The bed is nice… The immutable positions of the missionary and the doggy style, we know them by heart and even too well. Slow-sex is seen and seen again, just like masturbation with your hands that you have abandoned for a very long time. As if by magic mixed with very healthy curiosity, a strong desire to renew yourself internally begins to seriously germinate. You feel in you an immense even pressing need to finally bring a little originality to your sexuality and rest assured, dear reader or dear reader, we are in full normality and it is to your honor to be interested in it. At YESforLOV we are fervent anti-routine activists: so, arguments to spice up your sexuality and convince you to take a new course far removed from the routine of everyday life and the monotony of unimaginative sex , we have dozens of them. However, the first idea that we all think of is certainly the following: What if I tried a sex toy? And why not get a dildo, a vibrator or an anal plug to reconnect with yourself or the other, to break with the gaping routine of everyday life, to explore your body and enjoy vibrating orgasms mucous membranes? Because there are no perfect sex toys and there are so many on the market, in all shapes, sizes and colors, YESforLOV helps you find the one that suits you best. You want to invest in your first sex toy, but finding the one that will fully satisfy you seems to be mission impossible as there are so many references! Our buying guide is here to help. So before dropping the pants and wisely draw the credit card, why not continue reading for your personal enrichment and thus ensure you an informed choice that will fully meet your wildest desires and desires.

Sex toys, a story that goes back to the dawn of time.

The quest for carnal pleasure and the much desired and sought-after orgasm, solo or in duo, goes back to the dawn of time. You are neither the first nor the last to have thought of using these vibrating mini objects in the shape of a phallus or a vagina! While the sextoys market has been booming for several years, we are keen to go back to its origins for you and tell you its story over time.

Cleopatra seen by Rémi Malingrëy

According to our research, it was in Antiquity well before JC that the very first sex toy appeared. According to legend, it would be Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt who was the somewhat devilish instigator.  of this intimate toy before becoming  the first user! Bigger! Not penguin a priori this  legend queen  who would have, it seems, imagined having bees filled with bees a simple roll of papyrus to better appreciate in private the vibrations caused by the buzzing of these furious pretty ladies around their own queen  to have deserted  their usual hives! All of ancient Asia was also fond of these unusual but coveted objects,  having the appearance of long polished stones wrapped in silk. However, their uses were reserved for only  queens and taught only in the royal palace.
Among the Greeks, these same objects, made of stone, wood or , were called "gaude mihi" , which meant "Rejoice me", this  which will later give rise to the word dildo.

The period of bygone antiquity, the growing power and influence of the church within  the society  will unfortunately undermine this very legitimate object of desire. The social classes, disconcerted, will  willy-nilly the choice of chastity to the detriment of this natural right to the pleasure of sex... It was not until the 19th century that the first mechanized sex toy appeared in the medical field: a sort of small steam engine with a new kind invented by the British doctor Joseph Mortimer Grandville. The “Grandville Hammer”  aka "the spring-loaded mechanical striker" had  primary function of treating women with hysteria and nothing more.

It is only a very beginning of the 20th century with the appearance then the generalization electricity that the sex toy will move away from the medical environment to enter the sphere of pleasure and the intimacy of homes. The vibrator which at that time looked much more like a hair dryer than an erect phallus will benefit over the years  astonishing developments both in its design and in its presentation.  From then on, sex toys for adults will become real consumer goods and will continue to develop and reinvent themselves. Marked by the seal of pornography, Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda of the series "Sex and the City"  will contribute  greatly to the sacrosanct democratization of intimate toys!

The broadcast of episode 9 of this same series which praises  of the famous "Rabbit" , a pink rabbit-shaped dildo, will cause a phenomenal, immediate and absolute planetary buzz. The “price” of the vibrator will skyrocket, sex shops will spring up on every street corner and taboos regarding the use of sex toys  will be a little less pressing, more discreet.

From the beginning of the 2010s, manufacturers of sex toys will redouble their imagination by offering minimalist and varied designs, in pocket format or in non-standard dimensions, controllable or not with a remote control, rechargeable or battery-powered, to meet the desires and the needs of women and men who have remained somewhat  ignorant in all these novelties.  Even beyond the appearance, technologies will constantly evolve and increasingly creative models will multiply: motor, pulsator, sucker, this was the beginning of the golden age of the sex toy.

