Cancer is much more than a seasonal storm, it's a hurricane with its procession of shocks, each more violent than the next. Cancer is the No. 1 enemy of our health and breast cancer in women is the leader. Swept away by the evil that gnaws away without warning, the landmarks disappear for a time that will seem endless and the certainties vanish in the darkness of anxieties and fears. The discovery of an anomaly, the devastating announcement of a diagnosis and the confirmation of this dreadful disease are all initial wounds that rush instantly, insidiously and as if by breaking into the very heart of the weakened person. By attacking the human body and the consciousness that accompanies it in such a dirty way, cancer orchestrates a real chaos in the organisms, in the heads and in the hearts, causing by successive ricochets, a lot of stress and anxiety within the couple and deep within yourself. It is then in these same moments of panic that everything begins, that everything changes, where nothing will be like before! To you who are weakened, you will have to learn not to be afraid, to believe even more in life and in love, to face pain and stares, to have the mad desire to save your own sexuality attacked in full body and in full heart. The human being, faced with the invisible evil that wants to bring him down, can initially and in absolute urgency only submit, bow down and very quickly become not the victim but a soldier in the shadows ready to face the enemy. After having fought for a long time against this invisible patient and having never abandoned his legitimate desire to love and to be loved, to enjoy and to rejoice, he will relive over time and gently a new sexuality very different from that which he he was able to live before. Really dare, ladies and gentlemen, this new sexuality in which you will flourish! Doubly attacked if not more, in your femininity or your masculinity by the loss of your hair and the mutilation of your body par excellence, proudly face up to this twist of fate, restart your imagination and your creativity! Live your new sexuality as well as possible in full harmony with your new body. YESforLOV, the intimate cosmetics brand accompanies you in this ultimate quest for an accomplice, reciprocal, comfortable and joyful sexuality even through illness.

How to better live your sexuality with cancer...

A destroyed couple's life , a femininity that momentarily leaves! For all of you, ladies and gentlemen who are faced with this terrible ordeal that is cancer, an unimaginable and yet inevitable face to face with yourself takes shape very early on. This malignant tumour, which develops in the breast or elsewhere like all cancers, is initially local before sometimes spreading to neighboring tissues and lymph nodes or even to other organs through the bloodstream. We then speak of metastases… Breast cancer is the most frequent cancer among you, ladies… According to the National Cancer Institute, it represents 33% of female cancers and nearly 60,000 cases are diagnosed each year in France. A reassuring glimmer in the middle of this disaster: the mortality rate has been dropping very steadily since the 90s! You will easily find on our site of the art of loving, the article of the founder of YESforLOV Christian Palix "Pink October and its ribbon of hope" published on September 30, 2021.

In oncology, the repercussions of the sudden appearance of cancer, whatever its form, and the treatments that will follow depending on the nature of the disease are only too little addressed: they weigh heavily on the sexual life of the person concerned and on the intimacy of the couple oh! how fragile. The evil has slyly settled in and with it, an understandable loss of libido, unbearable pain, all kinds of problems... A multidisciplinary care full of tact and psychology should be imposed automatically and this is unfortunately not always the case. There are glaring lacks on this side! The accompaniment of all human beings - of all these women but also of all these men in great physical and psychological suffering - nevertheless frees speech and establishes a climate of trust conducive to gentle therapeutic work ... and of very high quality and 'efficiency.

Sooner or later, the future of your sex life will come to the table, and of course, the disarray faced with this source of pleasure that sexuality remains despite everything and which is no longer accessible for the moment. You will have to verbalize this terrible disease, accept it in a certain way to better fight it!

Here are some tips in this fight

  • Put yourself in front of the mirror and accept its new look and the next changes to come.
  • Communicate with your companion and do not hesitate to approach a psycho-sexologist and a sex therapist who will be of great help to you.
  • Review your emotional and sexual life in solo as in duo with erotic toys.
  • Review the damaged eroticism of your own body with caresses and YESforLOV erotic cosmetics.
  • Keep making love, it's a free anesthetic that is good for the body as well as for the morale.

The impact of cancer treatments on the couple's sexuality.

Each cancer is a separate case: by its nature and its origin, by its location, by the anteriority of the experience, and by many parameters which escape us... It will however depend largely on the characteristics of the tumor and its possible extension.

Depending on the therapeutic approach chosen jointly by the oncologist and the surgeon, 5 types of treatment can be envisaged : surgery to remove the tumor mass, radiotherapy and chemotherapy which are often requested to complete the surgery, hormone therapy for hormone-dependent cancers and targeted therapies, specific treatments that attack tumors directly.

