The vulva has its place in our cultural heritage, queen of desire for the beauty it exudes, the sensuality it awakens, the diversity of its forms and its natural generosity. This is also something done for a long time with our Japanese friends! Sacred and luminous, capricious and fragile, object of contemplation, the vulva is your wealth. It's up to you to love her as she is, to converse discreetly with her, cherish her like a treasure and offer her with confidence. The female sex, an unloved forgotten? Not for long because YESforLOV has concocted the most complete care for your intimacy.

The v zone, a forgotten one that finally comes out of the shadows

A little anatomy to refresh the memories a little failing! The V zone is the area of ​​delicate bikini skin, including the bikini line and the vulva. Most people confuse the terms vagina and vulva. The vagina is the muscular canal that connects the uterus to the vaginal opening. The vulva is the outer part of the female genitalia. It includes the inner and outer labia (labia majora and labia minora) and the clitoris. It is also a zone of exchange where the glances are posed, where the languages ​​are untied, where the caresses are superimposed.

The female sex has long been represented by these “Baubo” terracotta statuettes found around the Mediterranean and representing the women of Antiquity, legs apart, knees bent, elaborate and protuberant sex. In Ireland, they are called “ Sheila Na Gig ” these very many pagan statues of women with exaggerated sex who spread their lips with handfuls. Does the vulva console and delight the gods? These various vestiges recall the extent to which the female sex could be present symbolically, and not only as a figure of fertility. The vulva comforts the bereaved and attacks enemies. In medieval popular literature, she speaks (vagina loquens) or she bites (vagina dentata). The goddess of love and sexuality, in Mesopotamia “Ishtar” or “Inana” in Sumerian, embodies the image of a feminine often free from any male guardianship, therefore the opposite of the norm in a patriarchal society. And what was she saying to her lover?

“As for me, my vulva, me, mound bounced
I, damsel, who will plow me
My vulva, this wet ground that I am
I, Queen, who will put his oxen there? “

Before exclaiming:

“So plow my vulva, O man of my heart”

It was clear, crisp and precise. The oxen that drag the plow are indeed the king's penis and the vulva the ground to be sown! A vulva, source of inspiration and happiness in ancient Egypt but sworn enemy of the Greeks and Romans who preferred phalluses, to the point of making “Aphrodite” live without lips or clitoris! A vulva somehow erased and censored. Absolute shame!

The vulva and its clitoral treasure, an object of desire to protect

The vulva is a very delicate and very sensitive part of the female body. The proof, many are the women suffering from vulvar dryness . One in two women is affected by intimate dryness (to modestly describe intromission dyspareunia) during menopause or pregnancy. On average, 41% of women have already suffered from a lack of hydration in the V area and 51% have not had recourse to treatment. Menopause, taking medication, hormonal change, stress or poor lifestyle are the most common reasons. For the female sex, this can lead to vulvar dryness, intimate discomfort, feelings of discomfort, deep psychological discomfort and even negative repercussions on sexuality.

Originally, our hair is made to protect us and shelter our sexual organs. They avoid friction, unhygienic contact and protect against the cold. If you have decided to wax your bikini line, it is important to keep in mind that this is a particularly sensitive area. Waxing the bikini line therefore requires precautions, otherwise it will be necessary to manage irritation, inflammation, and even infections, each more unpleasant than the other. Other equally varied causes can create intimate irritations or inflammations , a muscular intimate relationship, a beard after cunnilingus, excessive sweating, friction after sport, synthetic panties, fabric softeners. In the same way, hard water can quickly become aggressive and tight your skin after a good shower. In fact, the mineral crystals present in hard water will tingle it and cover it with a veil that will tend to dry out not only the skin but also the intimate mucous membrane.

