If we say that love lasts three years, how can we imagine the rest of the adventure when the milestone of the seventh anniversary approaches? How to overcome this pitfall when we know that five out of ten marriages lead to a separation? YESforLOV and LOVE'n SPA invite you on a romantic journey out of your everyday life.

Routine, this insidious evil

Among the main reasons for the failure of couples: daily life. This insidious evil that eats away at couples little by little, slowly but surely. Metro, work, social networks, sleep, the maxim is more relevant than ever unfortunately for couples who fall into routine. Successive confinements have only accelerated the trend. The separations exploded and 2020 and the year 2021 promises to be identical.

To avoid the trap, you have to find the balance : find time for yourself, for the family, for the couple.
93% of French people think this is the solution to preserve their couple.
If this seems, rightly, difficult to implement on a daily basis, it is however easier to agree a moment in duo from time to time.

The ideal: to go on a trip. According to a study by S travel association, 77% of couples who travel as a couple say they have a fulfilling sex life, 14% more than couples who do not. But going far, for a long time, can be complicated and expensive.

Fortunately, the concept of Love Room , or Love Gîte was born. This type of romantic accommodation comes to us from Japan to save couples.

The concept of the Love Room

The concept: to offer a parenthesis, a bubble for couples for a weekend or a short stay. The objective is to relax for two of course, but also to find oneself on the sexual level, to get out of the ordinary, to spice up your couple thanks to the delicate attentions of the hosts. Good news, the Love Rooms are developing rapidly in France. A few kilometers from home, or a little further, everything is done in the Love Rooms to allow couples to meet, rediscover each other, enjoy. A Love Room is an experience that goes through decoration (romantic, glamorous, even naughty) and services that promote rapprochement: light and sound atmosphere, private spa, sauna, XXL shower, champagne, dinner and for the most caring … YesForLOV massage kits …

Where can you find a Love Room, a Love Gîte?

There are more than 500 lodgings in France, in all regions. When booking your stay, take into account:
- The relaxation area, ideal for foreplay: Spa, whirlpool bath, Jacuzzi®, Sauna, Hamman… according to your preferences.
- The bedroom: it's time to choose a space that changes you from your usual bedroom. Round bed, four-poster, King-Size, mirrors on the walls and ceilings, romantic atmosphere or dungeon... you will be spoiled for choice.
- The extras: Massage table, sensory shower, tantric seat, erotic swing, treat yourself to strong sensations!
- Options & services: Massage kit or YESforLOV box, champagne, candlelight dinner, duo massage, etc.

To help you plan your romantic weekend, Love'nSpa has selected the best Love Rooms in France and brought them together on
The concept is simple, choose a region, a city or choose your services and Love'nSpa recommends the best destinations reserved for couples.

YESforLOV and Love'n Spa, a 100% French partnership that flows naturally. The two brands share the same mission: to invite sensuality, to offer sensory experiences, to break with monotony. Your Love Room reserved on love'nSpa, order one of our boxes and take it in your suitcase to surprise your other half a little more.

Discover our boxes for successful romantic getaways

Live fully and without taboo your love and your sexuality. And don't forget that you don't always have to go far to find yourself.