Premature ejaculation in men is a sexual disorder not to be underestimated: many of them indeed feel concerned, it seems, in various ways. Symbol of a misplaced virility, it is a nightmare for the male when ejaculation occurs too quickly and a frustration for him as for his or her partner if it occurs too soon! However, in the vast majority of cases, there is nothing serious in this phenomenon, it is only an uncontrolled skid, an additional pressure, one disorder among others but which turns out, we let's not deny it, very problematic for men if it becomes chronic! Its causes are varied: they can be psychological, behavioral, biological or genetic. An ejaculation that occurs too quickly, the inability to "retain" or to control ejaculation can cause slyly and unconsciously throughout the body as well as in the mind more or less legitimate anxieties. So what if there is a failure in this area?

What can you do so that this persistent sexual disorder no longer spoils your most tender moments of pleasure? Face this concern gentlemen with lucidity and an inner strength without taboo to better remedy it, accept the adversity of the moment, above all do not underestimate the problem without making a big deal out of it! Admittedly, it is very difficult to identify this problem of premature ejaculation, this uncontrollable evacuation of sperm which is in short a natural reflex that you must nevertheless understand, support and master at all costs! It's up to you to have the will to defeat the enemy who spoils your pleasure so much, it's up to you to manage to calmly set your limits to the best of your abilities, it's up to you to control your pleasure to reach the maximum threshold of your sexual arousal. and your erection! No one else can do it for you! It's up to you gentlemen, the game is really worth the candle! YESforLOV is there to accompany you on the path to pleasure...

The mechanism of ejaculation in men, how does it work?

Ejaculation is an essentially mechanical phenomenon which culminates in apotheosis the pinnacle of the erection of man. Ultimately, it's the natural expulsion of sperm! Wonderful and orgasmic can therefore be this fine endgame when everything takes place in the best of all worlds of sex, but just as nightmarish can it become in the event of premature ejaculation! 

It is the prostate that is in charge of your ejaculation and imminent is ejaculation when the tension becomes too strong! The sudden rise of excitement, real adrenaline of pleasure is the crucial point of no return for man. It's an identical phenomenon that occurs in women just before orgasm and she doesn't make herself, it seems, any trial of intention when her orgasm comes a little too early for her taste!

There are two distinct phases in ejaculation:

The different phases of ejaculation:

1. The first phase of ejaculation:

In full erection, the ejaculatory ducts of the prostate secrete a liquid which has accumulated in the urethra.

This pre-ejaculatory fluid (also called seminal fluid), viscous and colorless, is secreted into the urethra by the Cooper's glands: it is the true lubricant of the urethra which mixes with the sperm to better promote its expulsion.

The latter actually contains very few reproductive cells called male gametes, in other words sperm! Up to 1%, however, it is these same cells that have the mission of fertilizing the oocytes.  In short, we did the trick!


2. The second dual-process phase:

Mechanical expulsion of sperm: By coordinating their contractions in jerks, the muscles of the perineum, urethra and internal genitalia fully ensure the smooth running of your ejaculation.

Simultaneously, the orgasm whistles the end of the pleasure part spreading in the body of the man of endorphin - the hormone of pleasure causing in the tempo an increase in heart rate and blood pressure. 

However, effective ejaculation and enjoyment are two complementary phenomena which have the common characteristic of occurring at the same time! Purely physical is the ejaculation whereas the orgasm which has nothing mechanical remains under the influence of the psychological and affective environment of the human being. Even if in its vast majority, ejaculation is accompanied by enjoyment and sometimes by a well-deserved orgasm , men sometimes ejaculate without fully enjoying their pleasure! A simple stimulation of the penis or the prostate  (says the prudential nerves that were once called the pudendal nerves) can indeed automatically trigger ejaculation in men.

This is really not the goal! Isn't it dear readers! Fortunately, you have other ambitions!

Do you suffer from premature ejaculation? Make your personal intimate balance sheet without concession!

There's no need to take your own case if your penis doesn't give you satisfaction, it's wasted time that you can't make up for! The only step to take with lucidity and benevolence towards yourself is to simply admit at first your insufficiencies or your failures and then to implement everything to remedy them as best as possible. Do not act alone; confide in your partner without delay , he or she will quickly listen to you and fully assist you in regaining your intimate pleasures. Together, you will find, if necessary, at the right time, with a sexologist or a shrink, the appropriate support that suits you. 

Gentlemen, you are not alone in this mess ... 20 to 30% of our Western population would actually be affected by this problem of premature ejaculation!