The V zone is like a treasure you can't cheat with. Unloved ? Maybe for no reason, yes why criticize your Mount of Venus so much? Wasn't the latter the first title of Tannhaüser, Richard Wagner's opera , in homage to the goddess of love? Your lower abdomen triangle is a great little mound. Run away from these complexes which have no place unless you feel obvious discomfort and there we come back to the pure medical problem. There is no question here of demolishing cosmetic surgery which has its advantages and disadvantages. It is only a wise advice to solicit it only at the very last extremity. Don't worry anymore, don't rebel anymore and accept yourself as you are, it's our creed that we would like to share with you How important it is for your little lips to exceed a tad or that one is wider than the 'other ? Do you sincerely believe that in men, the testicles are of the same level? Nay!

Your lips are flower petals that know very well how to envelop penises that are candidates for shared pleasure, the better to cuddle them. Trust them, love them as they deserve.

Did you know ? From the age of 20, the body's collagen production decreases by about 1% each year. Collagen is a bit what attributes the elasticity and strength of our skin. Thus with age, the V will lose elasticity, the intimate lips will become thinner, perhaps thinner and lose tone and firmness. The vulva relaxes and also loses volume. The lips also grow longer, which can create discomfort and a lack of self-confidence. This loss of collagen is normal but can also lead to loss of sensation and difficulty reaching orgasm. The symptom of loss of sensation also affects the partner since there is a decrease in pressure during intercourse. In the postpartum period, some women suffer from vulvar openness, that is to say from a distension of the superficial muscles. It can be linked to childbirth (large baby, forceps) and also to breastfeeding, which keeps the tissues in relative hypotonicity. In short, taking care of it is good, but don't forget to strengthen your perineum with geisha balls . For all other temptations coming from elsewhere, your body belongs to you and you remain sole mistresses on board. Spread the word!

To take into account in your intimate hygiene:
The vulva has an acidic environment that has a pH between 4 and 4.5. It is therefore easily disturbed by insufficient intimate hygiene, by menstrual periods or by the use of hygiene products (soaps, perfumed shower gels) that are too aggressive and often have a higher pH than that of the female sex. Every month this variation leads to an imbalance of the intimate flora that can create genes in the short and medium term.

The new intimate vulva and bikini line serum, a YESforLOV caress on your private lips.

To take care of you, YESforLOV has concocted the most complete care for your intimacy, an intimate cream for the V, a natural 4in1 intimate gel, vegan, formulated with 8 specific cosmetic active ingredients and an adapted pH. The YESforLOV intimate serum helps you moisturize and soothe the V zone, protect and revitalize its original beauty.

This intimate gel contains 99.52% ingredients of natural origin , 33.95% ingredients of organic origin (According to ISO 16128 standard, excluding water).

The YESforLOV Intimate serum "beauty, comfort and protection of the V " was formulated at the request of women of all ages, whether or not they are menopausal, postpartum, but also sexologists and beauticians. Our mission: to develop an organic intimate care to contribute to the hydration of the V zone, ensure a healthy intimate ecosystem, soothe and reduce irritation, burning sensations and itching and limit aging and loss of elasticity. of the V area.

After several months of research and development and a complete screening of the best cosmetic active ingredients (wild mallow, bisabolol, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid), we wanted to know the effectiveness of this new comfort and rejuvenation treatment. For this, we had 23 female volunteers test this secret formula for 21 days. This clinical and gynecological evaluation was carried out by an independent laboratory, here are the results of the study.

100% of volunteers:
- Wish to continue using the serum.

- Agree that this anti-aging treatment for the V:
- Brings a plumping and firming effect to intimate lips.
- Immediately soothes and calms feelings of discomfort.
- Moisturizes and softens the V.
- Respects the intimate area in all circumstances.
- Appreciated the floral and sunny scent
both feminine and sensual.

This one has been specially studied for a dosage on the mucosa and formulated without allergens. YESforLOV intimate serum has been tested under gynecological control and on reconstructed human vaginal epithelium to prove the safety of the product. We hope that this product will delight you as much as we were passionate about developing it.

What about you, ladies? Convinced of becoming the guardians of the Temple, the protectors and benefactresses of your vulva and your sex, a treasure that belongs to you alone? The new YESforLOV intimate serum is available from today in a limited edition and only on