Yes, our private life has been turned upside down. Making love without danger was already a lure in our “pre-pandemic” world, making love without danger in the midst of a health crisis faced with this mysterious virus is another lure of the same mould. It is a challenge to be taken up with tweezers but without excessive fear. Our sexuality is a story to be rewritten but it is also a bet on the future for our intimacy.

Safer-sex is the art of loving with distance

The risk of transmission is great if we do not significantly modify the nature of our usual sexual relationships. Dangerous the kiss , number one of the oral contacts, if one of the partners proves to be contaminated. And what about hugs? They are just as targeted since this annoying virus is transmitted by touch and more particularly by the hands. For partners confronted with the disease, it will therefore be a momentary goodbye to the most fiery kisses as well as to skin-to-skin caresses, each more suggestive than the other.

So we say Yes to intimate pleasures under conditions of saying YES to barrier gestures . Treating oneself with one's intimate partner to a delicious “5 to 7” or a night of love surrounded by skilfully orchestrated mystery, therefore becomes a real challenge.

A daring bet but a winning bet if mutual trust is at the rendezvous of a successful late afternoon or a crazy evening that will continue. A single watchword that is significant: everyone today has the obligation to behave as a fully responsible human being and perfectly aware of the risks incurred. Momentarily modifying one's romantic behavior to consolidate damaged intimacy is not scandalous, quite the contrary. As for the ingredients that enhance our most intimate pleasures, don't worry, they are unfailingly invulnerable. The free pass given to sexual practices outside the customary routine cannot come as a surprise. They may shock some or some, enthuse others. The time is really over for taboos and prohibitions of all calibers, let it be said out loud in dens and cottages. “Safe sex” still has a long way to go So go! For a reasoned practice of refined erotic massages, solitary and mutual masturbation. Add to the already spicy menu the position of the spoon, one of the rare acceptable positions in these difficult times and to brighten up the whole thing more and more imaginative sex toys , even some films of an erotic nature that will spice up your strongest moments of intimacy. .

Boost sexual pleasure? Nothing could be easier and it's zero risk with all these words of love that fill our so rich French or international vocabulary: golden voices that are so many musical caresses all in sensuality.

A feast of new emotions and sensations within our reach as long as we let our imaginations loose too often dormant. Adversity is good sometimes!             

To meditate before the expected return under the duvet! The human being is crossed by positive energies and his sexual energy is not the least. It's time for patience and mutual trust, for overflowing imagination. It seems important today to gently push our intimate pleasures towards new horizons. A great bet...

To your stoves dear readers, you artisans of love, that of bodies and hearts Are you lacking in audacity?