Still to this day, too few men with a slightly wavering faith deny reality and refuse to take into account the shortcomings of their sexuality.

Three essential points are to be remembered in premature ejaculation: 

-First observation to be made and it is bitter for the man: an ejaculation far too fast which occurs within a minute to the great displeasure of both partners!

-Second observation to make and it hardly more brilliant and just as difficult to cash: the inability of the man to control his ejaculation!

-Ultimate observation to close the debate: a reality difficult to face with, for a time, all the psychological repercussions that follow. Frustrated, the lovers quickly lose their beautiful bond and  the disappointed, defeated couple gradually let the flaws of a happiness in peril filter through.

In short, for the man who sometimes wants to be, to our greatest regret, a warrior of love and sex, it's not easy!  So, between probably a little hasty penetration and premature ejaculation, it's up to you to find the right tempo and the right slot, it's up to you to determine and accept this famous intra-vaginal latency time, i.e. the time that separates the penetration of ejaculation during sexual intercourse. 

The rumour, founded or not... estimates the duration of an average sexual intercourse at 5 minutes and 30 seconds for the most fragile according to a study carried out by ZAVA with 1000 men and this under the supervision of competent doctors and particularly pay attention! The International Society of Sexual Medicine qualifies ejaculation as premature if the time between intromission of the penis and ejaculation is less than one minute or even two minutes , while men think that a duration of less than 10 minutes is already synonymous with premature ejaculation. And yes ! Sexual performance is a subject that concerns men and which often relates to a “temporal” notion.

In this same paradox, women find that a penetrating-centered love relationship is ideal: below 7 minutes, the ladies say that it is not long enough! Beyond that they get bored. So gentlemen, no pressure, put down your stopwatch, let go and enjoy. 

However, even if the medical and different definition of men's vision, according to an Ifop survey, a third of men aged 18 to 69 have recently had to deal with ejaculation before penetration and 59% with intromission . of sex. In total, it is 71% of sexually active French people who recognize today that they have problems with rapid ejaculation.

Sexologists seem to have a terrible time determining for good this famous threshold of male pleasure. From what threshold does the ejaculation reflex become abnormal?  Sexual arousal is both sensory and mental : it's not just the penis that's involved... there's also the brain! where all the signals of our 5 senses lead, where all our thoughts and emotions jostle in these great moments of pleasure in life.

In this storm of the senses, it is important to distinguish clearly, in order to better treat, the so-called primary premature ejaculation which occurs daily throughout the life of the man and the so-called secondary premature ejaculation which can occur at any age, suddenly or gradually in men when he had perfect control over his ejaculation.

Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation: multiple causes

Premature ejaculation is a phenomenon much more psychological than physical but must also include all neurobiological disorders, even a genetic susceptibility of origin very difficult to identify. Premature ejaculation is not a disease in itself. It is a sexual disorder that only becomes problematic if it is a source of embarrassment , discomfort or distress for the person who complains or for his or her partner.

One of the most likely causes of these dysfunctions is regular medication: antidepressants and antipsychotics really don't mix well with sex. They have a really bad effect on the natural phenomenon of ejaculation. So, gentlemen, not too much abuse if possible in this area of ​​health! As for alcohol, let's talk about it and divide your doses by two if you feel concerned! 

Other medical predispositions greatly influence a dysfunction in the phenomenon of ejaculation: prostate problems (chronic prostatitis), dysthroidism or erectile insufficiency... 

Let's not forget the possible hypersensitivity of the glans which can insidiously spoil the party! However, this is not its role since it is supposed to play the shock absorbers normally! It is the head of the gondola of the penis, it is the supple and gentle scout that promotes the incursion of the penis into the intimacy of the partner! Alas! Things don't always go as they should! 

Psychological problems such as stress, anxieties obviously remain - as with other sex-related phenomena, the major obstacles to the proper functioning of arousal, erection and ejaculation in men. Omnipresent in his mind, these obstacles to pleasure disturb in a very negative way the sexual relationship in its most intimate, most beautiful, most exciting aspect.

7 tips to learn how to control your ejaculation to its climax!

