Do you want to spend more time playing under the covers? This intimate moment should be one that you enjoy without having to worry about an unexpected orgasm that causes you to finish faster than you’d like… or faster than your partner would like.

While enjoying hot romantic sex with a naughty woman, man, or non-binary partner, sometimes we spend more time worrying about how we perform, which prevents us from enjoying the moment. Here at YESforLOV, we are here to tell you that this should not be your priority! We want you to live out your dream sexuality without having to worry about trying to impress anyone, because your pleasure matters too.

Did you know that the average time for sex is about 5-7 minutes? Yet for many men, they believe that if they orgasm before 10 minutes, they have some sort of erectile dysfunction. This is simply not the case! So, try not to worry too much, and simply enjoy the moment. That being said, there are also many men that do experience premature ejaculation, and find themselves running to the store to buy little blue pills and toxic creams. If you fall into this category, or if you simply want to spend more time playing, YESforLOV has the perfect solution for all your problems.


So, for women and men, what is considered the perfect amount time to spend enjoying sensual love making?

Let’s dig a little deeper into this phenomenon that causes many of our minds to obsess and many of our little friends to lose their strength and stamina.

First and foremost, do you measure the quality of your relationship as a whole based on the amount of time you’ve been together? This same concept can be applied to our moments of sensual sensuality. Sometimes we can enjoy a quickie that is filled with hot intensity, erotic passion, and massive orgasms which can be short, but extremely pleasurable for both parties. It’s almost like taking ice cream on the go rather than sitting and enjoying desert at the table. For couple’s that are extremely busy or have kids, this might be the ideal way to enjoy hot romantic sex, and that’s perfectly fine. Whether your love making sessions are too long, too short, or not intense enough depends entirely on you and your partner. Comparing yourself to other couples, porn, and societal expectations is completely useless. You partner is also an important factor, and whether or not they are in the mood for any games of desire. If their satisfaction is becoming a problem, erotic foreplay can help turn them on, give them more time to orgasm, and help to set the erotic scene for a great night.

As you can see, it is impossible for us to establish the ideal duration, because every cuddly couple is different, and everyone has different preferences.

There are many studies done to measure the average duration of sexual intercourse. In 2005, an American doctor by the name of Dr. Irwin Goldstein revealed that the average duration of sexual intercourse was around 7.3 minutes. A few years later, Dr. Eric Corty, a professor at Penn State repeated Dr. Goldstein’s study a few years later, and had almost identical results. The latest study was conducted by Australian psychologist Brendan Zietsch, who used 500 couple’s from 5 different countries (United Kingdom, Spian, Turkey, Netherlands, and the United States. This study that was conducted in 2017 found the average duration to be 5.4 minutes, and the difference is large between the maximum and minimum: 33 seconds being the minimum duration of intercourse and 44 minutes being the longest.

When it comes to studies and surveys conducted on the ideal duration of sexual intercourse, it is usually considered less that satisfactory if the average duration is less than 2 minutes.

For the majority of the study, 120 seconds was considered way too short, except for when sex needed to be quick. 2 minutes or less was also considered too fast and wasn’t enough time to enjoy an erotic moment together.

Sex that lasted between 5 to 10 minutes was considered very satisfactory, although both men and women prefer that sex lasts between 10 and 15 minutes.

Beyond 20 minutes, the majority of men and women felt that it was too long which made it become boring. In a social media poll conducted by GA USA, a reporter found that 82% of respondents felt bored during sensual love making if it lasted too long. A majority said that they wanted it to end as soon as possible, which is proof that long sex isn’t synonymous with satisfaction, in fact, it’s the opposite.

So, to answer your burning question, the ideal duration of hot romantic sex is between 7 and 13 minutes. Various studies have shown this, but it’s also important to keep in mind that it’s just data, and that every erotic couple is different in terms of what they like. If you are finishing at 5 or 6 minutes, you are still within the average range, so do not fret! The most important thing is that you and you partner get to experience massive orgasms, and that you’re fully satisfied. Erotic foreplay can always prolong the love games as well, as well as adding sex toys for clitoral stimulation to ensure your partner is satisfied.



