Enjoyment and orgasm are for the female sex so many legitimate desires and desires that they have always lived in secret, in the greatest difficulties and in absolute prohibition. All of this conveys no dark idea of ​​a bygone past for the woman who continues to fight, but rather the bitter observation of a man-woman” disaster that must now be combined with the past. The position taken by women in their sexual claims and in their amorous mentalities is luminous. To hell and for good with constraints, dictates and social conventions. In this magnificent battle that she is now waging to have her absolute right to love as she sees fit recognized, woman unquestionably imposes on society not only her convictions but also and above all her own desires, her preferences of the moment, her choices personal. All without submission.

Would sexual oppression vis-à-vis women finally be overcome? Let's find out more in this article that kicks in the anthill and throws to the nettles this too famous masculine-feminine stuffed with inequalities and injustices. No more war of the sexes, it is our program, our dearest desire!

The female gender revolution is underway

Female intimate pleasure has become a universal right recognized by all of humanity.

The everyday woman is no longer what she has been for too long. An object to satisfy the desires of her man or of the savages who populated the planet. Admittedly, female pleasure has its long-troubled history and which we all have a duty to leave in peace, in memory of all these centuries of injustice towards the female sex.

Men should remember that they have enjoyed a damn privileged status in this area. What injustice for this maximum tolerance or even more for men. What injustice for this intolerance and automatic rejection of women. Times have changed drastically in philosophy and physiognomy. What happiness.

Female intimate pleasure guarantees the balance of women both physically and mentally. This pleasure, healthy and justified, is constantly abused by a multitude of received ideas, often macho, which circulate with a lot of excesses and inaccuracies in our world, which nevertheless wants to be so modern, if “new look”.

Between the discreet word-of-mouth which is whispered among friends without making too much noise, the pungent remarks of men and the excesses of all kinds that can be read on social networks and the Internet, the pleasure of female sex is still too often undermined by taboos and women in all their fullness do not escape the massacre of hypocrisies and unspoken words. To hell with the fake news that is repeatedly maintained and that poisons the daily life of women at will in what is most intimate, most secret, most personal. 

Our sex life, from adolescence to the beginnings of old age, is not only made up of modesty and restraint in our desires. Life is also made for intensely living one's own fantasies, discovering new sensations and vibrating in tune with one's emotions. Faced with all the obstacles that women still unfortunately encounter on their way, sexual oppression is perhaps on the way to extinction and it is a great pleasure to observe this today. However, nothing is won and we will still need time to break all these taboos around female sexuality.

The woman, in all her modernity and her desire to live her life to the full, gradually and without complex appropriates her body and her mind. She did a fantastic job of proclaiming loud and clear that she had sacred treasures within her that should no longer be wasted. She had with her clitoris a gold mine at the end of her nimble fingers.

The woman of today has been able to free herself from all the societal shackles that have kept her locked up for too long to play servants at home and mothers at home. Golden or not, this often sneaky and invisible prison of everyday life no longer suits her and it is a very strong message of independence that she sends to help the world move forward in its joys as well as in its sorrows. 

The fairer sex claims its right to pleasure, and solo

Would female masturbation still be taboo in a world that wants to be so avant-garde and so free from any constraint? No, let's say, so as not to appear naïve, still a bit all the same, don't you think? It is up to each of you ladies and to you alone, in the secrecy of your intimacy, to make the right choices, to ask without violence and very gently from your body in accordance with your mind, all these little pleasures unmentionable physical life that you don't want to miss. The intoxication of the moment, experienced alone, is too intense to miss this superb opportunity. The days of the Middle Ages when our ladies were classified as Salem witches are over. Say yes to the pleasures of masturbation. Your impatient breasts are waiting for you, your clitoris never stops giving you annoying winks. It's time to start the engine of your intimate pleasures and to hell for good with this “NO GO ZONE” so long forbidden access. With a little or a lot or without slow-sex, with slowness or rhythm, softness or firmness. Caress yourself, explore yourself and do it your way.

Let's no longer play around with words and their failings: the woman fully aspires to this natural need to physically and mentally relieve her desires for sex. Masturbation would be normal for men, abnormal for women: what hypocrisy. And let's rather close the ban to say that this phenomenon of solitary masturbation is well anchored in the female world and that there is no reason to be offended. In men as in women, in shared responsibility and without any guilt, the lives of each other have their rights and their duties. No less, no more. Making people feel guilty in the sacrosanct name of an outdated planetary religion is no longer valid. As for the fears that our own medicine wrongly raised in the past, they are now archived in the medical account “Loss and Profit” and that is fine.

In these moments of intimacy that the woman reserves for herself alone, the partner proves a priori to be of very little use. You probably don't need him and his fuel to please you and feel good. Yes, the woman is anything but a plant : she is intelligent, positive, dynamic, open to everything but she wants to be independent in her head and in her body. His desires for one day or the next to do or not to do, it is now his domain that man in his own universe no longer has the right to trample. Her desire to love herself alone or else to make love alone or together at another time has no more limits or frontiers for her. This feminine desire is above all humanist and excludes all forms of hatred and violence. It is the choice alone to no longer have to ask or to suffer. The modern woman is building her own future and that is more than enough for her. She does not need anything else to carry out her projects and satisfy her desires. Alone or not, she's up for it, that's for sure.

For a long time stamped with the seal of infamy, female masturbation has finally appropriated its true letters of nobility and that is only fair! Masturbation attracts everyone, of all ages, young people discovering their bodies, the most experienced in search of sensations and the fulfilled woman who aspires to be even more so by inviting herself to always more offerings. In this register, the clitoris is crowned ringleader, the big boss of your most intimate pleasures. For a long time, it was an uncompromising "no" to the idea of ​​purely clitoral pleasure for the sole benefit of an outdated vaginal pleasure. Today, things are in good order and for the sole benefit of the ladies, the clitoris and the vagina make a very pleasant and formidable tandem. Everyone knows that the clitoris has rightly become the center of pleasure.

How comforting is this approach to solitary female pleasure so far from addiction. This pleasure of enjoying in complete freedom without having to ask anything, from anyone, what a foot! Right in the heart of such a turbulent Western world, women are now working with great desire and talent for full and shared respect, not for human rights, which is too incomplete, but respect for the rights of the human being and there, we display complete and it is unassailable. It is up to all of us to preserve and multiply this reasoned optimism so that this growing equality of opportunity and personal intimate choices with regard to sex for both women and men can finally give this phenomenon of unisex sexual freedom full its human dimension. Far beyond the affective desert that weighs down an ugly and particularly reductive past, beyond four centuries of a humanity deprived of a true identity, this fair balance between men and women has become the cornerstone of a struggle always a little sneaky.

The woman, in all her fullness, demands more and more freedom to express herself. The time lost in doubts, fears and anxieties have gone into oblivion, surprisingly bouncing back and becoming a sure and increasingly living source of a new egalitarian order in the relationship between men and women. In the minds of today's women, this message was perfectly heard, understood and transmitted automatically and by right to the young girls. Hereditary of an ancient past always lagging behind in modernity, women are proud today to take over from the rare but so beautiful figures of feminists from that bygone era! She will be the woman of the century without firing a shot tomorrow… of both sexes! 

The woman asserts her right to pleasure, and we acclaim her. Yesterday, she masturbated and felt guilty in the process. Today, for her, it is a gesture that has become harmless on a life-size basis. The revolution of the clitoris is his work… That of the G-Spot too. So, a tribute to the female sex and a massive Yes to this great cry of love that she sends to herself as a priority!