Mission impossible the control and the restoration of a "normal" ejaculation? Certainly not !
The real and only challenge is the good mastery of the successive levels in the rise of pleasure! So don't panic on board! Well accompanied in your approach by competent health professionals, and with a little time in your bag, you will very quickly become a personal sex strategist!  A little order in the mind and techniques to fight against all these problems of ejaculation will do you the greatest good. Techniques suitable for the treatment of premature ejaculation include: 

1. The "STOP & GO" technique

It is a technique which consists of interrupting the stimulation when the excitement becomes too intense and resuming it when it subsides. It allows you to feel your body and identify the signals of orgasm: stopping to start again better, such would be the secret of this technique which represents advantages as well as disadvantages, especially when you know that female pleasure can fall at any time. moment…

To avoid disappointment, a few sprays of our sexual retardant should be enough to help you get closer to orgasm without stopping. Ultimately, the goal is to stay in this edging zone , this state of intense pleasure that will give you a much stronger orgasm as a thank you.

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2. The "SQUEEZING" technique

It's penile compression, a technique that requires the help of your partner. The idea is to pinch the glans between the thumb and the index finger at the location of the frenulum. The squeeze focuses on a physical aspect of the occurrence of ejaculation, so it completely forgets the psychological dimension... This solution is rarely sufficient to fight against premature ejaculation and it will have to be combined with other alternative methods. To be continued…


3. Local anesthetic condoms

Not yet recognized as common treatments, these condoms can be a quick, discreet and readily available solution.

By putting on the condom, the benzocaine mainly used in this type of product will melt under the effect of body heat  to come into contact with the glans. These condoms will anesthetize the penis for long minutes and perhaps a little too much! Because sex and performance without real feeling, is it really pleasure sex?

With or without a delaying effect, gentlemen, always go out covered!

4. Change position regularly and choose suitable sexual positions!

The change of position makes it possible to interrupt the penetration and to bring down your level of excitement for a period of time. Conversely, some positions are also less stimulating than others but are just as pleasant to practice.
Avoid sexual positions that promote too rapid arousal, such as doggy style.

We have gone around the Kamasutra and we strongly recommend the position of the small spoons, the position of andromaque, the union of the goddess or the lotus which require a gentle rhythm, without unnecessary tension or sudden acceleration. By testing these positions, you will gradually learn to control your pleasure in bed.

You are capable of it and your confidence will quickly resurface, be convinced of it, gentlemen!

5. Strengthen and learn to relax your perineum.

It's an archaic reflex that connects enjoyment, you have to learn to locate it, to strengthen it, to delay its contractions, and therefore ejaculation.

Do a series of "contraction-relaxation" exercises for the sphincters and perineal muscles, you will find a whole test of sites offering exercises on the internet.

Be careful, you will need to be patient. A lot of effort is needed before the first results come to reward you. Always give time to time in love.


6. Delaying intimate gels and aphrodisiacs for men

These naughty and erotic cosmetics are of real interest in prolonging sexual intercourse in case of hypersensitivity:

Our intimate lubricating gels available on are there to oil all the wheels of your carriage by reducing the friction caused by the back and forth. As for our orgasmic gels , they relax and prolong pleasure by delaying the onset of ejaculation: this is precisely the case with our couple's elixir and our unlimited freshness lubricant.

Our erotic cosmetics made in France provide an immediate refreshing effect on the male genital area, the beginning of a long duo slalom...

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7. Tantrism, gambling and slow sex: the last stones in the building

Take all the time during penetration. Make it as soft as possible, don't rush it and it will be even more beautiful!

Take a close interest in tantric sexuality and mindful sex , these love games that will help you reconnect with your feelings, increase pleasure by ceasing to visualize orgasm.

Sex, love, meditation as a bonus?

What a beautiful bet to try to win the most beautiful victories over yourself!


In addition … practical books give you valuable advice on this subject.
We recommend Marc Bonnard's book.

Cognitive-behavioral therapies and sex therapies finally remain the best treatment decisions for the thorniest premature ejaculation problems.

To be complete, let us remember that we must never neglect the problems concerning the health of sex! And all the more so when the episodes - often isolated - become recurrences too close together over time!

Dare the advice of a sexologist to control your ejaculation.

Editions La Musardine. 1975).

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It's nice to have complete control of your sex, isn't it?  All of us, men, we must learn sooner or later to modulate our feelings of pleasure, our emotions and regulate them over time to better appreciate and prolong them. It is up to you alone to position yourself dear readers in difficulty in this area! The combinations of the reconquest of the pleasures of sex are not numerous but they really exist! It's up to you to study smoothly, without conflict, all these beautiful paths that lead to the renewal of sex and love. It's up to everyone when the time comes to borrow them, to leave pride in the locker room and to solicit all their tricks.