Summer has settled in and the high temperatures are becoming more and more restrictive. Our lovemaking suffers from it and it is high time to find refreshing solutions so as not to let go of sex during a heat wave. Here are our 10 tips for having sex when it's really too hot:

No more somersaults in suffocating sheets, we make love in the open air!

Photos by @rakicevic-nenad

  1. The simplest bedroom solution: a fan placed at your convenience will be your best ally! Hair in the wind, shivers down your spine, you are sure to find the freshness you are looking for and you will thus spend two very pleasant moments of relaxation and intimacy. The heat wave can go to hell!
  2. Another sensual solution to wishes: redo the film that excites you and join your spouse dare-dare in the shower . A dance of the senses 100% guaranteed... To facilitate the love ritual, don't hesitate to bring your silicone lubricant for a much better glide.
  3. For the more adventurous, we don't worry: you will find a very cool place for two in complete complicity to cuddle as you wish and break the routine a little: on the tiles or the kitchen table. , in the garage, in the cellar, in the garden shed, on the lawn behind a protective hedge...
  4. For the lucky ones who have a swimming pool (but it also works apart in the bathtub!) the pleasures of sex in the water will change your life! But beware, there are a few precautions to take to ensure that everything goes well. Our sexologist Myriam, explains everything you need to know, in our new IGTV, to make love in the water.
  5. With a little patience, at night? the air is getting cooler! You can then make love under the stars ! What could be more exciting than a sweet getaway on a warm evening.

We're teaming up for the summer with
refreshing accessories:

  1. Break out the ice cubes! Slide the ice cube down your partner's body and marvel at their shivers taking possession of every millimeter of their skin. For even more effects, we advise you to hide the view with our blindfold. You will love her moans made of amazement and surprise. And not that...
  2. To lower body temperature (before it rises!), we advise you to place a damp sheet under your body. If you make love during the day, place the sheet on your mattress, it will have time to dry. Otherwise, let your imagination, your desires and fantasies guide you to know where you will place your wet towel.
  3. Our product manager has imagined everything for you in anticipation of these hot weather by creating our unlimited fresh intimate lubricant . It's the fastest solution to refresh your antics, this cold effect lubricating gel gives you a sensation of striking freshness on a set! More products to discover on yesforlov.com.

We opt for new practices in sexual positions with less skin-to-skin contact:

  1. We forget a little about these "skin to skin" positions like that of the missionary, and we test new positions! A little change in the routine will not hurt and it's time to innovate! It can only do good! The two of you do doggy style, andromaque and other positions where the skins touch less. Out of imagination, it may be time to get the famous little Kamasutra guide, no! Unless he's getting bored in the drawer of the bedside table and in this case, it's really time to get him out of his torpor!
  2. Why not learn about slow sex ? To make a villainous nap last, we take the time to rediscover the other and we forget the performance, the most important thing is to spend time with your other half. On vacation, time no longer counts. And if in addition, you sweat as little as possible, it's a win-win!

We hope these tips will make you want to keep having sex even during the hot summer weather! And for even more efficiency, don't hesitate to use several tricks at the same time... We feel that your antics are going to be super refreshing!