Autonomy in a love relationship for two is essential to enrich oneself in a fully assumed sexuality, but the intimacy of the couple remains in all circumstances the inseparable physical and emotional link between one and the other, between the secret inner world of each of them and this outside world which is often too hostile. Our editor Claude shares with us his monthly column devoted to substantive topics on love and sexuality. This week, we are talking to you about this intimacy that we must preserve, enhance and protect at all costs.

Conjugal intimacy between secrets, modesty and disclosure

Torn between the desires and audacity of their love life and their great vigilance not to put themselves inconsiderately in danger, the couple who want to be united as never before in the face of the trials of life, say no to the pandemic shackles that bother them. The cursed virus is doomed and its fate is about to be settled before the summer, but the disappointments and frustrations remain great, the time has come to gently disconnect from a pandemic that cannot last, to put back the good words and the right gestures on body-to-body too often deserted, on heart-to-heart too quickly neglected. It's time to sweep aside uncertainties and legitimate fears. Didn't Barjavel, in his best writings, point an accusing finger at the recurring doubts of the human race?

There is no more time to lose. A new confidence in oneself and in the other is essential to reunite the couple which feels threatened in its foundations. Knowing how to take the time to live better and to love better will become the essence of our existence in these still very complicated times. The paths that are offered to the couple both on the level of bodily energy and on the emotional level are rich in hope and it seems superfluous to get lost in the maze of trivial things that are too negative. Reaffirming the fullness and the magic of an accomplice and shared couple intimacy is the absolute priority: to be receptive to the other, to listen to him to better understand him, to give back in common to one and the other its true place.

“The happiness of tomorrow does not exist, happiness is now or never”

Since the dawn of time, love has fascinated, and as far as physical love is concerned, it is much more than that. If the feeling of love must remain an enigma between fate and chance, why not? We are all born to seduce and love. It doesn't matter whether or not we have to look alike to better fit together, whether on the contrary we have to be totally different to be better attracted to each other, the essential is not there. On the other hand, the intimacy of the couple in all its singularity and its complementarity, in its most secret remains the major asset to put into play for a happiness which has never needed as much as today. today of protection and security. Our world of humanity is always thirsty for love and this love has new requirements of authenticity and loyalty that it amply deserves.