@Lafilledemars, famous pen of erotic literature tells us with sensuality and passion his evening on the eve of Valentine's Day. A story of black light in a gourmet restaurant. The evening has only just begun...

I leave the bathroom, wearing only my silk kimono, when you stop me with a gesture and a sentence:

- “Do you want to play? »

However, you have reserved a table at a very famous restaurant, and if we are late, our table will not remain free for very long... So when you ask me if I want to play, I am afraid that we will be terribly late next...

- "You didn't answer me" , you insist, kissing me on the neck.

- "You know it won't be no… but it's just that you still booked 6 months ago to be sure of getting this table…". I answer you by letting myself go to your kisses.

- "Don't worry… I was only thinking of a preliminary game"

Knowing your imagination, I can only be intrigued and excited at the same time. I see you taking out a silk headband , a promise of a naughty moment. I let myself go, because I love it when you take control.

Once blindfolded, I feel that you gently remove my kimono, the silk caressing my skin. I'm standing, naked, in the middle of the room, and I hear you take something from the dresser. You come back to me, and you take my hand. You place a kiss on it, and I feel another caress that I can't identify… It's as thin as a brush, or a marker , and it leaves a slightly damp trace.

You kiss other parts of my body, in turn, and then leave the same wet trace... My arms, my neck, the birth of my breasts... I let myself go, yet perplexed. I really don't understand what you're doing… But this alternation of kisses and these wet traces are incredibly sweet and sensual. After a moment that I can't identify at all, you whisper in my ear while removing my blindfold:

- “Wait a few moments, and you can get dressed””

My first instinct when I regain my sight is to look at my hands and arms. Nothing. My thighs, nothing either. I raise a puzzled look at you, but only your smile answers me, and your very teasing way of telling me:

- "There, we're going to end up being late..."

I get dressed quickly and we're in the car. You always have that little smile. You're having a blast, it seems. The restaurant is elegantly decorated, and the maitre d' leads us to our table. One of the boys brings us champagne. It looks like you really have everything organized from A to Z.

We're toasting and talking about this and that, when you lean over to tell me cryptically:

- "Wouldn't you like to freshen up a bit before the first course?" »

- "Uh… Yes… Probably… Why?" »

- "Because you could take the opportunity to take this with you…"

And you hand me a small thing about ten centimeters away, cylindrical, white, quite elegant, with a small black ribbon attached to a small ring, and a push button on the side… With writing in gold and black letters “ Black light YESforLOV” .

- "Let's continue our little game from earlier, if you don't mind… Do you remember the places where I kissed you earlier?" And the wet trace afterwards? I wrote a message there each time. Here, I suggest you discover the first…”

I'm speechless... I can't wait to discover your first message...

- “I look where I want? »

- "Yes, even if I advise you to redo the progression… I ordered the gastronomic menu… Before each course, you will discover a message… You promise me to watch only one at a time?" »

- " Sure ! It wouldn't be fun otherwise!” »

I close my hand on this small lamp, and I go to the toilet. Of course I'm not going to watch everything right away… These messages whose content is far too exciting… I don't even think about going to lock myself in one of the cabins, I immediately look at the message on my hand.

Appears in the small blue light a heart with Thank you for accepting my games” . It makes me smile even though I was expecting something more "Intimate".

I go back to my place, responding to your smile, and we resume our conversation while enjoying the first course. The server gets rid of us, I get up immediately and kiss you on the way. I can't wait to go and discover the second message... having remained unsatisfied with the first...

Little blue light on my forearm . You are an extraordinary woman” . I smile again. On my return to our table, I see that you are having fun...

Third dish, third message, on my arm Imagine my mouth gently rising here” . A shiver runs through me... And I go back to my place a little more troubled... Especially since your look is more ardent, because you know that I respect the progress...

Fourth course, fourth message… In my neck, at the base of my shoulder, I decipher upside down in the mirror My teeth crunch gently here…” .
I shiver with pleasure just at the thought...

The meal takes a naughtier turn... And that's not to displease me...

Fifth course. On the top of my breast you wrote Here, it's my tongue that slips to the tip of your breast”.

My breath quickens. I feel my breasts tighten. The excellent wines that accompanied our meal warmed my senses a little…

Sixth dish. My thigh, My hand is dying to slip on the inside of this thigh to your intimacy” .

I find myself looking forward to the meal being over. And when I find you, I feel that you too are caught up in the game... you put your hand on my knee under the table and ask me:

- “Do you like it? »

I plant my gaze in yours to answer you

- “I like everything… Always…”

Our conversation becomes more and more tender, sensual. I know you crave me like I crave you… The fact that I wear these erotic messages on my body for all to see, but only we know about it, is an arousing delight to the highest point.


- "Do you want to discover the last message, where do you prefer to wait?" »

- "I can't wait to be alone with you…"

My voice is almost hoarse, and we quickly finish our dessert. We decline the offer of coffee, go out and the car rushes towards your house… Barely past the door, we undress each other while kissing, progressing towards the bedroom, scattering our respective clothes in the process…

You pick me up and rock me on the bed. You are above me. You have recovered the small lamp.

- "Do you want to know the last message?" »

I straighten up to read the blue letters. It's quite tedious, because written upside down. But I decipher To take you… It's to unite our bodies like our minds… I love you”

This is the most beautiful statement that anyone has ever made to me. The night has only just begun...

Sold out