All about sex toys: Who uses them? What's the point ? What are the benefits?

The French are still quite hesitant about the use of sex toys, our neighbors in so-called old England and our American friends are much less so and this is partly explained by the harmful influence of the Catholic religion which has been for too long condemned, and with a lot of hypocrisy internally, the pleasure of the flesh! Today in France, one in two women admits having already used an intimate toy at least once in her life, compared to just over one in three in 2012 and barely 9% in 2007 according to a study conducted by Ipso.

This spectacular evolution in the use of sex toys in the 2000s stems from a renewal of the product range offered both stylistically and technologically with much more glamorous products, benefiting from all the more original innovations from each other. In the same way, the fairly recent creation and very well received by customers of "Love stores" , specialized stores with a storefront closer to a lambda concept store than a sex shop, as well as the advent of the Internet allow today to make more and more accessible and without major risk the purchases of these companions of intimacy, sources of fantasies of all kinds perfectly assumed and shared. a discreet eroticism that will suit you? Do you need advice in your choices? Discover and view the list of all YESforLOV resellers.

5 good reasons to use a sex toy:

  1. Map your internal geography to learn better  know your body.
    Sex toys, and especially geisha balls can become valuable and formidable allies in their performance   to get to know your own body and be informed discreetly   what can give him the most pleasure. Intimate toys are great tools for those who don't dare caress themselves or who want to learn how to make themselves come with impunity!   Getting to know your body from every angle allows you to stimulate your erogenous zones in the best and most effective way, to fully identify them before savoring, alone or in pairs, new sensations that you cannot imagine. Well prepared in advance, orgasms are not utopia! Let it be said face to face in intimacy! No more false modesty in these times of reconquest and liberation of women… and men!
  2. To spice up his sex life and play at making love.
    Contrary to some popular belief, the use of sex toys is not limited to solitary masturbation. The use of a sex toy is just as popular among singles as it is among couples. In France only 6% of users have used their intimate toys only for solo pleasures. It is therefore a great accessory that reaches out to you if you finally decide to initiate yourself to new love games!   And good news, whatever your sexual orientation, there is something for everyone, for every couple!
  3. For loving complicity and sexual enjoyment.
    Eh yes ! It's as simple as that, intimate toys reinforce the playful side of pleasure and eroticism in romantic relationships.   Its impact on sexual life is beneficial both in relational and sexual terms. Sex toys bring pleasure, play and live life to the fullest   intense and different orgasms, multiple and fully shared orgasms. Now it's up to you to learn how to handle the dildo, establish your own rules together and beat your own records!
  4. To relax and feel good about your body.
    Intimate toys were created to make you come and give you pleasure. Several studies   scientists have proven that orgasm triggers the release of oxytocin aka "the love hormone" which allows our body to release stress, relax and provide a great sense of well-being. Considered a meditation, masturbation allows our brain to let go and we really need it in these difficult times. Not true ?
  5. To discover new, original and exquisite sensations
    With the arrival of new technologies, it is clear that certain sensations cannot be reproduced identically by his or her partner and in the allotted time. The proof with the famous WOMANIZER which offers light suction and intense vibrations on the glans of the clitoris. According to its designer, this 2.0 intimate object guarantees an orgasm in less than a minute. Impressive isn't it?

What are the criteria to look at before buying your intimate toy?

Before buying your sex toy, you will have to take into account a few significant details that will help you compare the thousands of references offered on the Net.

  • The material and components of your intimate toy:
    Not all materials are equal, far from it! and each manufacturer uses different materials in the composition of sex toys. There are rather noble materials of very high quality  and others of lesser quality but  more affordable. Some are rigid, others more flexible, porous or soft to the touch, easy or delicate to maintain.  Our favorite goes to medical silicone which offers the advantage of being hypoallergenic , non-porous, easy to maintain, soft and pleasant to the touch. It is in a sense the must have especially if it is "made in FRANCE" as with the Fun Factory sex toys offered on our website. Intimate toys based on  ABS plastic and elastomer have the advantage of being more affordable in terms of price. There are also sex toys made from metal, glass or ceramic that provide new sensations of hot and cold. Wood remains the most ecological and durable material, but this wood  must be perfectly polished to guarantee a sensual effect without the risk of splinters. We recommend the creations of Thierry Germain, a cabinetmaker from the Vosges, or those of the “Idee of Desire” brand. For the rest, we advise you to avoid latex, jelly or PVC sex toys at all costs. These materials are subject to transformation and the risk of the presence of substances harmful to the body  is much more important. Many models available on “alibaba” contain phthalates, chlorine or endocrine disruptors. To be concrete, let's say that these chemical substances are  used to soften plastic but  are still considered toxic to human reproduction.