To all these relatively heavy treatments to bear, can be added today, as a prelude to better days in the treatments and their very important side effects, all the avenues of research currently being studied and analyzed: the objective is to significantly improve screening techniques, to identify tumors more accurately for safer and faster diagnosis, to develop new therapies that are even more innovative and likely to put in place much better combinations and sequences of treatments.


Immunotherapy remains for all of us the great hope of tomorrow: it is at the heart of research in the treatment of breast cancer, to remove the obstacles that carcinogenic cells develop so as not to be destroyed by the immune system. Huge construction site! The first research results are very promising and deserve to be fleshed out in order to come in the near future, which we all hope to complete the panoply of existing treatments and why not replace them one day!

While waiting for better days, the real impact of the treatments on the life of the person affected by this dreaded disease is considerable: general fatigue, weight gain, hot flashes, joint pain, recurrent vaginal dryness . The series of handicaps is particularly long and tiresome to deal with. Surgery has done its lifesaving work, chemo and radiotherapy have done the job to stop any extension or to reduce at best any reappearance of the evil. Unfortunately, all these techniques of intervention and prevention, of partial repair create unbearable sequences of life that must be improved at all costs!.

As a very strong warning sign, let's make this confession from Inès Var-Luis, oncologist at Gustave Roussy:

“The side effects of anti-hormonal drugs are sometimes
so burdensome that they lead to abandonment of treatment”
(Source: Scientific journal Annals of Oncology)

This researcher, specialist in breast cancer, points out with great lucidity and courage the shortcomings in hormone therapy when the latter deteriorates the quality of life of patients so much barely two years after diagnosis and it is still good worse in postmenopausal patients ! The time has come to carry out a therapeutic de-escalation without calling into question the primary efficacy of treatments in emergency and follow-up. No trial therefore concerning hormone therapy and the very heavy treatments that currently exist for all forms of cancer globally!

YESforLOV is by your side in this fight for your new life.

Our sexuality is totally disturbed, not to say annihilated, when we are one or the other confronted with cancer and its unsuspected heavy treatments. Throughout the course of care, the real reasons for the malaise that develops are as much physical as psychological: the major disorders that occur primarily concern the image of a body that is changing in a negative way and they mingle very quickly with the troubles of a very legitimate desire to love. These disorders are multiple: the sudden and impressive loss of hair, a more important and difficult to assume vaginal dryness, hot flashes, difficulties in reaching orgasm, a libido at half mast … pains as diverse as varied and I en passe ... Do not suffer ladies and gentlemen; counterattack and get to know your new body that changes appearance! Tame it and share your doubts and uncertainties with your companion or those around you!

Disorders of desire are as much psychological as physical: isn't love as much in the head as it is under the duvet, right? Over your doubts, take over and your physique will follow! It's up to you to play this rather special game of dominoes which will gradually see the barriers, obstacles and handicaps fall one after the other. Please ladies, don't make your breasts any more this duo of somewhat complicated organs full of symbols and which wants to be the intersection of your identity and your sexuality: in this war against evil, your breasts do not remain more than the essential engine of your sexuality and nothing else. Better yet: your sexuality must be an integral part of your life , of your well-being, of your intimacy! To support you in your fight, we invite you to choose wisely from our range of intimate cosmetics. These will bring you comfort and comfort in your privacy subject to unprecedented upheaval!

Whatever the age we are, whatever the difficulties we encounter in our life, and a fortiori the ruthless battle to be waged against the crab is one of the most difficult to win, happiness does not wait not. As Erik Pigani, journalist and writer, pianist and composer at other times so aptly points out, “happiness is the present moment. We can make the here and now our nest of happiness”. Sexuality is not a luxury for the average human being and it is even less so for the human being attacked from all sides by cancer. These moments of sensuality, sharing and tenderness greatly contribute to the quality of life and to keeping morale high. It's not nothing! It is even essential! Continuing to make love in the midst of war against the enemy in all its forms is a challenge to be taken on, a bet to be taken in and not paid off; it is to make the judicious and daring but perfectly feasible choice of a new sexuality, a “new look” sexuality. Beyond that, in the post-cancer period marked by hardships but victorious, the saving and permanent wind of renewal, of rebirth is another warm challenge to be taken up and extended over time and to the end of the road. YESforLOV, the French brand of intimate cosmetics is delighted to be the ideal intermediary for your amorous pleasures and your ally in your sexual revolution.