We buy it on the sly, we hide it well at the bottom of our drawers, the feminine lubricant makes us blush, sometimes with shame then with pleasure. YESforLOV offers you a small zoom on the next BFF of your lovemaking. You come ?


With water, with silicone, the importance of pH, with condoms, scented, kissable, for an intimate massage, vaginal dryness or pain, let's discover together which lubricant suits you best?

Why use an intimate lubricant as a couple?

Did you know ? The intimate gel was not born from the last rain! As early as 350 BC, men improvised intimate cosmetics based on olive oil and/or boiled seaweed to increase the pleasure during their intercourse.

And yet, it is clear that its use is not common or widespread!

While for some, the lubricant takes an essential place in their sexuality, for most it acts as a solution to problems of vaginal dryness. At YESforLOV, our passion for lubricants is boundless, vaginal dryness or not!

It multiplies the pleasure of foreplay, accentuates caresses and does not evaporate like saliva. It is also safe and perfectly compatible with all condoms.

Ah. Let's clarify one more thing before continuing:

  • If you're using lube, it doesn't mean you're not aroused enough.
  • If you use lube, it doesn't mean you're frigid or overwhelmed.
  • If you use lubricant , you will not necessarily (or maybe you will!) become a squirting woman, the holy grail of pornographic films.

In case of lack of flexibility in the mucous membranes or dryness, the intimate gel is an erotic ally of choice to facilitate penetration and relieves the feeling of discomfort that can occur at different stages of life (pregnancy, menopause, breastfeeding, drug treatment, etc.). The use of an intimate body lubricant contributes to increase the tactile pleasure, to increase the sensuality, to multiply the feelings, to awaken the senses, to bring versatility and to make playful your reports/ratios. And this at any age , whatever your practices and sexual orientations !

Which intimate lubricant to choose for solo or group pleasure?

How to choose your erotic gel? Natural lubricating gel, moisturizing lubricating gel, water-based lubricating gel, anal lubricating gel, perfumed and cosmetic lubricating gel... an intimate cosmetic adapted to each sensation!

YESforLOV has concocted a panoply of intimate lubricants Made in France , from our cosmetology laboratories to meet the needs of the most demanding lovers! Oh yes, they are also vegan and not tested on animals!

Tested under gynecological control , let yourself be tempted by our unique range.

1. For lovers of "eco-responsible love", we have imagined a Mixed Natural lubricant with organic aloe vera composed of 98% ingredients of natural origin and 96% of organic origin. Formulated with aloe vera and organic sage, our intimate gel naturally contributes to intimate pleasure and well-being, while being vegan!

2. For love-birds who like to take their time, let yourself be tempted by our Integral Massage lubricants designed as real ultra-sexy 2-in-1 gels, sometimes for your erotic massages and sometimes as an intimate lubricant. Can you smell those notes of white tea, frangipani and Bali flower? Bewitching! Our intimate body lubricants also exist in Peach Apricot and Pineapple Green Tea versions.

3. For lovers who prefer a 100% natural sensation , you will love our "invisible" formulas based on purified water enriched with hyaluronic acid and cosmetic active ingredients that optimize pleasure and comfort; the Mixte Moisturizing lubricant, with its non-sticky texture and neutral smell, knows how to be forgotten!

Depending on your mood and your desires of the moment, also choose our Ultimate lubricant with 3 consistencies to choose from: silicone-based, our non-penetrating intimate gels offer a silky, soft, shiny, non-sticky and very long-lasting glide during your lovemaking lover. In fluid, medium or thick consistency, you manage your pleasure as you see fit!

4. For those who love thrills. Whether it's our Stimulating Heat Mixed Lubricant or our Unlimited Freshness Mixed Lubricant , YESforLOV guarantees maximum thrills and sensations! What do we like the most? This unprecedented impression, sometimes of warmth like a stole on a naked body, sometimes of cold like a divine shiver. Irresistible !