The summer, the blessed time of the “long vacation” is going to end for many of you and temporarily put yourself in the shade to return again full of promise next season. The warm and mysterious atmosphere of summer and holidays is visibly declining and we will soon have to return to the coal of everyday life! The inevitable return to the fold which is nevertheless looming on the horizon will perhaps bring back heavier baggage than expected and inside, on the lookout, questions more complicated than each other but which require clear answers: what am I going to So do I make this holiday love that drove me so crazy? What will I do with my beautiful lover? This article will not “coach” you in your feelings on the heart side, but will help you to take a step back enough to improve your life, which is still full of future. Good pick!...

Make an inventory and uncompromising hearts!

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Unmissable this summer review of feelings! A little trapped in your cravings for the unknown which has fulfilled you well beyond your expectations. Your summer love affair no longer leaves you to the point of sneakily undermining your daily life and insistently demanding the follow-up that should be given to this affair of the heart!

No more pretending, the time has really come to uncompromisingly go around this love of vacations , to drop the mask that has protected you comfortably this summer and finally get naked. It's time to strike the iron while it's still hot. And to encourage you in your good intentions, I promise, it will be the same in the opposite camp!

So, this balance sheet? Positive, negative, without tomorrows? If only for the fact that one adventure among others and in this case, everyone will return without qualms to their usual occupations! Or could it be something much deeper and brighter that deserves a little attention? No question of playing Russian roulette or throwing unpredictable dice on the carpet of chance! Living together means loving each other in order to support each other better, it's not fun, it's seriousness that undermines - and not just a little - your freedom and your own intimacy. You will have to do this “love” assessment of the summer alone in your personal corner and without cheating on your future prospects. The pros and cons well weighed, you will come back to the other without fear and without reproach, aware of course of the stakes but solid in the decision that you will have taken to continue the adventure or not... Dare to drop the mask without there is nothing infamous about fearing the reaction of the loved one! It's a commodity that is becoming increasingly rare these days...

5 tips to make a holiday romance last:

What courage and a lot of wisdom go back to square one to decide whether or not to extend the summer adventure! This affair of two hearts that do not want to leave each other is on the right track it seems!. If you have decided to continue the adventure, it's a real marathon of “naked” love , all naked inside and out, that awaits you firmly: so here are our tips to put the odds on your side.

  1. Say goodbye to celibacy:
    Farewell to the still warm good old days when you probably posted on Tinder and social networks the most favorable selfies of your beautiful face. How far away does the handsome guy who surfed brilliantly on his board this summer to better seduce pretty girls! She seems just as distant the girl from the beach, blonde or dark, redhead perhaps, who did not lose a crumb of the man's rantings! Times change and not only... in the face of the whims of the weather and the vagaries of life! No mistake in sight, you are no longer single and the limits must be set to find the right balance between the individual values ​​of each and a loving collective, full of promise.
  2. Heading for a reunion:
    If you have decided to become aware of what is really at stake between the two of you, you must already make yourself available and prepare for your reunion. Book him a plane ticket for a unique romantic getaway or have your host invite you. We have plenty of ideas for romantic trips and destinations in a very specific article "Ideas for romantic trips and stays"
  3. Accept the situation and sometimes the distance:
    You will have to accept the situation as it is, with perhaps this kilometric distance that separates you. The bet is not without risks but already sparkles with great promises for the future. Be creative and don't hesitate to read Léa's story on "How to manage long-distance relationships".
  4. Reveal yourself, share everything, put “on”:
    Sharing everything, en bloc, with the other without losing one's true personality is always difficult; as if by reflex, it is true that we camouflage each other with insistence behind our face which protects us inside and outside from any semblance of aggression or suspicion! To reveal yourself completely in front of the loved one, to communicate with the other , these are tests that you will have to overcome at all costs with a certain courage... and a lot of lucidity and intelligence. Reciprocity acquired of course on the other side of the mirror! Winning bet and guaranteed bonus! Keep in mind that the main thing in a life together that doesn't give up is not what one can achieve or not on a personal basis, but it's what the duo will then achieve together.
  5. Accept the stakes and meet the challenges:
    Impossible to advance masked or half-step! You will have to start in spite of doubts, fears and very legitimate apprehensions. It will be up to you alone to accept your fragility, your emotions and your damaged vulnerability . Whatever may happen to the couple that you intend to build step by step over time, everything will indeed depend on the very strong symbol of your legitimacy, your freedom and your desire to succeed. In a holiday love story, an obvious source of the unknown and mystery, there are necessarily trials to overcome, but the game of love over time is really worth the effort!

A fortiori, and for reasons x or y, things do not necessarily go as planned for a love of vacations yet a source of beautiful promises; life sometimes reserves sacred and often unpleasant surprises that we must overcome at all costs! Whether the meeting of summer love was happy or not, it turns out in any case to be fascinating to understand and instructive for the future: we always learn something important from our past experiences, doomed or not to failure. in a life far too short to feel sorry for yourself!

Photos by @jonathanborba

As long as you are ready to attack, if you have a state of mind open enough to try the adventure, a love of vacation is always waiting for you somewhere. This holiday love is no myth! He will survive the distances and separations that complicate everyday life if you give him the ingredients he cries out for when the time comes! In return, it will give you, from meeting to meeting, from discovery to discovery, emotions that will follow one another at a hundred miles an hour and you will spend wonderful moments building your future! A holiday love is never forgotten: kindly and confidentially shelved from lost opportunities if you consider it necessary, it will be put away without further ado in the realm of good memories. It can also become by a common force a gigantic path to happiness. It's up to you two to decide its fate: life has separated you for a dream summer but it now challenges you to masterfully transform such a successful trial (word of a rugby player!). No one else will do it for you! Good luck!