gently extinguishing all this excitement which is going to crescendo:

Photos by @roman-odintsov

The first thing to do is an immediate stop. Don't forget to stop the vehicle, as you risk putting yourself, your passengers and other motorists in danger (it seems logical, but we specify it, just in case..)! the handbrake is on, you're safe, so here are our best tips for having sex "Inside and in car"

Step over the driver and face the steering wheel, in the minimum outfit that you will have judiciously chosen in the rush of this instantaneous and unique moment not to be missed: a position without too much acrobatics which allows a relatively deep angle of penetration, even if you have to grip the steering wheel for much more control of your movements. The partner, the overheated driving ace, has complete freedom to cling lovingly to your hips and join you in your love madness. The pleasure being stronger and stronger, the excitement at its height, the urgency demands more: it's time to play with the inclination of the seat to change the angle of penetration until the maximum elongation. The total ! The vehicle moved on its wheels! Outside, we wonder?

As long as you are really at the end of the world, alone and that a desire for nowhere invades you, do not hesitate to take the still warm hood as a silent witness to take a most cuddly break in the open air: lying on the still warm metal with your man on top of you, both of you give free rein to your complicity and your imagination; everything is allowed in love without having the certainty of escaping the flagrante delicto!

In absolute urgency, the silent and abandoned penumbra of the highway rest areas will come to your rescue. The night embraces with all its mysteries our craziest desires!

Are you in traffic jams on the highway and do you love risk?
Did you know: 21% of French people have already fantasized about making love, stuck in their vehicle! You thought you were the only one to like this fantasy? 57% of French people confess to having done it according to an Ebay survey and 54% would like to do it this summer according to the results of an Ifop study (French Institute of Public Opinion) on the impulses and fantasies of French people in summer.

Make love on a boat, how to capsize with pleasure with your captain?

To dare to make love at sea, you have to adapt to the context of the confined place, the fantasy that belongs to you and the means of transport that you own. On a wakeboard boat, a wooden boat, a sailboat with a big mast, you can try everything for hugs, even paddle or canoe! At sea or on a rough lake, you risk capsizing, it's funny but it can be expensive: so take note of the weather conditions and plan a suitable and waterproof bag to store the necessary (portables) and especially your condoms and your lubricant intimate YESforLOV.

Next at the right time? It's up to you to imagine it... Waking up hidden in the mist of the lake, in the middle of the afternoon when the sun is heating the skin (provide sun cream, your best excuse to spread it on your partner's body) or later at dusk. Beware of echoes and drifting, navigation safety should not be alerted.

Sea sickness ? the French do not know it, or at least they do not care since 38% have already expressed the wish to make love on the deck of a boat .
A Kamasutra position to celebrate? Oh yes, and if we tried "the union of the Boat trip" , it is a variation of the position of the seesaw. It consists for Madame, to take the helm and establish her own rhythm to her partner. In this position, the man becomes the sea and the woman the boat trying to cross it! To do this, nothing could be simpler: the man must lie on his back and the woman sit on him, body and knees aside. Arms swing back, or forward, for support. Pelvis movements, back and forth or circular movements…! Be careful, however, not to make too sudden movements, to preserve oh! how much the penis of your darling of a naughty blow!

Head for the ocean, the midday or midnight swim awaits you in all your dearly acquired nudity!

Thunder to make hearts vibrate, wind to lift skirts, sunshine to undress. How good it is to be in summer but especially on vacation. These tricks are far from being the only ones and are of course to be carried out discreetly and safely, don't put yourself in danger. During these summer holidays, making the most of each other is the perfect opportunity to be creative, to try new things. The taste for risk only increases the tension and excitement you may feel, so take the opportunity to let go, continue to be original and remember that sex is not limited to penetrative sex.