Faced with the cancer that eats away intensely, fully and serenely the libido and sexuality of women and men, the happiness of being able to simply make love in perfect harmony of feelings in the greatest of comforts must be respected. How to fight in this unhealthy melee and against this most terrifying disease? Is CBD the source of new happiness, rejuvenated energy, and much hope for much better days? Is it credible to seriously consider a quality and effective anti-cancer development based on cannabidiol? The question is topical but still has no answer to date. However, it deserves attention! Let's find out more about the action of CBD in the fight against cancer.

Facing cancer: CBD, a friend who wishes you well ...

Let it be very clear! Nothing is proven today concerning the fact that CBD would be likely to impose itself as a pilot or adjunctive treatment against cancer! Let it be equally clear, CBD has nothing to do with THC , the main active molecule of cannabis and responsible for psychoactive effects that should not be underestimated and neglected! The research published on this subject concerning CBD and its impact on cancer has only been the subject of preclinical studies carried out on cancer cells (in the laboratory and on mice). There is therefore no question of condoning the rumors circulating on a few Internet sites and social networks, of extrapolating the first results which nevertheless seem promising and of associating them now with treatments recognized and administered to human beings affected by full force of this dreadful scourge.

No, CBD does not cure cancer! On the other hand, it is highly possible, if not probable, that it has positive effects on metastatic cells : however, even more in-depth clinical studies still need to be conducted to provide absolute proof. This is not the case in the current state of research!

Each year, nearly 400,000 cases of cancer are diagnosed in France. The treatments currently offered most often lead to particularly disabling side effects, which obviously leads to a certain and quite understandable weariness in the patients affected in their living flesh. They have no other future than to look elsewhere, outside the medical community, and in the form of health and well-being supplements, for less toxic solutions. Cannabidiol is largely one of them: with its soothing, analgesic and antipsychotic action , CBD acts favorably on the disorders generated by cancer treatments that are too heavy to bear. CBD clearly opens a very interesting way in terms of comfort and well-being in the face of post-operative cancer without imposing itself as an alternative to the usual treatments.

Immense hope has been emerging for some time: that of total control of a cannabinoid even more efficient than what we know today and which could stem the proliferation of malignant cells! Has already been mentioned in the past in a specific and preclinical study, the important and influential role that THC (and not CBD) in its molecular form could play in this phenomenon of cancer cell proliferation. Caution in this area is still in order, but we are probably on the eve of a major medical step concerning an innovative anti-cancer treatment with this combination of phytocannabinoids in the air. The challenge is on, the challenge ahead! What is acquired for the moment is a certain well-being found by consuming CBD at the correct and controlled dose! CBD really relieves the symptoms caused by conventional cancer treatments : in the face of the damage of chemotherapy which is very often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, constipation and general fatigue, inflammation of the mucous membranes or even pain. various, CBD responds favorably to relieve your ailments through its non-toxic and psycho-inactive action ! And it is in this area of ​​well-being and preserved health that it differs greatly from THC!

One last piece of advice: be very careful about the quality of the CBD you buy! Choose a quality CBD oil or gel with a high concentration of cannabidiol, without any THC content! It is forbidden anyway, but the varieties and qualities of CBD are different. Find out more about extraction methods and the different spectrums of CBD in our article: CBD, your therapeutic friend.

So test our CBD concentrate as soon as possible, it will become an undisputed companion in your merciless fight against cancer! This discomfort in your intimacy and where it speaks of your skin problems, the inflammation of your mucous membranes, a stubborn or even chronic vaginal dryness, all this and many other unpleasant things will be reduced to your great relief thanks to this intimate CBD-based gel . Stay positive whatever happens and “In the mood of love”.

A reduced libido stopped for new desires which point their nose surprisingly, a stress which loses a lot of ground, anxieties which fade, fears which fly away: these are all new stars which light up your sky of life brighter than ever... Each of us is a transitory miracle of a human existence that we would like to be eternal... and it is not, far from it! Cancer in all its forms is a malevolent beast at its worst - and one that unfortunately has the monstrous ability to shamelessly destroy the treasure that is the miracle of life and take it away. her beauty and dignity. However, over the years, by dint of tracking down this terrible scourge, analyzing it, spying on it, it seems obvious to us that cancer is no longer today the powerful monster of the past which imposed its law for too long often deadly. He looks more and more like an old drunk at the end of his life who is slowly dying from all the devastation he may have caused. Even if it would still do a lot of damage in our ranks for a while!

In all this fight against cancer, the battle is really engaged and to win it, we will have to fight together and share our best tips in these trials. CBD is one of them, but it is only an ally for your well-being.

In adversity, our sexuality forges a new personality through confrontation and finds, after many moments of doubt and moments of discouragement, another path. The long uncertain horizon but refusing the impasse very often ends up lighting up with new lights. And so research on CBD continues to multiply and the results are still as optimistic. No doubt this plant will bloom in your sunshine and wipe away your tears in your moments of stress and anxieties. Come what may, but let's cross our fingers all the same by opening our thighs when in the future of CBD in the fight against cancer.

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