  • The size of the intimate toy:
    The average length of an intimate toy is 15 cm to 20 cm, which roughly corresponds to the size of a penis, but don't be surprised if you come across XXL models.  According to Teddy Linet, a French gynecologist-obstetrician , the vagina would have an average length of 6.3 cm at rest with a smaller width near the vulva with a diameter of about 17 mm and larger at the bottom of the vagina (about 45 mm).  The vagina is an organ that could be described as elastic and that we could compare to tights since the vagina has no cavity and would allow the passage of a finger, a tampon, a penis and a penis. 'a baby. In conclusion, the vagina is neither big nor small but adapts under the irrigation of blood vessels and relaxes under the effect of excitement. So there is no perfect sex. Both the vagina and the vulva are different from woman to woman.  So, what size to choose for your toy? If this is your first adult toy, don't think big and start with a toy that's small in size and has a decent diameter. Last bit of advice, don't forget to use a water-based intimate lubricant that ensures perfect gliding and pleasant, painless penetration.
  • Provenance and origin:
    So there, it's the pompom! Head for Asia since more than 95% of sex toys are made in China. There is currently only one European brand   FUN FACTORY and as we are committed to offering you quality products, we promote them on our website. Do you swear by “made in France” sex toys? We have just unearthed a little nugget called COCO, created by a young French brand called Puissant.
  • The targeted pleasure zone:
    If the erogenous zones of men are limited to the prostate and the penis, among women the pleasure zones are much more numerous and there are toys adapted for each of them. Therefore, the model you choose will largely depend on the area you want to stimulate: the glans of the clitoris with these 8000 sensory sensors, a real pleasure bomb, the G-spot located a few centimeters deep from the vagina, the deep-spot located at the very bottom of the vagina, the vaginal walls less rich in sensory sensors but which can be pleasant to stimulate by friction, the highly innervated anal area or the perineum.
  • The power source:
    There's nothing more frustrating than wanting to use your sex toy only to find it's not working due to battery issues. On this criterion, you can opt for rechargeable models that recharge with a simple click via a USB port or for battery-powered models. Batteries are a more expensive option in the long term, but it is practical in the event of a breakdown because you will always find a remote control or a scale that contains the energy necessary to make you come. You can also opt for wire sex toys, it's old school but they are surely the most powerful!
  • Splash proof or 100% waterproof:
    If you like to make love as it suits you in the shower or caressing yourself in your bubble bath, know that there are models that can be completely immersed in water while others, more fragile,   will give up the ghost after a few seconds. So be careful about purchasing.
  • The price and the guarantee:
    Sex toys, you will find them at all prices. The cheapest we found on the Internet costs 9.90€.   On, we offer quality sex toys guaranteed for 2 years ranging from 24€ to 139€. The most expensive sex toy in the world is called Victor, it is made entirely from yellow gold and can also be adorned with diamonds. You could if your heart and your purse agree to get it   for the modest sum of 40,000 euros, a trifle these days! Let's stay serious and applied in our desire to love: no need to spend so much even if this device is precious and very useful to you! Our advice is as follows: set yourself a budget not to be exceeded, but above all, do not skimp   not on quality; there is nothing worse than receiving a device that is defective or seems to be working but ultimately leaves you with nothing but frustration, disappointment and regret. In the same way, we also invite you to read our article on "how to maintain your intimate toy".

What sex toys for her, for him, for us?

