July 14 in France, National Day since 1880, is a unique day for our beautiful country, probably the most beautiful in its history. It is much more than the memory and the symbol of Parisians going that day in 1789 to attack the old fortress of the Bastille! Today, on the Champs-Elysées, the most beautiful avenue in the world, the parade of our armies is magnificent, grandiose, impressive. It's celebration everywhere, in the country: in Paris of course, in the big cities like so many other more modest ones, the most beautiful fireworks burst. On yesforlov.com, it's a day of celebration on July 14 for cosmetics made in France, it is she who we want to put in the spotlight. Aren't our flowers, our plants and our know-how in perfumery and cosmetics some of our finest treasures? A lot of pride in your looks and an air of youthful freshness on your faces when our most prestigious houses are mentioned: Chanel, Dior, Clarins, Avène, Nuxe, L'Occitane, but also YESforLOV or Yves Rocher. For several years, natural, organic and ethical intimate cosmetics have been on the rise. Our contemporary lovers are looking for healthy sexual pleasure and intimate comfort, respectful of health and the environment. The exact and very precise origin of the products then takes on all its importance in beauty and care products. And if France excels in this matter and has forged an excellent reputation abroad over the years, MADE in France cosmetics are truly the guarantee of unparalleled quality! What are the reasons that push us so much to trust the seriousness of cosmetics made in France?

The 5 good reasons to buy “made in France” cosmetics:

For more than 50 years, cosmetics has been a flagship of French know-how and France truly excels in everything directly or indirectly related to the field of beauty, care and hygiene. Leader and first exporting country for an amount exceeding the  13 billion euros,  our country  is the darling of its consumers! By the way, is it so obvious to buy French in cosmetics?  It is precisely to answer this question that we give you 5 good reasons to buy “made in France” cosmetics!

For the record, know that at YESforLOV  all cosmetic products are made in France: our dearest wish is to offer you quality products from French craftsmanship for more than 15 years. Arguments, we have some like “I love you”, in spades … but here are the main ones:

1. For the good health of your mucous membranes, for greater comfort in your love games, "made in France" cosmetics are a guarantee of high quality...

Our clientele includes all people who wish to privilege and cherish their intimate and loving well-being on a daily basis. The desire to do good, to take care of yourself before giving yourself to others, it's a beautiful philosophy, but you still have to do it with quality products.  preserving the health of your mucous membranes. No cheating, they deserve much better! As soon as the mention “made in France” appears on the packaging of a cosmetic product, the product can claim to be a good quality product. However, we must remain vigilant and it is important to remember that French manufacturers have an obligation to comply with the rules adopted by the WHO, with the European provisions subject to EC regulation N1223/2009 but also with the French Public Health framework; the latter's regulations are the most stringent in the world, but also guarantee an unequaled level of safety .

In France, the obligations of the manufacturer are numerous. Each product must guarantee its compliance with the rules in force: the manufacturer must therefore assess the safety of the product for human health, communicate and assess the undesirable effects , comply with the rules of good manufacturing practice, respect the mandatory information of the labeling, indicate a durability date after opening , but also prove each of the characteristics and claims made on the product. For example, we had to provide proof through extensive scientific tests that our moisturizing intimate lubricant based on hyaluronic acid had all the required qualities! Confirmation was made  that our lubricant, by its cosmetological virtues , was perfectly capable of significantly moisturizing the mucosa after dosage!

Recently, "product safety" found itself in the headlines: some substances are indeed prohibited or very limited in France while the rules are not at all the same in our  neighbors and friends from abroad!

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At YESforLOV, we offer "made in France" products designed in Paris or Annecy,  formulated and manufactured in the best laboratories in France with “local” formulators and perfumers  who work in partnership or in close collaboration  with the best suppliers of raw materials. YESforLOV products are healthy and respect the greatest "naturalness", favor what is most natural,  with formulas without mineral oils, without perfumes, without allergens or parabens and vegan for 95% of them.

At YESforLOV, we have a duty for our customers and future generations to offer high quality, healthy products, respectful of life, and of course not tested on animals . In our  ideal,  our approach does not stop there: anxious to always do better, we continue, day after day, to "source" new raw materials and new cosmetic active ingredients, to remove certain preservatives to replace them with others of better quality, to improve our formulas by seeking more “naturalness” and effectiveness. An ingredient is not just a name on an INCI list. Our YESforLOV teams take the time to compare the raw materials with each other in terms of their characteristics and specificities before  choose the best of them, as was the case with our range of intimate silicone lubricants of incomparable quality.

2. To consume sustainably while preserving the environment.

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Choosing intimate lubricants , perfume,massage oils or “made in France” cosmetics means giving preference to products that are manufactured and formulated in France.

