We just switched to winter time! If for some the resumption of Netflix sounds, for others it is above all an opportunity to spend more time under the duvet! And precisely, we are proud to present the latest YESforLOV novelty: a lubricating massage gel, deliciously scented and kissable, which can be applied to all parts of your partner's body, (absolutely all), for freedom of interaction. total.

A 3in1 intimate gel for massage, penetration and oral sex

Guenièvre Suryous tells us about her experience with the gourmet integral massage.

Author of the Sexual Survival guides at Tabou, which she illustrates in collaboration with Flore Cherry.


An invitation to (re)discover ourselves, an intimate gel that says yes to all our desires.

This product thus invites you to better touch you, kiss you, lick you, nibble you, in short you will have understood it: to discover you to the end of the taste buds!

Available in its 50ml pump bottle, the YESforLOV Gourmet Integral Massage is easy to use and restores the perfect dosage. A plus that immediately avoids soiling your clean and beautiful sheets.

Its elegant white and gold packaging is like the rest of the YESforLOV range: favoring sobriety over overstatement.

This sensual multifunction gel is characterized by its melting texture , which easily penetrates the epidermis for soft and silky skin . The palms of the hands glide delicately over your partner's skin, without "distorting" the sensations you give them. Very slightly cool on application, this sensation dissipates quickly to give way to real chills.

This discovery involves the entire body since the gourmet integral massage has been formulated to apply to all parts of the body, even the most intimate...

More than a simple preamble, stronger than a preliminary, the gourmet integral massage offers, at the very moment when your bodies discover and free themselves, the possibility of melting into your bodily delights.

Indeed, the YESforLOV full gourmet massage is also an intimate lubricant for women tested under gynecological control.

Its gourmet smell faithfully reproduces that of vine peach. If you like fruity fragrances, the alliance of the gourmet peach-apricot integral massage and its tangy notes will seduce you.

If you prefer tonic and fresh notes, I invite you to try the pineapple green tea gourmet integral massage.

The last secret of this gourmet massage gel is that it is not sticky at all . Thus, it avoids getting tangled in the hair of the hairiest chests and above all, turning your bed into a honeypot (which would make you change bedding instead of foraging!)

One product, a thousand possible scenarios.

The YESforLOV gourmet integral massage is the essential that all couples (heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual) should have in their bedside table!

This 3in1 lubricating gel for men and women, allows you to vary the pleasures with a single product and this before, during and after lovemaking, sometimes avoiding scattering; who has never experienced this moment of solitude in the heat of the moment to get their hands on their favorite lubricant...

The strong and central point of this multifunctional lubricating gel is that it leaves the field open to all possibilities...

If you don't feel like having a bite to eat today, you can enjoy a simple (intimate) massage to better find yourself with your other half.

If, on the contrary, if you're more in a naughty mood, the YESforLOV full gourmet massage is the perfect product: it invites you to caresses and accompanies you to drunkenness thanks to its lubricant function!

Its formula based on purified water and cosmetic active ingredients facilitates intercourse, while being forgotten.

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