How to define sexual pleasure and can we even quantify it?

Pleasant sensation directly linked to the personal satisfaction of a satisfied desire or an unacknowledged need, pleasure , a little silent by nature, is very often carnal or sexual and orgasm is the physiological outcome. Education and physiology cleverly mixed, there can be no fair price in our earthly race for carnal pleasure and love since we are not all equal at birth. It is a human and unjustified defeat that we must however accept with great bitterness at times.

First joyful but unavoidable observation : the genitals and the erogenous zones in men are mainly external and therefore the proper learning of one's own sexuality and by extension, of one's personal pleasure (alone or not) is not insurmountable.

Second observation , just as joyful but still as circumventable: a good part of the erogenous zones in women are located – what a miracle! – outside her body, her clitoris being the conductor for life. The vagina, on the other hand, touchy by nature, is all inside. It is quite obvious that discovering one's sexuality by chance or out of curiosity is first and foremost a matter of the unknown. Our mind therefore has its role to play in this game of love and it is essential. The nascent desires and the pleasures to follow end up coming together in the happiest way possible, in the right place and at the right time, even if they still have to cross invisible and formidable psychological barriers... The pleasure felt is the business of each and depends on his intimate tools which are our astonishing nervous and erogenous endings which are sometimes necessary, and outside modesty! Go furiously activate without qualms to overcome unpredictable adversity. There is therefore no need to feel guilty for having to accompany our sexual stimulation if necessary at our convenience, the usual mechanics often giving way to beautiful images that are much more meaningful!

“Physical love is the key to almost all lives. We know it, we dare not say it, for fear of passing for a sex maniac”.

(Jacques de Bourbon Busset. Academician, artist, diplomat and writer) 1912-2001

Love, for all and for all...

Physical love, whether it is very simple carnal pleasure without great risks and without great suffering or whether it is more complicated desire-passion because it is held hostage between love at first sight and fantasies beyond all reason, remains solidly and sustainably our pleasure of the senses as we dream of it but which we no longer know how to tame without stuttering.

Indestructible, it is the pillar of all our desires whatever our religion, our privileged status as healthy people, whatever our handicaps and our differences. Physical love is an airlock to happiness, an exit door to new horizons without having to present an entry ticket. It is free and its only price is the one we want to attribute to it.

A real challenge to take up… Some of us, stubborn and enriched by our successive experiences, have already won this challenge, and they do not hesitate to put it back into play cheerfully at the slightest opportunity! Many others regularly go through the catch-up box and it's not a drama, far from it. No letting go to consider however and only one watchword: tenacity and perseverance in the desire, in the effort and in the art of loving.

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