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The YESforLOV pleasure-prolonging formula is a pocket-size spray, designed to postpone your climax, to guide your ardour and to play extra time.

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A providential spray that postpones your pleasure and as a consequence, prolonging your partner’s.(Never ending sex.).

The YESforLOV pleasure-prolonging formula is a pocket-size spray, designed to postpone your climax, to guide your ardour and to play extra time.

Based on natural ingredients, this pleasure extender brings you a hot and cold sensation at the heart of the masculine arousal, preserving the extreme sensitivity of the head of the penis. Its plant extracts enriched formula provides a relaxing effect for unlimited penetrations.

Compatible with sex toys and condoms

10g / 0,34 fl.oz = 60 uses
Made in France

The pleasure-prolonging formula has been dermatologically tested.

Cosmetovigilance: No undesirable effects have been reported to date.

According to a survey carried out by YESforLOV on the YFL pleasure-prolonging formula* during 3 intercourses:

- 83% of men assure that the pleasure-prolonging formula allowed them a better control of their sensations before ejaculation.

- 89% of men assure that the pleasure-prolonging formula allowed them to give more pleasure and more orgasms to their partner.

- 95% of men would buy the pleasure-prolonging formula after this test.

* Study made on 20 male volunteers, all members of the YESforLOV community on Facebook.

Non anaesthetizing :
This product will not desensitize or anaesthetize your penis. The YESforLOV pleasure-prolonging formula will offer a relaxing and unwinding effect to your penis, helping you to control and prolong your excitation. Its secret : stimulating the penis sensors, allowing endless embraces and the edging practice (alternation of pleasure and orgasms).

Our clients testify
David R : « Only for the very long games ! Perfect in a swinger’s club ».
Damien C : « For those who love to play making love and the ones who always ask for more».
Florence H : « My husband got a stronger and more intense erection ».
Subey V : « A nice hot and cold sensation, I was dominating ... ».
Christian P : « 3 more minutes of pleasure, very well ! ».

For all men without exception:
Because of emotion and pleasure, it can be hard to control your drives.
Because the current rule praises a multi-orgasmic sexuality and demands to be good in bed.
Because postponing the explosion to take a space shuttle and orbit round each other can be quite fun.
You now have a secret weapon, it’s your move !

A natural formula to stimulate and extend your pleasure:
This divine delaying spray that postpones your pleasure to extend your partner’s is made from amazonian plant extracts. It is completely natural and enriched with essential oils. It contains no benzocaine or lidocaine.

Superior presentation
A silver-grey packaging outlining the performance, an ultra sophisticated vaporizer that you can take everywhere with you incognito, a top range male identity which will naturally and discreetly find its place in your pocket or in your nighstand.

The properties of Acmella Olerace:
A 100% vegan concentrate provided with anti-inflammatory and anaesthetic properties that will soothe heat sensations, and the relaxing effect will attenuate the contractions of the penile muscles.

The properties of essential oil Cinnamon Tree:
The aphrodisiac and bracing properties of this essential oil fight against sexual tiredness, stimulating the endocrine system, regulating the hormones secretion (necessary for masculine arousal).
Perfect for a keen mind and recover your sexual appetite.

The properties of Clove essential oil:
An essential oil enriched with eugenol, with vasodilator and bracing properties increasing the rush of blood and ensuring a better irrigation of sexual organs. It also provides soft and relaxing sedative properties.
Perfect to reduce latency between the ejaculation and another erection.

The properties of Tea Bush essential oil: 
An essential oil with immuno-stimulant properties helping to protect the skin against inflammation and prepare the penis to unlimited embraces.

The properties of Menthol and Ethyl menthane carboxamide: 
The sensory properties of this active ingredient will help to sharpen your arousal with a vibrant hot- cold sensation.
Perfect to intensify your pleasure and stimulate the sensorial sensors of the glans penis.

The number of sprays and the optimum use will depend on your sensitivity.
To begin, YESforLOV recommends to apply the product 5 to 10 minutes before the penetration (1 to 2 sprays on the penis and the glans penis at a distance of approximately 20 centimeters). Moreover, it is recommended to let your penis absorb the product just for a minute. To remain incognito, wash your hands and your penis with clean water.

This product is not a contraceptive.
In case of eye contact, rinse out with plenty of water.
Do not use in case of pregnancy / breastfeeding.
Do not use in case of skin lesion. Do not use other products on the same area without medical advice.
In the event of a skin reaction, you are recommended to stop the treatment and consult a doctor. Store out of direct sunlight at room temperature.

PAO : 12 months after opening.

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