By consuming French, you greatly limit the environmental impact since the carbon footprint is less than consuming a product straight from Asia or America:  the shorter the trip, the more responsible you will be in your purchase! It should also be noted that good manufacturing practices in France are very demanding in terms of waste management. 

Let's also avoid “greenashing”: the origin of everything that makes up the product, that is to say its cap, its bottle, its case, is just as important as its content. At YESforLOV we are committed to taking care of our planet: all our cases are PEFC certified , which is the guardian of the forest balance; this label guarantees the consumer that his act of purchase participates in the sustainable management of forests (since the case comes from it). All our inks are also 100% vegetable . The pigments are natural and deviate from the traditional prints made with inks and solvents of petrochemical origin. We also favor biodegradable bottles made from vegetable plastic derived from sugar cane, while also making sure to collaborate with quality and local suppliers of raw materials.

3. To support the local economy and fundamental respect for labor rights.

By deciding to buy French, you spend better since you contribute to the development of our small and medium-sized businesses. By consuming YESforLOV products, you support our small cardboard manufacturer located in the South-East of France, but also our perfumers in Grasse, our chemists, our production plants located in Haute-Savoie or elsewhere, but also the ESATs which are structures offering work to people with disabilities. Disability is recognized as the first form of discrimination.  YESforLOV has made the wise and humane choice to entrust  ESAT the packaging of several of its products such as weekend boxes and love boxes for the couple. Every year, we visit them to congratulate them and thank them for their collaboration. ESATs are an integral part of our business!

By purchasing our YESforLOV products, you also employ regulatory experts, laboratories, gynecologists, sexologists, salespeople, store managers, associations... but also all YESforLOV employees, designers, product managers, sexologists and even some interns…  At YESforLOV, we participate at our level, in the creation of jobs in France and we are committed with conviction to the respect of "Human and Labor Rights". When we launch a new product, our value chain includes more than ten French partners.

It remains to be seen now if your crush is up to ours or if you will make the wrong choice of going to buy your intimate lubricating gel on the sly in a supermarket to take advantage of a product at a low price, in other words  a product manufactured abroad, at low cost without any visibility on the formula or on the working conditions under which it was manufactured!

Did you know ?

  • In France, approximately 55,000 jobs are directly linked to the manufacture of cosmetic products.
  • In France, 64.7% of French employees in the cosmetics industry are women.
  • In France, 82% of companies are VSE SMEs and 82% are family businesses. YESforLOV is proud to be part of it.

4. To preserve our know-how, we continue to innovate and engage in a more responsible way.

France is the capital of cosmetics , it is an industry at the forefront of innovation which makes it possible to offer high quality products at attractive prices while not ignoring first choice criteria such as the quality, efficacy and safety of the targeted product. By buying "made in France" products, you participate in its future and help our industry to continue to innovate, to reinvent itself while offering more transparency and guarantees to its consumers. Yes, innovation, more innovation  tomorrow, to better anticipate your new desires and to anticipate your new needs. Even more innovation in the more distant future with ever safer products to meet environmental challenges and requirements  more comfort in your intimacy: vaginal dryness , menopause...

For several years, YESforLOV has been committed to the FEBEA ( Federation of Beauty Companies )  to act through concrete actions on the ecological transition of the cosmetics industry, and to healthyly develop the vitality of an ecosystem of French partners (suppliers of raw materials, laboratories, perfumers, shops, etc.) of all sizes and present everywhere in France.

5. Because YESforLOV is all I want, it's my favorite brand!

YESforLOV is an excellent French cosmetics brand at the cutting edge of technology and innovation. It is a family business that wants to be a source of inspiration, education, awakening, emotion, and confidence in the sustainable development of the couple. It is also chic , elegant, subtle and terribly “made in France” products! We are your ideal confidant for you to fully explore a liberated, assumed, and limitless sexuality , to play at making love. YESforLOV, that's all we want! It is a very specific entity, it is a global and inclusive brand, engaging and trivial, demanding but complicit. So a big thank you for the trust you place in us: we will continue tirelessly to pamper you, to feed you with your desires, to  take care of your body to the end of your intimacy.

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TOP 3 products made in FRANCE

Consuming YESforLOV products does not simply stop at a perfume placed in your bathroom or a tube of intimate lubricant slipped into the drawer of your bedside table. By buying our French products, you defend for us essential values, even better you advocate an art of living and loving that we have made ours!  Behind a price, there is always a way, a  way to consume much better and much more sensual! Our know-how and our experience in cosmetics, as well as our know-how and our sensuality, are a long-standing heritage that we must preserve and that we take to heart.  within  YESforLOV to promote in perpetual renewal. The time of waste, pollution, wage exploitation and chemical substances is outdated, over and that is why YESforLOV associates the best of French know-how with the pleasure of living and loving, with the comfort  in the privacy  always more demanding, ethical and we are very proud to carry the colors very high.