The best intimate toys for women:

  • The clitoral stimulator with contacts:
    Unlike traditional vibrators, clitoris stimulators do not offer vaginal penetration, but deliver intense vibrations to the labia and glans of the clitoris. At YESforLOV, we offer you the LOV'finger , a vibrating ring for the clitoris or the LOV'touch , a massage roller for the erogenous zones.
  • The non-contact clitoral stimulator:
    It is also known as  the term clit vacuum cleaner: this denomination may seem a little barbaric to you, but it's not just  God knows it works! These new generation stimulators do not use vibration but sonic pulsations created by variations in air pressure. These stimulators are very effective since they offer a subtle balance between caress, massage and pulsation.  We recommend the premium-eco womanizer, made from sustainable and renewable materials. It's quiet and incredibly efficient.
  • The pulsators:
    These are sex toys that do not vibrate but reproduce back and forth movements. ! These intimate toys promote maximum friction on the vaginal wall, the G-spot, and the perineal sponge. The best pulsator is by far the Sundaze from FUN FACTORY.
  • Vaginal vibrators:
    More commonly known as a dildo, this  are  sex toys that vibrate. All that is more classic! Straight or curved, smooth or wavy, classic or design, the vaginal vibrator has different aspects for a single real objective: to provoke vaginal orgasm.  Some of these pleasure stimulators are equipped with a double motor capable of leading to both vaginal and clitoral ecstasy. We all know the famous rabbit sex toy  with a phallic silhouette endowed with a small rabbit's head at its base, and which makes it possible to generate internal stimulation and external stimulation at the same time, thus multiplying the sources of pleasure and the orgasmic “happy ending”. In this new range, we recommend the "Miss bi" , which gently envelops the clitoris and stimulates the G-spot with its curved shape. The little extra is its personalized reference to the colors of YESforLOV. It is offered to you in a limited edition.
  • Geisha balls:
    They come in the form of two balls of varying weights connected by a cord helping to tone the muscles of the pelvic floor... It is a great object for the rehabilitation of the perineum. Do you want to discover our geisha balls and our exercises for the perineum? Read our article “How to build muscle and tone your perineum with duo smartballs”.

The best intimate toys for men:

  • Prostate stimulators and anal plugs:
    Prostate stimulators allow you to massage the prostate while stimulating the perineum. Considered as the male G-spot, the prostate (or P-spot) is the organ that would cause the most pleasure according to recent studies carried out on men's sexuality.  Want to learn more about stimulating this erogenous zone? we give you lots of advice in an article dedicated to prostate stimulation. And for those looking for a plug, the bootie S is available from €29 in our intimate accessories store.
  • Tanga egg masturbators or vaginettes:
    Available in the form of a sheath for masturbating or more roughly in the form of a vagina. These sex toys make it possible to sublimate masturbation and to push back its limits in a breathtaking realism.
  • Glans stimulators:
    Designed to stimulate the glans of the penis, their sensations are close to a blowjob and deliver exciting vibrations to the most sensitive part of the penis, the glans. The gold medal goes to the famous "Manta" masturbator which really shakes up the codes of sex toys for men with a chic and elegant design, with several modes of speed, intensity and rhythm to accentuate the sensations, just to push even more. a little more about the innovative qualities of this new sex toy  for men made in Germany.

The best intimate toys for couples:

  • If you want to share the pleasures for two during your crazy amorous embraces, you can opt for different models such as the “Noze” cock ring which allows the gentleman to hold on longer while caressing the external clitoris of the lady. Voluptuous duos and joint orgasms are yours. The Swedish sex toy brand LELO also offers the "Noa" which is inserted into the woman's vagina but offers enough space for the penis to be inserted. You can also opt for remote-controlled eggs and connected sex toys if you are traveling abroad. These little pleasures are to be shared as you wish and also  often as you wish, in the comfort of your home as well as in the busiest public places without the gaze of passers-by  suspecting nothing come to disturb the intimacy of your private recreations

Your heart is racing. This article has kindled new desires in you. If spicing up his antics with a toy can be a very good idea, we advise you before brandishing your toy in the bedroom to talk to your partner about it beforehand. In the same way,  an orgasm can manifest itself in many ways. Sex toys make you go from 0 to 100 but sex remains a matter of pleasure and not an obligation. No need to force yourself to use a sex toy. If you are reluctant, you are likely to be disappointed. Everyone is free to create their erotic territory and to choose their sources of pleasure, whether mechanical, carnal, emotional or intellectual.