Love is a life energy that has no barriers. Unfortunately, our education, locked internally, very quickly took care of putting us where our individual freedom had to prohibit it. We are free to love and be loved!! And we have to say it with words...

Love, a matter of words, heart and state of mind.

The words we want to say have a lot of unsuspected resources but their adequacy to our thought requires them to be as accurate as possible and absolutely clear, in other words without any ambiguity.

Words are beautiful when they are chosen and said wisely , they have a phenomenal power over our imagination and a considerable influence on our sensitivity and our sexuality. By their tender sides, their sound, their music too, they know how to intelligently provoke, many pleasant suggestions and surprising oratorical effects to better persuade and convince.

Speech, without reserve, given to words and this can only be free speech and not confiscated, is our guarantee. Going from the relational to the affective is not easy and requires effort. But make no mistake about it, the best dialogues of love are very sensory. Our senses – so many human stars that are ours, watch over our ability to love: a look, a smell to discover, a contact to desire, a listening to accept. Emotion, nothing but emotion...

Sex affairs are above all matters of the heart and state of mind. The shocking words put into strong words are part of the party: amor for some, caritas for others, come and libido for the too shy latecomers. Love is not a crime, let it be said loud and clear! We won't let go, he belongs to us. He recognizes himself in our life if we are willing to open our eyes and prick up our indiscreet ears, a life that is ordinary most often but so extraordinary sometimes: in the street, on television , in newspapers, in songs and soap operas.

These dialogues of love are our property without exception . They are multiple but, ultimately, it is the same and great dialogue of love which is exchanged, whispered and shouted. When our shyness finally agrees to fade away, then everything is permitted: the creativity of each other and their ability to innovate will tomorrow be the indestructible pillars of our sentimental life in the making. Our desires and our sensitivities, of an incredible richness but too often abandoned, overflow with innovation and imagination and open the way for us, beyond our visibility and our sexuality of the moment, towards this unknown of love. of tomorrow that we all claim without saying so. And it's not, far from it, out of simple curiosity.