For those who want to extend their games of desire, we have some great solutions.

Here are our 5 best tips to spend more time playing:

  1. The first tip is to avoid the genital area completely, and focus only on the erogenous zones for as long as possible (neck, ears, back, and thighs). This will allow you to build excitement while helping you to reach climax slower.
  2. The second tip is to spend more time enjoying erotic foreplay, because penetrative sex is not the only way to experience intercourse. Go ahead and try 69, masturbate together as an erotic couple, give them a seductive massage, the choices are endless. This will help both parties reach massive orgasm, so that no one is left unsatisfied.
  3. The third tip is to practice “edging,” which is a way of delaying orgasm as long as possible in order to reach maximum arousal. This philosophy means that the more you hold back, the more the hot intensity rises along with the pleasure. Try to masturbate and have sex as slow as possible, so that you can train yourself to delay your pleasure. Try breathing, concentration, and excitement management. The most important factor is to listen to your body, and as soon as you feel like you’re about to have an unexpected orgasm, stop and start again once you’ve calmed down. This technique requires practice, so don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t work right away.
  4. Another trick is the "squeeze" technique, which consists of masturbating until reaching orgasm, and then squeezing the glans to stop ejaculation. Restart the process until you reach the limit of your possibilities.
  5. While using these techniques you can also try delay sprays, but not just any; we highly recommend our YESforLOV CBD Concentrate, which can be used along with our YESforLOV male pleasure extender.

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The majority of sexual retardants on the market come in the form of gels and delay sprays. They are very effective in anesthetizing the penis. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has issued a warning regarding the misuse of these products, which are used to desensitize the nerve endings in your penis. When used incorrectly, they can cause cell death in your penis, and are therefore very dangerous.

Many over the counter products are prohibited because they contain traces of lidocaine, tetracaine, benzocaine, and prilocaine, which are substances banned in cosmetics and are only available through a prescription. These ejaculation products and aesthetic creams are pharmaceutical drugs that must be used with precaution. This can be said for the Emla® cream from the Aspen laboratory, which is very effective when it comes to temporarily anesthetizing the surface of the penis and genital mucous membranes.

If you don’t have a prescription, stay vigilant about the composition of the products you are about to use, and try to lean towards more natural and herbal products.

For those who have never tried this kind of product, here is a little last minute advice: go easy on the doses which are meant to numb your nerve endings; it is very important if you want to retain the pleasure that comes along with ejaculation and sex.

If you want to be able to feel all the sweet sensations that come along with hot romantic sex, but also want to spend more time playing, we recommend our YESforLOV delay spray for men. This excellent quality product produces stimulating hot and cold effects that preserve the hypersensitivity of the penis glans. Thanks to its formula which is enriched with plant extracts, the pleasure extender can help you to control your excitement so that both partners can reach massive orgasm.

We firmly believe that delay sprays are much better than creams or gels, because you don’t have to get your hands messy, making it much more convenient. This will also prevent you from awkwardly anesthetizing your partner and ruining their experience. You can find our delay spray’s in our partner stores, such as Passage Du Desir and Espace Plaisir.

And if your mind is causing you to overthink things and preventing you from getting hard, try our CBD cream as well, to help put you in the moment.

The most important piece of advice we’d like you to take away from this article is that you need to stop putting pressure on yourself. No one is perfect in bed 100% of the time, and performing like a porn star is both unrealistic and useless.

Before you compare yourself to men with 20cm penis’s that can last for 40 minutes straight, remember than porn was designed for men, and that this is not what turns women on. It’s also important to remember that these people are probably loaded up with drugs that help them to last longer.

When it comes to satisfying your partner, regardless of their gender, it is important for you both to communicate your needs, wants, and secret desires. It could turn out that they are perfectly satisfied with your performance and duration, and that your biggest enemy is your mind! And if you do want to spend more time playing, please follow our tips and try our pleasure prolonger before possibly harming your body will pharmaceutical drugs.